Land of Shvambrania by Leo Kassil. Viking 1935/1932, 1st. US printing.

The Land of Shvambrania.

Drawn from an elaborate game the author and his brother play over several years, which terminates abruptly on the eve of the Russian Revolution. A Novel with Maps, Coat of Arms, and a Flag. ...."But this is not the kernel of the nut. Our game reflected reality, everything which was at that time set our boyish brains on fire: the war, false heroism, bourgeois ideals of valour, our monstrous education, the Revolution"....
Note: This book has been SOLD



My Friend Yakub by Kalashnikoff / Rojankovsky, ill. Scribner's 1953, 1st print,

My Friend Yakub.

The author recalls a Siberian village, Yakub the Tartar storyteller, and a gypsy horse.



Babushka's Doll.

Babushka's Doll.

When Babushka's doll comes to life, she turns out to be even more rambunctious than the little granddaughter Natasha is herself. Large bright pictures of peasant life spread across the pages of this book. NOTE: THIS BOOK HAS BEEN SOLD.



21794 Three Fat Men Yuri Olesha/ Kalaushin ill.

The Three Fat Men .

An intriguing fairy tale that mixes violent oppression and revolution with passages of lyrical writing, accessible to an older child. Lovely colour plates and spirited, skilled sketches. Scarce in first edition. Yuri Olesha (1899 - 1960): "Writer, journalist, and playwright, whose best-known novel, Zavist' (1927, Envy) painted a prophetic picture of the clashing values in the early years of the Soviet Russia. Writing in expressionistic style, Olesha's work differed radically from the school of the Socialist Realism. When the authorities realized that Olesha was more ambiguous than was permissible, he fell from favor. After Stalin's death, Olesha was rehabilitated." Archived website published by Petri Liukkonen.




21793 Russian Folk Tales Afanasiev/Bilibin.

Russian Folk Tales.

From a set of six tales collected by "the Russian Grimm" at the turn of the century and published separately in 1901- 1903. Bright Bilibin reproductions. Ivan Tsarevich, The Grey Wolf, and the Firebird; Sister Alyonushka and Brother Ivanushka; Finist the Falcon; Marya Morevna; The White Duck; Vasilisa the Beautiful; The Frog Princess.



19631 Ilenka by Kingman, illus Arnold Bare.


A lovely copy of this beautiful book, whose deco style pictures pull a book that deals with farms and factories into a whole. "Ilenka Feodorovna had everything in Russia to make her happy" but she didn't know what she wanted to grow up to be. A dream of Russia, probably written and illustrated during the last days of World War Two. NOTE: This book has been sold.



Yes and No Stories, Georgian Folk Tales, by Papashvily, Simon Lissim ill.

Yes and No Stories.

A beautifully produced book, illustrated by a Russian emigré fine artist and theatrical designer. Tales heard by the author as a child in Georgia. Told with an individual voice and unexpected humorous twists, for  as the old storyteller says him "a story is a letter that comes to us from yesterday. Each man who tells it adds his word to the message - and sends it on to tomorrow. So begin." A lovely book. Signed and briefly inscribed on the title page by Helen Papashvily.
NOTE: This book has been SOLD.



Grandmother's Journey (Mormorsresan).

For the sake of Lamsa and her foal, Anders sets out with his grandmother from Sweden to Finland and then to Russia to earn some money. Set at the time of the Tzars, when Finland was a Russian Grand Duchy. NOTE: This Book has been sold.



Journey to the Golden Land.

A story of Jewish turn of the century immigration for young children. Detailed ink drawings form a frieze of their own from page to page, as Benjamin journeys from his small Russian farming village to the teaming shores of New York.



One Small Clue.

A sea-stained envelope in a book of poetry is all the 16 year old twins have to lead them to their Russian father. When they arrange to spend their "summer abroad" in Odessa, they have no idea of the danger.



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