Santa Claus

The Santa Clauses.

The Santa Clauses.

Little Charlie takes matters into his own hands to prove that Santa Claus is real. Bright full-colour paintings of many Santas on facing pages. Translated. from German.



Tenggren's Night Before Christmas.

Tenggren's Night Before Christmas.

Nice blocky, generous sized pictures, with cute Tenggren children and a more conventional Santa. Stuffed toys under the tree include a Tawny Scrawny lion and a Poky Little Puppy! Please note: THIS BOOK HAS BEEN SOLD



Is There a Santa Claus? Jacob Riis, Macmillan 1904, stated 1st printing.

Is There a Santa Claus?

"A little chap on the Western Frontier writes to us, 'Will you please tell me if there is a Santa Claus? Papa says not.' " Riis takes children on a trip into the city to see loving kindness at work in all sorts of people. Written a few years after Yes, Virginia, but more involved with social concerns than fairies, as one might expect. Note: This book has been sold.



19839 Santa Claus and his Works by Webster, illus. Thomas Nast.

Santa Claus and his Works.

These pictures just make me smile every time I look at them! Nast is supposed to have invented the modern human sized Santa, and his Harpers pictures from 1862 on reflect that. But in the book, Santa is as big as he needs to be at the moment. So we see him climbing up the Christmas tree on a ladder and peering in his account books on his tiptoes, but looking fairly normal-sized as he starts down a chimney (a copy of the earliest Harper's drawing). A treasure, in lovely condition.
Note: This Book Has Been Sold.



19561 Santa's Merry Carnival by Dorothy King.

Santa's Merry Carnival.

This book is made of thin card; it was intended to be played with and used up. It seems to be waiting for a child... the little animals hop around and the monkey still swings round and round on his bar. A nice period piece by a well known creator of 40's toy books.



20287 The Curious Cruise of Captain Santa by Thompson, illus John R. Neil.

The Curious Cruise of Captain Santa.

Santa wants to find a new toys, so Jim, the adopted chimney sweep, Hugger the serious Polar Bear, Penny the motherly penguin, and Santa set off in the good ship Chimneypot to find the island of the Live Toys. Grand adventures as they meet Neptune, find a cannibal island (stereotypical pictures), and sail beneath the sunset to Rocking Island and finally to Doll Island. The dolls long to become Christmas presents, and, though the life goes out of them when they reach the real world, Santa is sure that "they will come alive again if they are loved enough." A wonderful Christmas tale, imaginative and direct, one of a few non-Oz books by this writer and the only Neill/Plumly non-Oz effort.



20069 The Night Before Christmas von Hofsten.

The Night Before Christmas.

Von Hofsten's illustrations show the old-fashioned tiny Santa, who fits the chimney well. The title poem is laid out on four pages; most of the other poems, of varying length, are Christmas poems. Definitely the later Pleasant Hour version. The book was given to Ruth Van Doren; laid in is her charming 3rd grade handwritten assignment on The Oyster, in careful cursive written with a straight pen in ink, and also her stencil of an apple, this in Fine condition. Note: This Book Has Been Sold.



10581 Little Tommy Stuffin by Henry C. Tinsley.

Little Tommy Stuffin.

"A Christmas Story for Bad Little Boys" and a tongue in cheek story about how Kris Kringle cured spoiled Tommy Stuffin with a hot mustard plaster. The author was the coeditor of the Staunton Vindicator and a journalist for his entire career. After his death in 1902, his Observations of a Retired Veteran (Civil War) and this book, which had appeared as newspaper columns, were published by a small publisher in book form. The Observations "possess in marked degree the unusual quality of a winning humor coupled with the pathos that is often humor's most exquisite accompaniment; and ... they combine a shrewd if homely wit with a profound knowledge of the workings of the human heart." from the affectionate introduction to Observations by his long time friend.



18968 How Santa Claus Had a Long and Difficult Journey Delivering His Presents.

How Santa Claus Had a Long and Difficult Journey Delivering His Presents.

Santa's trials on Christmas Eve, shown in a wordless book with droll pictures. Expand the images for a better view of these drawings!



9486 If Snow Falls by Agee.

If Snow Falls.

A little boy dreams of an old toymaker who will come "across snow nobody has stepped on, when it's windy, if snow falls." A very cosy little book, Agee's first. "When I graduated, I hauled my pile of doodles into the offices of a bunch of editors, with the wild notion that somebody might publish them. When that failed, I wrote a story for kids to go with my pictures (IF SNOW FALLS). It was two sentences long (which counts, by the way). Frances Foster, a wonderful editor with Pantheon at the time, saw something in that book and signed me up."



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