"What Makes Me Grow?"anon/ Lorenz Froelich illus Putnam 1868 1st.

"What Makes Me Grow?" or Walks and Talks with Amy Dudley.

Amy Dudley, aged 6, asks her mother how she and trees and sheep can all grow. By an author of books on travel who later wrote Distant Cousins and How do I Know? in the same format. Two charming pictures. In Catalogue 21.
NOTE: This book has been SOLD.



Penguin's Way by Johanna Johnston, Leonard Weisgard, Ill.

Penguin's Way.

Rows of penguins in a masterful fluid design, graceful scenes of penguin life: distinctive blue, black, yellow, and white illustrations . With an interesting story of a penguin's winter. NOTE: This Book Has Been SOLD.



10085 Science for the Young: Force by Jacob Abbott.

Science for the Young: Force.

Contains many fascinating diagrams and drawings.This Book Has Been Sold

The entire set of four: Light, Heat, Force, and Land and Water is available for $140, ($160 value), see pictures below and contact us at  -- All Sold



21598 My Land and Water Friends by Bamford, illust Bridgman.

My Land and Water Friends.

Nineteen chapters with titles like "A Grasshopper's Remarks", chatty observations by the animals on their lives and relatives, filled with small, less fanciful, drawings. By an Oakland, California author of numerous books about natural science and history for children, this book being her first.
Note: This book has been sold.



21180 The Day We Saw the Sun Come Up by Goudey, illust Adams.

The Day We Saw the Sun Come Up.

"...And then,/ We saw what we had never seen before./a small bright edge of sun/ come up above the hill." A little boy and his sister view the sunrise, 'scientific facts for very young children.'. Caldecott Honor.



A Southern Cross Fairy Clark, Kate McCosh. KMcC, Atkinson, ill. [1891].

A Southern Cross Fairy Tale.

It is Christmas and summertime in New Zealand, and Santa, as a young man, comes to Cis and Hal with the gift of a wand of love, which allows them to understand and speak to the animals. The children set off on an evening of adventure and dance. Though the people in this book are pretty predictable, the strange vegetation (to those of us thousands of miles away) and the many curious animals of the night, all with distinct characters, make this a fascinating fairy tale. The author has added 4 pages of notes on the different creatures at the end of the book. Note: This Book Has Been SOLD.



Sky Watchers of Ages Past.

A short, interesting book about ancient astronomers and their instruments, which could be quite accurate because of very long sighting lines.



The Water's Journey.

Water's journey from the mountains to the sea and back, in beautiful landscape spreads on every page.



Snow in Summer.

Peter Tender's love of animals and long term friendship with zoologist Richard Doran qualified him to join an expedition from New Zealand to Scott Base in the Antarctic. Detailed scientific information.



Starry Messenger.

" A book depicting the life of a famous scientist, mathematician, astronomer, philosopher, physicist, Galileo Galilei." Lavish detailed maps and illustrations on every spread. Please note: THIS BOOK HAS BEEN SOLD



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