22313 Den Kleinen Gästen - Venzky̋/Hans Krieg. (1923)

Den kleinen Gästen bei fröhlichen Festen! : des Jahres und des Lebens frohe Feste

Four line poems on every page of a child's holidays and events through the year, with pictures bordered by yellow frame The little children are large scale within the frames and very tenderly depicted.



20409 Fruhling und Sommer illus by Walther Caspari.

Fruhling und Sommer.

 Fascinating, lyrical pictures of German daily life just before the War, showing family outings and technological innovations. Spring and summer volumes bound together, all four seasons published after the war. Nice humorous touches if you look carefully. By the brother of Gertrude Caspari.



17503 Outdoor Play Kohler's Felt Toy Books Hurlbut

Outdoor Play.

Hardy children playing outside in all weather: Jan- coasting down the hill, Feb- skating on the ice, Mar- making a snowman (!), Apr- making a garden, May- gathering wildflowers, June- flying kites, July playing in the park, Aug- giving a picnic, SeptOct- gathering leaves, NovDec- on the schoolhouse playground, in the snow. A much snowier and colder world. These are full colour illustrations from gutter to edge.

Wool felt books are sturdy, quiet, light, and warm. Like Japanese crepe paper books, they take colour better than woven cloth. They were briefly popular before WWI, but probably the difficulty of keeping them clean was daunting and they tended to darken easily when exposed to light. They are now rare. Kohler, Co under Anderson & Stoner, had produced fourteen titles in four series in 1908, and Saalfield others. Now, as far as we can tell, there are only about five books in all on Worldcat, in the Library of Ccongress etc., as well as a similar number online.




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