20420 Christmas Book House

My Book House, Christmas House.

A very charming green Christmas Book House, made of wood, with book spines decorated with lighted windows and Christmas Trees in gilt, green, shaped plates with yellow and red, and colourful margin decorations in yellow and red on the top boards. The house is the usual one with the dormer in front, but only one chimney and also with a set of red steps leading to the Travelships, which are placed in the center. It may have come with three separate wooden trees as well, according to the photographed ad in Dorothy Loring Taylor's reference, page 100.



20418 Young Folks' Library ed Aldrich.

Young Folks' Library Third Edition, 20 vols.

Well chosen selections on good paper, each volume edited by an authority, such as Joel Chandler Harris, Ernest Thompson-Seton, David Starr Jordan, Henry Van Dyke. A quote from The Elementary School Teacher published by the U of Chicago in 1905 describes the set well. "sets of books! They are apt to be such thin dilutions, such transparent attempts to wring the last cent, such ranting and drivel in gilt and turkey red..... But there are sets of books that are different, and the one forming the subject of this review is one of the exceptions. Here is a set of twenty volumes dealing with myth, legend, history, science, poetry, tales of men and beasts -- all in accord with an intelligent plan and in the original classic forms in which they were first given to the world.... a library of comprehensive scope and of classic merit." Note: This book has been sold.



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