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20211 The Angora Twinnies by Price.

The Angora Twinnies.

The Twinnies lived in Newfoundland, and played in the warm suits their mammy knit them, on the beautiful swing their daddy made them that "could swoop right over the sea." Though the seagulls tried to get them to fly away south to fairyland, they consulted their parents first.



21419 My Life Story by Ted Bear.

My Life Story.

A very huggable bear cub with his tongue sticking out tells his story from the time his mother lost him to his permanent residence in the zoo. The flap lifts to reveal the underside of the bear's muzzle. One of a series of Life Stories which includes P. Uppy and E. Lephant.



Lancelot, A "Glowing-Eye" Book by Marjorie Barrows.

Lancelot, A "Glowing-Eye" Book by Marjorie Barrows.

How Lancelot learned to roar and purr and saved his zoo. Lancelot still glows! (Read the instructions..) Note: This book has been sold.



The Telephone Book.

The Telephone Book.

All about telephones, inside an old black phone with a working dial.
Note: This Book Has Been Sold



Catch the Dogs by King.

Catch the Dogs.

This is the original version of the Polygraphic Company's Puppy Play House, a binding very liable to damage. A lovely copy. NOTE: This Book Has Been SOLD.



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