Take the Children, written and illustrated by Dorothy King, Morrow, 1945, 1st pr

Take the Children.

In a pretty realistic story, six children lose their name tags on their trip home on an ocean liner, and they need the reader's help in getting home. This book is said to reflect the urgency of repatriating children after the confusion of World War Two. I had the 1945 version as a child, the 1951 version would not have had the little Russian figure. Probably influenced me... see the interesting comment below. Note: This book has been sold.



Hitty, Her First Hundred Years

Hitty, Her First Hundred Years

The first 100 years in the life of an adventurous doll. Here's a nice book to read while you wait for a calico bound Hitty. Please note: THIS BOOK HAS BEEN SOLD



Amy's Eyes.

Amy's Eyes.

A "brilliant novel in every way, rich in conception, language, wise humor, excitement.. a permanent treasure." Lloyd Alexander. Note: This book has been sold..



20287 The Curious Cruise of Captain Santa by Thompson, illus John R. Neil.

The Curious Cruise of Captain Santa.

Santa wants to find a new toys, so Jim, the adopted chimney sweep, Hugger the serious Polar Bear, Penny the motherly penguin, and Santa set off in the good ship Chimneypot to find the island of the Live Toys. Grand adventures as they meet Neptune, find a cannibal island (stereotypical pictures), and sail beneath the sunset to Rocking Island and finally to Doll Island. The dolls long to become Christmas presents, and, though the life goes out of them when they reach the real world, Santa is sure that "they will come alive again if they are loved enough." A wonderful Christmas tale, imaginative and direct, one of a few non-Oz books by this writer and the only Neill/Plumly non-Oz effort.



19837 OO:Adventures in Orbello Land by Hildreth

OO: Adventures in Orbello Land.

An early science fiction/utopian novel for children, set in an uncharted part of Southern Australia. Rollin sets out to find his father in the mysterious, unknown land of OO, a gentle but rigid theocracy whose members wear Greek dress. As it turns out Rollin's father has become a king and captive of the Orbellians. Once the story gets going, the attempt to find and rescue him is a real page-turner. It is no wonder that few of these books exist.



21553 The Captains Children by Mrs. Sanford

The Captain's Children.

"This year Mrs. Sanford varies her usual method and takes the children she tells us about on a long sea voyage in her father's ship." The Churchman vol 40 December 1879. The experiences of a family of five children, their pets, and their friends on board, on a memorable voyage to the West Indies and South America. Folk tales are told along the way, but this is not a typical late 19th c family travelogue. By a prolific writer of good family stories for small and middle aged children.



Ocean-Born Mary.

The story of a real colonial woman, born during a passage from Ireland to New England on a pirate ship. Her house and the brocade given to her mother by the pirate to keep for a wedding gown still exist, as do many stories about her. Note: This book has been sold.



Captain Thomas Fenlon, Master Mariner.

Note: This book has been sold.



Around the World Underwater: Capt. Edward L. Beach.

Note: This book has been sold.



Ship's Cook Ginger. by Edward Ardizzone

Ship's Cook Ginger.

Tim and Ginger go to sea again, the crew falls ill, and they must persevere despite the evil second mate.



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