22183 The Snowman Peggy Cloth Book 102, 1959

The Snowman. Peggy Cloth Book 102, 1959, Sweet book!

A little gem. "There he stood and smiled all day. He smiled at the birds. He smiled at the Rabbit. He smiled at the boys and girls who passed him on their way to school"... but he was lonely so he made friends with the sun. "Until all that was left of him was the smile in the puddle on the ground and it kept right on smiling And Smiling And Smiling..." Sweet, amusing pictures by the artist of "Let's See the ABC" Very hard to find.



20453 Midnight Snowman by Caroline Bauer/ Catherine Stock, ill. signed

Midnight Snowman.

In a place where it rains all winter, snow finally falls, and the whole neighborhood gets involved in building a giant snowman in the middle of the night. "...maybe more of a snow thing. But then again, it rains a lot in our town," Kind of a Shirley Hughes feeling. SIGNED and INSCRIBED with a DRAWING of a snowlady by the author



White Snow Bright Snow.

A satisfyingly generous sized reprint of this classic. Note: This book has been SOLD



The Big Snow.




The Snow-Flakes by M. Bentham-Edwards,/H. K. Browne ("Phiz"), ill

Snow-Flakes and the Stories they Told the Children.

The snowflake fairies tell their stories in verse: of a poor Swiss mountain boy whose old dog is sold to an English lady traveller, of a foundling raised by an old fishing couple, who turns out to be a prince,  of a very ill child who worries about the birds she can no longer feed, of Don Jose, who lost all his wealth but treasured his mule Jacintha,of a poor young seamstress in London who saves to buy a lark and then frees it.  Children must have loved this book! Very fine blocks by Browne, all in verse, the work of a minor romantic Victorian poet (1836 - 1919). NOTE: THIS BOOK HAS BEEN SOLD.



11632 The Snow House by Johnston, ill Marion Downer.

The Snow House.

The simple family joys of being snowed in, sensitively illustrated with brown objects and letters and blue sky, which turns turquoise at the height of the fun. "All night it snowed. The flakes fell quietly, deeper and deeper." Written in California.



9486 If Snow Falls by Agee.

If Snow Falls.

A little boy dreams of an old toymaker who will come "across snow nobody has stepped on, when it's windy, if snow falls." A very cosy little book, Agee's first. "When I graduated, I hauled my pile of doodles into the offices of a bunch of editors, with the wild notion that somebody might publish them. When that failed, I wrote a story for kids to go with my pictures (IF SNOW FALLS). It was two sentences long (which counts, by the way). Frances Foster, a wonderful editor with Pantheon at the time, saw something in that book and signed me up."



Christmas Trolls by Jan Brett.

Christmas Trolls.

"Christmas is Treva's favorite time of year, especially the preparations - finding the perfect tree, decorating the house, and making presents for her family. But this year is different. Small things are disappearing, then some of the presents themselves. Treva is mystified, until early one morning she sees a small creature scurrying across the snow, carrying the Christmas pudding. Be sure look at the full screen view of Brett's intricate Scandinavian designs, and the little "side comments" on the funny trolls at work and the hedgehog helper. 
 This book has been Sold



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