South America

Tales From the Rain Forest by Mercedes Dorson.

Tales From the Rain Forest

Tales collected from the Indians and translated from the Portuguese, which give a vivid picture of traditional life. Note: This book has been sold.




Tom's father and his protector gave him a year to achieve, somewhere in the world, two tasks, one of them for the sake of someone else, and to bring back a friend. Set in the Australian outback and the jungles of South America. Note: This Book Has Been Sold.



The Story of the Incas, Mightiest Empire of the Early Americas.

A clear, well-researched, comprehensive study of the Incas for older children, liberally illustrated with photographs and some drawings.



The Golden Wedge, Indian Legends of South America.

Tales of the Long Long Before, told, compiled, and expanded on by the authors, with an excellent bibliography.



The Golden One.

A mystery with vivid glimpse of Eastbourne, a busy resort community across from Wellington, with three enterprising children, a nice old antique dealer, a golden statue, & a genuine villain. Author's second and, unfortunately, last children's book.



Tales of the Western World by Suddeth & Morenus, Warren Hunter, ill.

Tales of the Western World: folk tales of the Americas.

38 tales from the Western Hemisphere, in 12 sections, taken primarily from English sources and "modified, condensed or expanded" by the authors.



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