7851 Tal and the Magic Barruget by Wuorio, ill Bettina.

Tal and the Magic Barruget.

Tal is not interested in spending the summer on the coast of Spain, but an aged Bruja tells him how to find the Barruguet, an imp who lives in a bottle. The Barruguet's charm and astounding powers make it a wonderful vacation after all.



The Red Towers of Granada by Trease, ill by Keeping.

The Red Towers of Granada.

Robin, thought to be a leper, takes the road to Nottingham, ringing his bell. His presence serves to protect an old Jewish doctor from the dangers of the road, and he later accompanies him to Spain on a Royal errand. A vivid medieval adventure. Note: This book has been SOLD..



The High Voyage.

Based on the section of Fernando Columbus's biography which describes his father's fourth voyage, both an adventure tale with the whims of a medieval epic and a devoted son's tribute to the genius and bitterness of his father.



The Spanish Armada, The Story of a Glorious Defeat.

A colourful account by a popular writer, depicting England as the one nation that stood between Spain and total power. One of a series on events that became turning points in history.
NOTE: This book has been SOLD.



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