Trina's Boxcar.

Maria's father works for the railroad, and the family moves into a snug boxcar home in a little town in Wyoming in the early 1960's. Unlike her brother, Trina is a shy little girl and is hesitant to speak English, but she has a happy year. SIGNED by author.



Juan y Maria en Mexico. Amigos Panamericanos, Libro Cinco.

The fifth of this excellent old series, this one illustrated with photos. Level 5, two or three page stories with paragraphs and dialogue. Note: This book has been SOLD.



The Monkey's Haircut and other stories told by the Maya.

A mixture of stories told by the Maya, from the Popul Vuh to African and Spanish stories, collected and retold by an outstanding interpretor of folklore for children.  Note: This Book has been sold.



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