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22584 A Trip To Gingerbread Land Einar Nerman

A Trip to Gingerbread Land.

Greta and Peter are supposed to form their balls of Lucia's Day gingerbread dough into cookies, but instead they eat them! A marvellous fantasy/dream of Gingerbread Land follows, at first the adventure is delightful. But, as the night wears on, and the KIng and Queen treat the polite children to more and more cookies, the experience becomes almost frightening!! And did the gingerbread goat wink at them the next morning?

A cheerful and amusing book by a major Swedish artist who is known for his caricatures, as well as illustrations for music covers. He has provided illustrations for Selma Lagerlöf and Andersen, and, with Tenggren and Bauer, for the Bland Tomtar och Trolls books, Nerman's interpretations being particularly wild.  A familiar story to Swedish children, where gingerbread animals that come to life are a "pervasive visual motif" (Cotsen). Republished several times in Swedish from the 1934 original,  but scarce in English.



21932 Happy Owls Van Hoytema

The Happy Owls. (Uilen-geluk)

One of Hoytema's beautiful bird picture books, printed in Holland, the brief text translated into English and published the year after the original. Lush and intricate illustrations. Scarce. 

The modern shiny red Dutch copy, included for reference, is printed on two sides; it also` appears to be hard to find. Note that someone has pencilled in a German translation above the words very lightly. Possible to erase on coated paper with leaving a trace.

NOTE This is too tight to scan or photo but I could take partial interior pictures on my little scanner which has a narrow edge.



21794 Three Fat Men Yuri Olesha/ Kalaushin ill.

The Three Fat Men .

An intriguing fairy tale that mixes violent oppression and revolution with passages of lyrical writing, accessible to an older child. Lovely colour plates and spirited, skilled sketches. Scarce in first edition. Yuri Olesha (1899 - 1960): "Writer, journalist, and playwright, whose best-known novel, Zavist' (1927, Envy) painted a prophetic picture of the clashing values in the early years of the Soviet Russia. Writing in expressionistic style, Olesha's work differed radically from the school of the Socialist Realism. When the authorities realized that Olesha was more ambiguous than was permissible, he fell from favor. After Stalin's death, Olesha was rehabilitated." Archived website published by Petri Liukkonen.




1365 The Old Lady Who Ate People - Hinojosa/Marciel.

The Old Lady Who Ate People

"Frightening Stories" The Wise Woman of Cordoba, The Voice of the Dead, The Chontal Giant, and the title story. A nice copy of this Mexican series with astounding mythic paintings by a young Mexican artist.



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