Norwegian Fairy Tales.

Written by a Norwegian, in English, in a friendly discourse with the reader, with each chapter containing several stories: The Mountain Trolls, , the Hulders, the Forest Trolls, the Noekk, the Nisse, the Draug. Note: This book has been sold.



Christmas Trolls by Jan Brett.

Christmas Trolls.

"Christmas is Treva's favorite time of year, especially the preparations - finding the perfect tree, decorating the house, and making presents for her family. But this year is different. Small things are disappearing, then some of the presents themselves. Treva is mystified, until early one morning she sees a small creature scurrying across the snow, carrying the Christmas pudding. Be sure look at the full screen view of Brett's intricate Scandinavian designs, and the little "side comments" on the funny trolls at work and the hedgehog helper. 
 This book has been Sold



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