village life

20461 Tap-Tap -- Williams/Stock


Catherine Stock's illustrations are always a treat and I wish I could open up the book and look at them but I won't. Set in Haiti.



16487 Children of the Yangtze Svend Otto S.

Children of the Yangtze River.

Two children help move the animals and household in a flood of the Yangt'ze; they then help rebuild the village further up. Sweeping river landscapes by this Danish illustrator.



3622 The Bird Who Was An Elephant - Karnal/ Lessac.

The Bird Who Was an Elephant.

A bird who was an elephant in a former incarnation cries "I'm back!" A sweet dream of Indian villages for young children with Lessac's bright, funny, detailed illustrations. .



5637 Raphael's Cat Katherine Evans.

Raphael's Cat

Cheerful warm pictures of Raphael, his cat, and his Mexican village, as they prepare for the feast of St. Anthony, when the priest will bless the animals. Then the beautiful Oreana disappears.



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