19622 The Battle of the Wind Gods - Varga  (Blackfoot)

The Battle of the Wind Gods.

 An original tale set among the Blackfoot people, with bright, active and almost comical illustrations, in which the North Wind refuses to leave and the South Wind lures him into the warm teepee, melts his fearsome cape, and wins the battle.



16487 Children of the Yangtze Svend Otto S.

Children of the Yangtze River.

Two children help move the animals and household in a flood of the Yangt'ze; they then help rebuild the village further up. Sweeping river landscapes by this Danish illustrator.



19730 William's Shadow by Austin.

William's Shadow.

William's friends go to elaborate ends to keep him from getting up and seeing his shadow on Ground Hog day. (William prefers to think of himself as a woodchuck).



White Snow Bright Snow.

A satisfyingly generous sized reprint of this classic. Note: This book has been SOLD



The Weather Boy.

From his seaman father, a young Dutch boy learns weather-casting, which helps him make his way in England with his Cockney cousins.



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