wild animals

Bourru, l'ours brun.

Bourru, l'ours brun.

The wild Pere Castor ancestors of Papa, Mama, and Baby bears to come. Nice early editions, dates noted. We also have Froux and Panache in this vintage and condition. NOTE: This book has been sold.



Panache, l'ecureuil by Lida (Faucher) /Rojan. (Rojankovsky.), ill. Pere Castor.

Panache, l'ecureuil.

A vibrant red squirrel in this one!  Nice early editions of the Pere Castor animal books, dates noted. We also have Froux and Bourru in this vintage and condition. Also Plouf.



British Wild Animals by Cansdale, Roland Green, illus.  (Ladybird)

British Wild Animals

Twenty four very bright full colour pages depict animals of the English countryside.



21372 NoahsArkABCandPictureBook by Grosvenor

Noah's Ark ABC and Picture Book.

Funny, naturalistic animals, most undressed but using fishing rods, glasses, newspapers, fiddles, brooms, etc in the style of Thompson but more delicate. Bright chromolithos and amusing text (the tiger twirling his whiskers in his second hand clothing store "T for Tiger - keep away!/For it eats a man a day") Grosvenor (b. NY 1852- d. Geneva 1920) was a member of San Francisco society who later moved to Los Angeles. Her rare surviving works include paintings and tapestry as well as her other book, also 1905, A Very Small Tale of Two Very Small Bears (also as Fredrika). NOTE: This book has been SOLD.



The Tough Winter written and illustrated by Robert Lawson, 1954, 1st.

The Tough Winter

A sequel to Rabbit Hill, the animal community of a traditional American family farm survives the winter. NOTE: THIS BOOK HAS BEEN SOLD.



Elephant Big and Elephant Little.

Short, easy to read stories and "why" stories about jungle animals.



Animals at Home: Woolf, Rose Yeatman/Eric Vredenburg.Raphael Tuck  1907-1910

Animals at Home: British Domestic Animals and British Wild Animals.

Caught in the torchlight! A surprised fox on the cover. In a chatty tone with many anecdotes, the author writes about selective breeding, the history of each animal, and its modern life. "From time immemorial Man and Horse have been such close companions that the mere suggestion of the latter passing from our streets and cities, causes a pang of regret to those who love the docile creatures.... for motor traffic and flying machines are ousting man's faithful servants and depriving them not only of the right to work, but the right to live." I would guess the plates are repeated in other books in this series. A charming, inexpensive old book in nice condition.



The Jolly Jump-Ups See the Circus. A McLoughlin Pop-up. (1944)

The Jolly Jump-Ups See the Circus. A McLoughlin Pop-up. (1944)

A bright, attractive copy of a wartime book with intricate pictures of the circus. One of a long series. PLEASE NOTE: THIS BOOK HAS BEEN SOLD.



Eddie's Bear.

The reader knows that there are really two bears, a gentle brown one and a mean tawny one, but Eddie and his uncle are not sure, so off the brown bear goes in a truck, far into the wilderness and safety.



Little White Fox and His Arctic Friends.

The scenes of Arctic animals, all in blues and tans with pale orange accents, give charm to this little book. Note: This book has been sold.



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