Little Red Riding Hood written and illlustrated by John Goodall.

Little Red Riding Hood.

A charming little mouse Red Riding Hood trots through a wild country landscape with looser lines than Goodall's usual. Great animals! A wordless book with half sheets interspersed. Please note: THIS BOOK HAS BEEN SOLD



Wolf Hunt.

"A stump-toed wolf becomes a symbol as well as prey to the two hunters stalking it.



Paulo and the Wolf.

A chain of events, in which Paulo tries always to be brave, lead to a fortunate discovery in the forest. Meanwhile Paulo's basset hound has puppies and the wolf escapes. Set in Southern France.



A Winter Home, Alexei Barsukov, illustrator.

A pop-up folk tale in a snug little house with five animal friends who are visited by seven wolves; animal personalities rather commercial looking, but the Russian cottage interior is enchanting.



Kata by Cecil.

Kata, Son of Red Fang.

Kata's mother was a purebred German Shepard and his father one of the largest Canadian timber wolves ever seen. Kata gradually began to trust Jack's family and to help around their small farm. But as he grew older he had to chose between the wild and Jack's friendship.



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