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22093 Nouveaux Contes de Fees Mme la Comtesse de Segur.

Nouveaux Contes de Fées. Mme la comtesse de Ségur.

A beautiful copy of stories first told to her grandchildren. These were intended to entertain children 4 to 8 years old, and sought by Louis Hachette to be part of his scheme of a line of books to be sold at railway kiosks for reading on the train. This and our Perrault Contes de Fées #22079, from the estate of children's playwright Maryfrank Gardener, for 110.00, make a lovely set.



Foxglove Tales by Alison Uttley, Shirley Felts, ill.

Foxglove Tales

A group of Uttley's tales, chosen from the range of her work by Lucy Meredith and published on the centenary of Uttley's birth.



Many Moons.

Princess Lenore fell ill from a surfeit of raspberry tarts, and the only thing her heart desired was the moon. Note: This book has been sold.



Tales of the Mist by Anthony Holcroft, E. Williamson, ill.

Tales of the Mist.

Imaginative, original tales of other-worldly beings set in remote parts of modern New Zealand: the island in the lagoon, The tramp, The girl in the cabbage tree, The night bees, Rosie Moonshine.
Note: This Book Has Been Sold.



Ardizzone's Hans Andersen.

Ardizzone's Hans Andersen.

Who better to illustrate Andersen!



Selected Fairy Tales by Barbara Leonie Picard, Julia Cobbold, ill.

Selected Fairy Tales.

Enchanting original fairy tales picked from her own favorites by Picard, a modern master.



The Little Swineherd by Paula Fox, Leonard Lubin, ill.

The Little Swineherd and Other Tales.

Five fables written by the author, about a swineherd, a rooster, a pony, an alligator, and a raccoon.



Michael Hague's Favorite Hans Christian Andersen Fairy Tales., 1981, 1st.

Michael Hague's Favorite Hans Christian Andersen Fairy Tales.

20 colour plates and frontispiece of Andersen by Hague. NOTE: THIS BOOK HAS BEEN SOLD.



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