22603 My LIfe  Story by Ted Bear.

My Life Story.

A very huggable bear cub with his tongue sticking out tells his story from the time his mother lost him to his permanent residence in the zoo. The flap lifts to reveal the underside of the bear's muzzle. One of a series of Gabriel Life Stories which includes P. Uppy and E. Lephant.




il primo libro di Susanna by NIcoletta.

Il Primo Libro di Susanna.

Susanna and her little white dog Ucchi and her black bird Nicola go to the zoo. The pets' reactions to each animal are such fun! Very bright, flat sophisticated lithos looking, almost like pochoir but not, on tan card in the style of an early Disney or even Chloe Preston. The first book of a well known Italian illustrator and artist, Colette Rosselli, who went on to illustrate many books, and also, under the pseudonym Donna Letizia, to publish an etiquette advice column for many years. The primo and segundo books were originally written for her daughter. Rare in first edition, il primo libro di Susanna has been frequently reprinted in smaller formats.



The People Zoo.

"Outside the bars the beasts reflect/On the almost animal intellect."



Jack and Jill Visit the Zoo, a Peek-a-boo Book

Jack and Jill Visit the Zoo, a Peek-a-boo Book

Gentle pictures of animals, and imaginative houses for them to live in. Hollyhocks and other flowers fill this zoo. One of Winship's earlier books; her name is not featured.
NOTE: This book has been sold.



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