Every so often a short article with biography will appear on the Author's page, featuring a children's author, illustrator or genre. Check back as our collection of biographies steadily increases; all of the bios will be archived online and accessible from this page.

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Our latest article is on Stephen Meader, who wrote about young men finding their work at the time. Included is a bibliography of his many books.

Our article on Howard Pease, who drew on his experience for his sea faring adventures around the world. For a surprising number of people Pease's books were life-changing, see the comments to this page. We keep a good number of Pease books in stock.

Our article on Evelyn Sibley Lampman, a rural Oregon writer whose strength was cross-cultural sensitivity.  Previously an article on one of Truman's childhood favorites, Howard Pease, author of juvenile page-turners with an acute political sensitivity, many set amidst the "life of wipers, oilers, bo'suns and life in the fo'c'sle" sparked similar memories from another commentator.

Our article on Elizabeth Coatsworth, a very prolific writer who produced over 90 books for children in her lifetime, has generated so many interesting communications over the years. We hope you will comment if you see this again.

Our first author featured was Eleanor Cameron, an eccentric children's author, famous for the Mushroom Planet series.

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