A Bibliography of 19th Century Children's Series Books.

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Bibliography of 19th c Series Books

A Bibliography of 19th Century Children's Series Books by Cary Sternick

A Bibliography of 19th Century Children's Series Books by Cary Sternick. Published by the author, 2003, trade paperback.

Packed with useful and carefully researched information, conveniently gathered into one volume. I quote below from the author's website, but there is much more. Because this book has extensive listings of 19th c publishers and their street addresses and corresponding dates, almost any children's collector would find it a valuable bibliographical aid. Reasonably priced.

• This bibliography covers myriad authors including such well-knowns as:
Abbott, Jacob; Alger, Horatio; ALOE, Allen, Willis Boyd; Butterworth, Castlemon, Harry; Edgeworth, Maria; Ellis, Edward; Griswold, Samuel; Kellogg, Elijah; Leslie, Madeleine; Optic, Oliver; Otis, James; Parley, Peter; Robbins, S.S.; Sargent, George; Smith, Mary P. Wells; Stratemeyer, Edward; Tomlinson, Everett; Tucker, Charlotte; Warner, Susan and many more.

• Some of the hundreds of series covered:
B.O.W.C., Boat Club, Boy Travelers, Knockabout, Ragged Dick, Rollo, Tom Brown, Zigzag; dozens upon dozens of publishers series and many more.

• A few of the dozens of publishers covered :
Allen, Altemus, American Book Exchange, Applegate, Appleton, Belford, Bradbury, Brentano's, Brown, Burt, Caldwell, Carlton, Cassell, Chatterton Peck, Claxton, Coates, Crosby, Dodd Mead, Donahue, Dutton, Estes, Ellis, Harper, Higgins, Holt, Houghton, Hurst, Jacobs, Leavitt, Lippincott, Loring, Macmillan, McClurg, Merriam, Mershon, Nelson, Porter, Putnam, Scribner, Shepard, Stokes, Ticknor, Tomlinson, Wentworth and many more.