The Care of Fine Books by Jane Greenfield.

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The Care of Fine Books by Jane Greenfield

The Care of Fine Books by Jane Greenfield.  Skyhorse Publishing; 2007/1998 (Lyons Press); 8vo paperback; 160 pp.

I have quoted the Product information on Amazon, since I have the earlier edition. Basically you need: moderate temperature and humidity (no drafts or outside walls), protection from direct sunlight, even pressure on the book, straight square spines, cleanliness, and careful handling. Beyond that, this book provides excellent information, interesting even if your collection is so modest that some of the techniques are not required. I think it is better to know the conservative way to care for books and then scale back, rather than the reverse, and this book allows you to do so.

"Jane Greenfield, advisor in rare book conservation at Yale University Library, is a leading authority on preservation and repair. After attending the New York School of Applied Design, she operated her own bindery for several years, enabling her to write from an unusual level of both education and experience. Here she offers a concise yet thorough discussion of book construction, storage, handling, cleaning, and repair, as well as essential expert advice on how to properly store and handle books of value in order to protect them from fire, flood, theft, and common wear and tear. With a new introduction by bestselling author Nicholas A. Basbanes, this is an indispensable volume for bibliophiles of every description.

"Here is a concise, eminently readable handbook on how to care for any book of value. For collectors, librarians, and curators it represents an elegant summation of their responsibilities and techniques. Included in The Care of Fine Books is a brief history of book-construction methods and a discussion of the nature of fine books and their component materials, thorough advice on the storage and handling of books, securing a collection against fire, flood, theft, or other mishap, and elementary cleaning and repair. An Appendix lists sources of materials and supplies. The text is graced with over 200 line illustrations by the author. (7 X 9 1/4, 160 pages, illustrations, diagrams)"

Jane Greenfield has been a member of the Guild of Book Workers since 1981. In 1991 she was designated an Honorary Member in recognition of her significant contributions to the book arts in America.

Nicholas A. Basbanes is the author of the bestselling book on book collecting, A Gentle Madness.