Die Bilderwelt im Kinderbuch.

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Die Kinderbuch im Kinderbuch

Use Abebooks for this one.

Die Bilderwelt im Kinderbuch.

Die Bilderwelt im Kinderbuch Kinder-und Jugendbücher aus fünf Jahrhunderten ; vorgestellt für Kinder und ihre Begleiter ; [eine Ausstellung der Kunst- und Museumsbibliothek und des Rheinischen Bildarchivs in der Josef-Haubrich-Kunsthalle, Köln, 17.6. - 11.9.1988]. 8.5x12"; 539 pp.

An extremely useful book, even if your German is like mine, especially for European books.

It is organized into three main parts plus indexes:

139 pages of well illustrated articles children's literature of different genres, historical periods, and countries, by various experts (Brian Alderson contributed the United States and England section). Here is an example of the first section:

168 pages of small photos of books, following the same order as the articles, about 9 to a page. (168x9= 1512!) Each of these little photos is numbered and you will see why soon. Here is an example of the photo pages:

bilderwelt ill

Following the photos are individual listings of the numbered books, you can also move from numbered listing to book photo. Although these are in German, since they are mainly concerned with publication data, they are not hard to read. In tiny print below each entry are the cataloguing numbers of the books, for example Gumuchian:

Bilderwelt listings

An extensive bibliography, including books in English and French.
Sources of every photo.
A complete author, illustrator, title, and publisher index, keyed to the numbers, and finally a Chronological listing of all the books 1461 - 1987.
Thorough, I must say. Here is a picture of the index.

bilderwelt index

Purchasing Notes: A very large, heavy book, but well made, so that an ex-library should be in good condition. You would think this would be more expensive than it is, given what it has to offer, but I think many were published. I bought it in 1990 from a German children's specialist dealer, so I think none of them had jackets. I have never seen the paperback but one of the listings mentions one with fewer pages, so double check.