First Editions: A Guide to Identification by Zempel

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First Editions: A Guide to Identification Fourth Edition 2001 by Zempel and Verkler

First Editions: A Guide to Identification by Edward N. Zempel and Linda A. Verkler, Fourth Edition. Spoon River Press (2001).

This is the standard reference. There is no substitute, although you may keep a McBride in the car. You need to purchase the most recent edition of Zempel that you can afford. This book is based on statements from the publishers themselves, with their full review and cooperation, so it is completely authoritative, with the caveat that children's picture books and US editions of English children's books do not always follow the publisher's rules. Well organized and easy to use.

This is a photo of the Fourth Edition. The Third Edition (1995), which looks just like it, may fit your pocketbook better; look around online for a good price. I wouldn't think condition or a jacket would matter.

The third edition has 3,000 listings; the fourth has 4,200 listings; there is no incorrect information in the earlier books, but for children's book collecting, some important publishers do not appear in the Third: for instance, Walck. The Fourth includes an improved selection on bookclubs, helpful when attempting to buy on Ebay!

Thank you Spoon River Press, much missed.