Puffin by Design: 70 Years of Imagination 1940 - 2010

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Puffin by Design: 2010 70 Years of Imagination 1940 - 2010 by Phil Baines
Puffin by Design: 70 Years of Imagination 1940 - 2010 by Phil Baines, high quality trade paperback with folded flaps..

A publisher's 70th anniversary history, rather than a bibliography, very liberally illustrated with good colour. As such, the interest to collectors is the first part. The early storybooks (juvenile novels) and their formats are explained, early editions are photographed front and back, but not the spine, and there are articles on Eleanor Graham and Kaye Webb. One spread shows Puffins of various girths, reproduced below.  I do not collect picture Puffins, but more people do than collect the storybooks and it seems to me that there could have been more pictures representing their artists. Puffin Storybook history remains a difficult area to research and this book is attractive and welcome.

Some early picture books. Observe the "Fat Puffin"

The first printing of the first Puffin Storybook was Worzel Gummidge. It looked very much like the adult Penguins, but larger, with ads on the back.
Puffin Worzel

First editions of the Chronicles of Narnia with the Pauline Baynes artwork. An inexpensive collectible, the browning paper actually complements the illustrations.

Puffin Lewis Baynes


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