Raggedy Ann and Johnny Gruelle by Patricia Hall

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Raggedy Ann Hall

Raggedy Ann and Johnny Gruelle: A Bibliography of Published Works

Raggedy Ann and Johnny Gruelle: A Bibliography of Published Works by Patricia Hall. Gretna, Louisiana: Pelican Publishing Company, (2001); illustrated with over 400 photographs, most from the author's collection; 8.75x11.5; 192 pp

Patricia Hall presents the complex life of Johnny Gruelle clearly and with appreciation. Her bibliographic notations of all Gruelle's work known to the author, span a long time period, many reprints, and many publishers. The bibliographic references are well organized, assisting the non-specialist reader to identify his or her books. "Patricia Hall's extensive collection of Johnny Gruelle's work includes books, dolls, original photographs, and a number of other items. Hall is the foremost Johnny Gruelle expert in the country and holds an M. A. in Mythology from the University of California at Los Angeles." An authoritative and very useful resource.

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Raggedy Ann Hall

  • Chapter 1: A brief background on Johnny Gruelle's influences and his published works.
  • For detailed accounts of the life and times of Johnny Gruelle and the merchandizing story of Raggedy Ann and Andy, see the author's
  • Johnny Gruelle, Creator of Raggedy Ann and Andy (1993), and
  • Raggedy Ann and More: Johnny Gruelle's Dolls and Merchandise (2000).
  • Chapter 2: Johnny Gruelle's Newspaper Work.
  • Chapter 3: Johnny Gruelle's Magazine Work.
  • Chapter 4: Johnny Gruelle's Books

  • Beginning on page 67: A Descriptive Bibliography of Johnny Gruelle's published works. Each book's entry comprises one or two 2-columned pages, with illustrations of several editions of the book and other interesting photos. The listings contain detailed contents, and go on to describe: Size/Format, Title Page layout, Cover, Illustrations, Endpapers, Dedication, Copyright&Publication History, Price at Issuance, Subsequent Editions and Reprints, and Historical Background.
  • Beginning on page 157 are 26 pages of  Appendices, followed by three pages of Principal Sources, a thorough index, and a 3 page price guide by Hall (2001):
  • Appendix A: Publication Summary: a chart on seven double-page spreads lists every known publication and 18 publishers and indicates the first publication and first reprint of each book,  written, illustrated, or inspired by Johnny Gruelle. (reprints include compendiums), followed by a list of 13 books/publishers reprinted only once. Very easy to understand and quite an undertaking!
  • Appendix B: Post-1961 books (Adaptations, Compilations, and reprint Compendia). Illustrated with short bibliographic entries for each book. Almost four 2-columed pages.
  • Appendix C - I: Shorter sections with entries covering - Selected Books Incorporating Raggedy Characters, Comic Books and Comic Book Stories, Song Folios and Sheet Music, Sound Recordings, Motion Pictures, Filmstrips, Scripts and Screenplays.