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October 2010: We willl publish all comments from Old Children's Books customers who have completed a transaction with us. Please include your name or the name of the book so that we know that the comment is genuine. To protect your privacy, we will use not use your name, initials, or other contact or identifiable information in the published comment. Here are a few recent comments we have received through other venues:

"I just got my fiddle book you sent me in the mail... thanks!   Amazon said, "good condition" it should have read excellent condition... thank you so much for the book AND fast service. ! I put you guys in the data base and will e-mail you direct on the next time I need a book!"

"The book reached me in perfect condition last week!  It arrived in plenty of time for the upcoming  BD of my son!  Thankyou for such great service!"

"The book arrived today.  Many thanks--also much appreciated the care you took in packing it for mailing."

"Just wanted to let you know that the book arrived today and we are VERY pleased with it...the condition, your careful packaging and the speed with which you processed our order.   We know our customer will be delighted with this copy! Many thanks.  It has been a pleasure doing business with you and we look forward to future transactions."

" You wrapped and packed it so carefully - it was like opening a Christmas present!"

" received ... yesterday and was extremely pleased with the quality of the book and the packing.  Thank you so much for such wonderful service!  I am a librarian and keep a list of ABE vendors that I trust implicitly and I added your company to the list.  Other librarians ask me for recommendations as to trustworthy vendors and I'll be recommending you in future.  Thanks again!"

"Great service and great books as always.  Many thanks!"

"I really appreciate receiving this book which was in fine condition as described, wrapped well for shipping, and with the final touch of the plastic cover on the dust jacket. You can be sure that in the future I will check your inventory first."

"What a beautiful packing job--it was like opening a birthday present!  And the book is in very good shape.  I am happy with your services and wanted to let you know that I will recommend you highly."

"Thank you for the ...  book.  It arrived safely and in very good condition this afternoon. Your marvelous packaging is a major reason for its arrival in excellent shape with no damage whatsoever.  I am most grateful to you for selling it to me.  It is in excellent condition and is a book I will really enjoy.  Again, thank you for the book and your wonderful service."

"The book arrived on Tuesday and was in EXCELLENT shape.  My husband and I were very pleased with the service and condition of the book (and the way it was so carefully wrapped) that we will recommend you to others and hope to do business with you again in the future."

"Many thanks for the efficient way you dealt with my order, through Abe, for .. the recipient was especially impressed by the quality of the packing, ensuring that the book arrived in very good order."

"This book arrived yesterday afternoon in good shape, due I'm sure in no small measure to your very excellent packing job.
The book looks even better in the flesh than in its picture.  I'm pleased."


Wish List

Is it possible to have a log in and set up a wish list as well? This would be most helpful, especially if we cannot purchase a current item right now, yet in hopes one can purchase soon, and hopefully, if sold, that another copy will show up.


What a great idea, Kathey! I

What a great idea, Kathey! I know I can enable logins, and I'll have to consult with my sons about the best way to set up wish lists. I'd like to keep one myself....

I think I would like to subscribe to a secure site service like Verisign if the site was storing people's emails though. I've been considering it. We don't need the SSL feature since we use Paypal and we are nothing if not a real business, but I would want to make sure people's privacy was safe. If you have any more thoughts about the form a wish list should take, please email me.

Some questions that come to mind.. Would you want them to be private, or would you want me to be able to look at them and respond if I had a book or saw a good deal elsewhere?

Seems it would be best if someone could post books from our site on the list and also enter books themselves., Right?

Before the internet, people used to give dealers long lists, which they would carry around so they could get back in touch with the customer if they found something. We had a large notebook of them. That system worked well for all concerned and didn't involve an extra charge the way a book search does.


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