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Whoops! Flat Stanley is looking for a book! His own book, first issued in 1964, with illustrations by Tomi Ungerer. He won't find a nice copy!  It's a very rare book.

Every day we receive emails from people searching for childhood books.  I'm sorry but we no longer research emailed book queries. Please read this page carefully and you may find some alternate ways of searching for your book yourself.
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Runaway train

I am looking for a book I think iscalled "The Runaway Train"published in the '40's. My brother sister and I all loved this book and no one seems to know anything about it. It is mostly pictures. A boy gets a set of electric trains that come in big boxes and he sets them up in his house. The train starts off but instead of following the tracks he set up it goes off on tracks that he had not set up and goes all over town. It goes through stores, peoples houses and I remember one picture in particular when the tracks run right across the table of 4 women playing bridge. It eventually comes back to his house and when he tries to show his parents what happened all the tracks are back to normal. Maybe it has another name but I have been looking for it for at least 25 years with no success.

Beautifully illustrated childrens book about mouse (or rabbit)

I'm looking for a beautiful, each page fully illustrated, book I read to my kids when then were young--around 1995. Embarrassingly, I cannot remember much of the plot, but there was a Mrs. Mouse (maybe rabbit, but I think mouse), who lived in a tree. She had a kitchen, tea set, etc. At one point she was forced from her house, and when she came back it was in shambles, and she had to put it right again. That's all I can remember. The illustrations were detailed, and simply beautiful. I think the book was a little larger than most in size. I have googled and searched extensively, but to no avail. Our copy was ruined when our basement flooded, and I regret not writing the name of it down! Any help would be appreciated.

Children's winter book!

I'm looking for a book that my mother read to me when I was really little...this was probably at least 10-13 years ago. I don't remember the title, but it was about a woman in winter during a storm who opened the door and let in a cat...and a dog...and a pig...and several other animals until her house was full. When spring came they all went their separate ways and then come winter again she'd find them returning...

Please help!

Thanks so much!

1950-1964 Children's book Giant dog

I remember this giant dog (probably tan, tho book might not have been illustrated in color) pictured larger than the Sphinx.

He wasn't red Clifford or Marmaduke.

Can't remember anyother plot or characters. Think one of a kind, not series.

Sounds like a book I have

Sounds like a book I have from the mid 50's titled "Peanut". It's about a very small dog who makes friends with a Great Dane. Black and white drawings. Very sweet.


Someone else is looking for this book and a viewer suggested William Pene du Bois' Otto books. Search "Sphinx" on your page search and you will see the other query. These books are small and square with illustrated paper covers, I think you would probably remember the format

The Biggest Dog in the World?

There is a book called The Biggest Dog in the World, written and illustrated by Ted Key and published by Dutton. I can't remember the Sphinx, but the book was not a series. We sold ours (for quite a lot) ten years ago, but here is the blurb: Delightfully illustrated story of a friendly puppy who grows big as a house. Much like Clifford.

Witch, Owl, Girl

Owl helps girl escape witch and dies from spell
Can anyone tell me the name of this book?

Owl book

I looked through 58 children's owl books from our old listings and couldn't find it. Of course Garner's Owl Service is the first book that springs to mind, but it's not that. Help, "children's librarian"!

A young adult fiction book that i can't remember the title of

I read this beautiful story about a young adult who lives in an abandoned Carasouel or behind it and then saves a girl from drowning in the ocean. He doesn't think much of her at first, he gets a job on the beach at some shop. He soon grows to love the girl.

It's a hard story to find and I would love to know the title and Author. Thank you so very much it would mean alot to me!

book from my wifes childhood.

Im looking for 2 books my wife read as a child.The titles "me to mommy me to" and"18 teen cousins and me" Thanks.Our grandchildren have heard us talk about them so much.They are probably from the late 50's.

Juvenile Fiction book - late 60's to early 70's

Over the years I have remembered all the books I wanted to from growing up except this one. Hardback book, newly published, first book I remember with "spelunking" being mentioned in story (not title). Maybe Mystery or Red or Strawberry in Title, but I could be confusing with the Strawberry Lake from The Mad Scientists Club books. Brother and sister, pieces of paper or a diary and clues in a cave, maybe in bottles to keep them dry. Recall deliberate parallels to Jules Verne's "Journey to the Center of the Earth" in that I think there was an Uncle and maybe a Professor as well, maybe underground lake.

Could be mixing up some plots as I was a fan of everything from the Danny Dunn series to those with books featuring Mrs. Pickerell, the fun Ruper Piper books, the Mushroom Planet books, Spaceship Under the Apple Tree books, Homer Price, Henry Reed, Mrs. Coverlet, Alvin Fernald, Lemonade Trick series and even Five Yard Fuller books and the Shy Stegosaurus books, in addition to all the sci-fi favorites from Asimov, Heinlein, Clarke, etc.

Great site - looked through everything in case I had some answers for others, but the few I did, had been resolved by others. :)

Trixie Belden Series

SeriesHello, your wonderfully descriptive query immediately brought to mind one of my childhood favourites. I think the book you are looking for is #11 in the Trixie Belden series, titled "The Mystery at Bobwhite Cave".

Juvenile book about spelunking

The first book I ever read that mentioned spelunking was one of the Trixie Belden series entitled "Mystery at Bob-White Cave" by Kathryn Kenny. It was a hard cover and there was a picture on the front of Trixie in spelunking gear. That's the only possibility that comes to mind.

spelunking juvenile fiction book

The first book I read with spelunking being mentioned was one of the Trixie Belden series--Mystery at Bob-White Cave by Kathryn Kenny. Had a picture of her on the front wearing spelunking gear.

Great list

"I was a fan of everything from the Danny Dunn series to those with books featuring Mrs. Pickerell, the fun Ruper Piper books, the Mushroom Planet books, Spaceship Under the Apple Tree books, Homer Price, Henry Reed, Mrs. Coverlet, Alvin Fernald, Lemonade Trick series and even Five Yard Fuller books and the Shy Stegosaurus books, in addition to all the sci-fi favorites from Asimov, Heinlein, Clarke, etc."

Thanks for the list! If any of you have enjoyed any of these books, take a look at the others. They all fit together. I'm not familiar with Five Yard Fuller.... will have to see it.

The 4 "Five-Yard Fuller"

The 4 "Five-Yard Fuller" books are probably what Bob Wells is most known for:

Five-Yard Fuller, 1964
Five-Yard Fuller of the New York Gnats, 1967
Five-Yard Fuller and the Unlikely Knights, 1967
Five-Yard Fuller's Mighty Model T, 1970

I still re-read the first one "Five-Yard Fuller" every so often when I need a few chuckles.

Didn't mean to short-change Ethelyn M. Parkinson by only mentioning her "Rupert Piper" books. In fact, I probably enjoyed these even more, if that were possible:

Good Old Archibald, 1960
The Merry Mad Bachelors, 1962
Today I Am a Ham, 1968
Never Go Anywhere with Digby, 1971

Book about girls surviving disasters?

My mother gave away books from a series long ago at a yard sale. They were about young girls who survived disasters and danger. For instance, a blind girl rescued her little baby brother from a house fire, and two girls from Australia were home alone and survived a dingo attack. The series was non-fiction (I believe) and published in the late 1900's. The cover of one of the books featured a blonde girl paddling a canoe through a flood. I thought it was called "Brave Girls from Around the World," but that's not right. If anyone can think of anything, please let me know!

Magic Oven

Hello, My husband is looking for a book he read growing up with a magic talking oven. That's all he remembers of it, unfortunately. The Phantom Tollbooth reminded him of it. If anybody remembers this childhood book that he read back in the 1960s, please tell me the author and title. Thanks!

Please help to find a book I read as a child in the late forties

I read this children's book in late forties or early fifties it was a library book in the UK & I think it was called 'Veil of the King'.
The story was about 2 girls at an English boarding school,one of the girls has a father who is an Archaeologist & he decides to take his daughter & her friend to search for treasure I am not sure if it was to British Colombia or Honduras.(a big difference I Know but the memory fades!)

It was a quite exciting - someone tries to kidnap them etc,they eventually find the treasure which is hidden behind a waterfall,which turns out to be the Veil of the King....
Tried all kinds of searches but nothing remotely like it turns up!
Please can you help :)

Book I read in 5th grade (now in college)

I read this book about 10 years ago and it really made an impact on me. I can not remember the title or the author. The main character was a litle girl with red hair and freckles. She was orphaned and ran away from countless foster homes. It was set in a time when women could not vote and had no free will. Her name was Charlotte. She disguised herself as a boy and went by the name of Charlie. She lived in the barn on a farm that an old man owned and she never told him until he found her. She loved horses and worked for the old man for a long time. Eventually she owned her own ranch, still as Charlie and continued on life as a boy, eventually voting as one

Childrens book - the great oak?

I am looking for a childrens book that I thought was called "the great oak". However, I cannot find it on any searches. What I remember about the book is that it is about a little boy who is growing up in the middle of Austria during WWII. There is some significance about an oak(possibly different type?) tree on their property. I believe they were very wealthy. It ends with the boy escaping from their house/castle in the middle of the night bc his father put him on their fastest horse. The father dies in a huge explosion that he planned to also kill all the nazis that had taken over their place.

Could be The Chestry Oak by Kate Seredy

The Chestry Oak by Kate Seredy? The country and setting are right. There's a wonderful horse and a boy. He's a prince. It's been a while since I've read it, so I don't know about the explosion. It has a red jacket and a black horse. We've had many copies over the years and they always sell immediately, but try abebooks.com.

A book about a boy and a girl

Hi. When I was little, I read a book about a boy and a girl named Ruth. I don't remember the boy's name. I remember that those two got into an adventure, and they met some monsters (and I think they travelled with a boat at some point). In the end Ruth loses her ear, and that is all I remember clearly. But I remember the book had a happy ending and the children got home safely. I hope you can help me to find this book! Thank you (:

Childrens book about building things - circa 1950

I'm searching for a book I had as a child. The book was pale blue hard cover with black print approximately 7 inches wide by 10 inches high and about 120 pages. The illustrations were line-drawings for each project. Some of the projects were model airplanes, model boats, kites, pinwheels, puppets, and games. I can't remember the title exactly but there were words such as 'a boy can build' and I think it was published in Great Britain after 1950.
Any title suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

A new grandmother needs help

Hi Everyone, anyone, please help me find the name or author of a story book where this little child did not like to get his/her hair washed or groomed. The child's hair grew so long, and under the door all the way to where birds built their nests (and bugs lived there too) I think the child's name was Morgatroyd? Anyhow, my little grand daughter seems encouraged to get her hair washed when I tell her this story. I used to read this to kids in pre-school in the early 90's. Help me to find this book please? Thank you very much

Set in England at Christmas-time, green boards/silver lettering.

Trying to remember the name of a children's book, set in England (short chapter book) with green boards, silver lettering on the cover and spine. Much of the book has to do with preparing for Christmas in rural England.


MaryAnn McCarra-Fitzpatrick

Baby animals sleepover.

I've been trying to remember this book for years! My kids read it when they were small, so it must be at least 15 years old now. It was about baby animals who were having a sleepover, and there were all different beds which the animals were tucked into. The animals were made of card and slotted into the beds. It looked hand illustrated and was largely pastel colours. If anyone remembers this I'd be so grateful! I'd love to get it for my god child's third birthday!! Thanks.

Series of chapter books about the adventures of two frogs

I used to love these books when I was a kid. It was a series of chapter books about a pair of frogs(they may have been mice, but I'm pretty sure that they were frogs, though not positive) and their adventures in the forest. In one book, a raccoon antagonizes them, but soon they befriend him and he ends up saving them from a flock of herons, and in another book,they wander into a den of weasels(one of them was fairly fat!) who were all having a dinner party(I think). I remember a scene in the book where all the weasels are sitting at the table, eating and saying their names(presumably so the reader could tell them apart); I do remember that two of them were named Frieda and Fritz. There may have been other books in this series, but regrettably, I don't remember them all. I'd thought for a while that these might have been a spin-off of Arnold Lobel's ever-popular Frog and Toad series, but I looked up Arnold Lobel's books on Amazon.com and wasn't able to find anything like them. Any information would be much appreciated.

Frog and Toad possibly?

Frog and Toad possibly?

looking for a book I read as a child

I can't remember the title, but it was about 2 kids that were trying to find the secret of a mysterious/threatening green man or giant that was buried in the countryside and going to awake...I remember they rode in a bus for miles and miles and mysterious beings were following/watching them. They were also given some sort of magical bag with strings that rested between their shoulders which allowed them the power of flight...Would really like to remember the name of this book. It would've been in the early 70's when I read it and I remember it as a trade paperback.

I've found it !

Kim - the book we are both remembering is 'the giant under the snow' by John Gordon - as soon as I read the description about finding an ancient buckle, it all fell into place. It was published in 1968 - and yes, there is a green man and the bag with the wind for flying! Happy reading.........

Green Man

I remember reading this and loving it when I was about nine years old. I have also desperately trying to find out what it was but have had no luck at all. I think I must have read it in Junior School in about 1971. Strangely I remember exactly the same details as you - especially about the bag that strapped onto their backs and then the pull strings - and the green man. I looked into the history and significance of all the chalk men carved into hillsides and have never quite been at ease with them since!
if you do find out what it was called or who it was by - please let me know!

Green man again - Found it!!!!

I hope this doesnt post twice - tried it yesterday but it hasnt come up.

The book we are both remembering is 'THE GIANT UNDER THE SNOW' by John Gordon. I remembered the heroine's name was Jonquil - don't ask me why - and found it almost immediately. It is strange how we initially remembered exactly the same details - but I am certain this is the one. It has been reissued since its first publication in 1968.

Someone told me it might be the Children of Green Knowe - and I remembered a song about 'Green Noah, evil tree, evil fingers cant catch me!' but I checked it out and it isnt. Its definitely the John Gordon book.

Happy reading!

Mother Goose Pictures and Rhymes

We are cleaning out my mother-in-law's home and have come across the book, "Mother Goose Pictures and Rhymes" by Newton, Carter & Horn, published in 1934, "linen-like". The cover photo is of a blonde girl sitting and warming her bare feet in the fireplace. It's in great condition. My husband and I have no children and are interested in selling this book, but do not know how to go about doing that. Any suggestions?

Sales suggestions.

Sounds like a saleable book. Please read the suggestions above. Thank. Suzanne

I'm looking for a book that

I'm looking for a book that my babysitter used to read to me when i was about 5 years old...i can't remember that exact name...i wanna say it was something close to "the big red rug"...but it was one of my favorite books and she used to read it to me every afternoon before i would take a nap and i'm looking to buy the book for my daughter but i can't find any listing for this book...like i said though it was about a big rug or blanket but it was red for sure...if anyone can help me with this i would appreciate it...i don't think it was a very popular book because i haven't seen it or ever heard of it besides from my babysitter...thanks

The Big Red Blanket by Harriet Ziefert

I think it might be The Big Red Blanket by Harriet Ziefert(1992). A girl named Kara asks everyone in her family if they'd play with her, but they're all too busy; she finds a big red blanket and plays with it, and then her whole family joins in.

Fairy Tale Book with a story of Candy Land

I have been trying to find this book for years. It was a book of fairy tales, but it had one story in paticular about a brother and sister from a poor family whose Mom sends them town with their last money to buy bread for dinner before Father comes home. They pass a bakery and end up buying sweets. They are so upset by what they have done that they decide to run away from home. While resting under a tree a little mischievious green elf comes out from behind a tree and tells them stories of a place called candy land. He leads them to candy land where they fill them selves full of sweets but soon become home sick. I know it is only one story, in a book of Fairy tales. Any help finding it would be so appreciated!
Thank you.

Can't remember the bears name

I'm trying to find a book I had for my daughter who was born in 1987. I think his name was a complicated one (Boblobski), or something like that. He was planning a dinner party for his friends at his home.

Please help me.

Bialosky the Bear books by Leslie McGuire

I think it's one of the Bialosky the Bear books by Leslie McGuire.

Looking for a book

I read a book when I was in 3rd or 4th grade (I'm 23 now). The book was a chapter book about a girl who goes on a class field trip and sees/hears a voice of a girl her age who died in the mountains. I think the girls body was missing and she fell off of the side of the mountain when she was hiking. I just would really like to find the book so I can share it with my niece. If anyone knows anything I would really appreciate it!

possible answer: Looking for a book posted by by Jennaguse

Sounds like it could be THE GHOST OF FOSSIL GLEN by Cynthia DeFelice, 1998.

Halloween book

I'm looking for a Halloween book around1980ish.cant remember much but the goblins we're in it.kids paperback. Please help of u can

I think it might be an old

I think it might be an old Catholic school book. It contained stories and poems. One story was titled "The Wind Called Chinook."
One poem contained the line, "sitting here in my usual chair, thinking of icebergs and polar bears." Might be around 1960's or
Before. Thank you.

Bear book with a lot of tales

Ok, I don't remember the title or author, but this book was white on the outside with a lot of illustrations of teddy bears on the outside. It had a bunch of stories and along with teddy bear stories there where also fairy tales, like the 12 dancing princesses. I wish I would tell you more. Even though there were a lot of stories it wasn't a physically big book, they made it a small size, but thick. I read it around the 90's and would really appreciate any ideas, thanks!

Children's book help

When I was a child in the early 60's my mom read this children's book called something like, "The boy that said no" or "the boy that always said no" This young boy with issues was walking down the street lost. A shopkeeper said, Are you lost?" The boy answered, "NO!" Another person asked, "Are you hungry?" The boy answered, "NO!" Does anybody know the correct title and author? stevekuske@powerweb.net

Book about little girl and boy who are homeless/runaways?

I've been looking everywhere for a book that I read as a child in the mid 90's ('94 or '95). It was about a Little girl and boy who i think were homeless orphans, or runaway children, in London. I can't remember much other than it had something to do with fire I think??? and that the fact that they were homeless, or at least the girl was... they boy may only have been her friend. I think they were trying to get away from a horrible man. For some reason i remember a bit about the girl receiving or stealing a small warm bread bun.
What really sticks in my head is the illustration on the front cover, and I believe there were some throughout the book too. The front cover has the picture of a little girl with red hair and possible a red coat (something red!) and a boy, both look quite rough. the cover was glossy paperback, only around 20 pages-if that, and almost A4 in size.
i remember that it looked like a very new book, and I don't think that it had a long title, something beginning with T, S or F.

I would really appreciate it if someone could help me find this book! I know there's not a lot to go on though!


book found! Fair's Fair by Leon Garfield

I finally found the book! it was actually about a homeless boy in victorian times. it wasn't a hot bread bun, but actually a hot pie! the book is called fair's fair by leon garfield.

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