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It's The Laughing Dragon

I was looking for the same book and finally found the title!

The Laughing Dragon by Kenneth Mahood

Re Old childhood book

Does anyone know what the collection of short stories was called, that featured toys in a nursery that came to life?

There was a camel who wanted to visit the desert and a tiny teddy the size of about a thumb, who got lost in a pile of leaves.

there was also a rabbit in striped trousers. The cover was cream with the toys on the front...

any help would be appreiated!



Book about statue garden, maybe comes to life

Story about girl who comes across a statue garden, filled with statues that come to life maybe. Made in the eighties.

Statue Garden...

This post also reminded me of The Enchanted Castle, by E. Nesbit, though it's older than the eighties.

Statue Garden.....

It has to be Eleanor Cameron's Book "The Court of the Stone Children" The statues don't come to life, but it was my first immediate thought and a wonderful book. Nina lives in San Francisco and is a trainee at a museum which is a chateau moved brick by brick from France. Lovely story.

The 500 Hats of Bartholomew Cubbins

Thanks to another viewer who identified this book as

The 500 Hats of Bartholomew Cubbins  (by Dr. Seuss)

Little boy removing hat after hat for king by Anonymous (not verified) - 2011-10-20 07:48

A friend remembers the teacher reading a book about a little boy removing his hat as the king is coming, only to have another hat appear, again and again and again.....Looking for book title and possible copy of book

I duplicated this from the Fairy Tale page.. We don't currently have a copy, but the book is quite easy to find as a reader's copy.

The 500 Hats of Bartholomew Cubbins

Could it possibly be The 500 Hats of Bartholomew Cubbins by Dr. Suess?

children's book about an inhabited sugar house on a cake

This book was about a little girl (I think), who admired a beautiful cake through a window. The cake had a sugar house on the top in which someone lived. I think the house had pink sugar roses on the outside. Please help!

sugar house on cake

This story is from one of the annuals of 'Bom the Drummer'.
Enid Blytons Bom annual
First edition: 1958
Publisher: The Thames Publishing Co.
Illustrator: R. Paul-Hoye and H.W. Felstead
Category: One-off Annuals
Genre: Fantasy
Type: Annuals
The story is called 'the little sugar house'. Its no 11 on the contents list.


type in 'Bom annuals' and you should find it.

Elephant Cake House, Wishing Well?

I'm looking for a book for my friend, these are the only details we know about it.
A title or any other info would be wonderful. =) Thank you,

The elephant family lived in a cake house. The little girl ate the house while the mother was out and went to the wishing well to wish the house back, but the person in front of her wished the wishing well away.

Children's Ghost Stories

I am looking for a book of Ghost Stories I read when in 1st grade in the 1970's. It was a purple, hard covered book with the picture of a ghost on the front. There were several different stories in the book, but the one I remember most was a little boy in the forest. There is a large ghost on the other side of the forest. The book had pictures as well. This is all I can remember.

Thank You

Book about being small and then growing up

I am looking for a book about a little girl who is small and it goes thru all the advantages of her being small. Like she can stick her hand in the pickle jar or hide in small places. Then she gets older and bigger and it goes thru the advantages like she can read to the other children and doesn't have to use a stool at the sink anymore. I believe there is a boy version of this book also. I read it when I was little so early 1990. Thank you.

little girl who grew up

I've been looking for the same book for years. I was thinking it might have been a Golden Book, but I can't find it on their website either. I remember the little girl was blonde with a pink dress, and when she grew up, the button popped off the back of her dress.

I found it!

Here it is:
The Little Girl Story
By Dean Walley
I remember the pickle jar most of all, but here is some more incidents from the book:
"The little girl got too big for her hobby horse, but now she could learn to ride a real horse. She was too big to fit in her playhouse, but now she could invite friends for a tea party. She got too big to have all her dolls in her crib with her, so her parents got her a big-girl bed. Could this be it, and if so, does anyone know the author? One more thing: the end papers were pink with little pink handprints all over them."

I share in your search! I've

I share in your search! I've been looking for this book for years... I read it as a child in the 1980's. I also thought it was a golden book, but haven't found it yet. I'll reply back if I find it!
:) Good luck

The Very LIttle Girl by Phyllis Krasilovsky.

The Very LIttle Girl by  Phyllis Krasilovsky. illustrated by Ninon (1953, but reprinted many times) This is probably it; the little girl becomes a big sister to her little brother. Krasilovsky also wrote a book called The Very Little Boy.  The Very LIttle Girl has been reissued with different artwork, (1991) so make sure you get the one you want. You could have seen either one.

Thank you

Unfortunatey this wasn't the book. But I was able to find it. It is called The Little Girl Story by Dean Walley. Thank you again for your help.

Thank you too

Thanks for sending the update. It will help other people looking for this book. Suzanne

Couple of books from the library

I used to read and re-read these 2 books from the library in the mid-60's:
1. About a boy in post WWII Italy who is seriously I'll and finds a hurried statue of a Saint. Somehow it also involves an American GI, I think. Red cover, maybe? Title may be "(boys name) and the Saint"?
2. About 2 children who found a message in a post, and it involved a tunnel, a secret passage and maybe a river that changes course to change property borders.

KELLY WW 11 Dog Book

Hi Kelly, from last July, I have another idea. Scuttlebutt Goes to War, As suggested by Lieutenant Dwight W. Follett, USN to Margaret Friskey Illustrations by Lucia Patton  Copyright 1943

Look on ebay for a picture of this book: http://www.ebay.com/itm/Vintage-1940s-WWII-Childrens-Book-SCUTTLEBUTT-GO... (I am not necessarily recommending this copy.

We now have a Verisign seal, so any day now I'll make it possible for people  to Login. That way I can let you know when I see a book that seems right. Sometimes it's months later.  Suzanne


Looking for a collection of stories about dogs and cats

I was given this book around 1956 to 1958. It was a larger book, maybe 12" X 18" (of course, I was a child, but I remember it's being larger than my other books). It may have been a half-inch thick. There were short, one-page stories and longer, several-page stories. There was one particular story about a child who couldn't have live pets, but there was a dog statue that would come to life. This is all very sketchy; it was 50 years ago that I had the book, but I have a granddaughter who loves dogs and I would love to share the stories with her. There was a story about a rescue dog. There were some cat stories, too. The book had pictures on almost every page, as I recall, and most if not all were in color. Any help finding a copy will be appreciated.

Looking for...

I am looking for "the night the crayons talked" from 1974. It was by Vick knight.

Night the crayons talked.

Search this one again on www.abebooks, it is not there. Then follow the links to leave a WANT. Just use Vick Knight and crayons, that's enough.  You will be notified if the book is listed.

Aside from checking Ebay all the time, this is the best way to find an uncommon book on the net. Ebay has a want system too but it does not work very well.

Good luck,

Elementary Reading book

I am looking for the reading book we used in school when I was in around 3rd or 4th grade in the early mid seventies. The name of the reading book was Panorama and one of the books had stories in it like the boy who wanted to be a tree, and the man who kept his corn in a tin shed and one day it got really hot and all the corn popped and he was at the top of a giant mountain of popcorn. Also a story about three unicorns that raced and one unicorn had a bent horn and they all made fun of him, but he won the race. Several other stories. Am interested in finding these books if anyone can help or point me in a direction. thanks.

RE: Elementary Reading Book

Hi, there,

I was searching for this exact book, and found your post. I remember very vividly the story of the mountain of popcorn (it always made me so hungry!!!!)

I don't know whether you've been able to find this book yet, but I found this on Amazon:


I hope this helps. I'm going to order one, myself!


Mr. Pickapaw's Popped Corn

I've been searching for this story also with no luck.

Ghost stories

Im looking for a ghost story book my sisters and I read in the 80s. It had a skull on the front cover and was paperback. It had stories about being buried alive and had an illustration of how they had the bells set up above graves. It had a story of a man who was on a train and a lady joined him in his car and it looked like she was holding a baby, the train wrecked and when he awoke he tried to find the lady and the train workers said no such woman boarded but there has been tales of a ghost boarding with her description. It was kind of a true scary ghost book

Scary Stories to Tell in the

Scary Stories to Tell in the Dark

Childrens fairy tales

I'm looking for two books I read as a child in the 80s. One is a blue cover and the other purPle. They are fairy tales of a sort but nothing like Hans Christian Anderson. I remember they were paperback and had stories about elves, fairies, and one was about a water ghost that would drip ice water on those sleeping (I think the scarier version was the ghost of harrowby hall) but this was a kids version. The books were like 60-100 pages if I remember right.

Looking for Halloween book

Hi: Looking for a book about Halloween Pumpkin. Not sure of title, but may have been The Unhappy Pumpkin or Jack o Lantern. Was published in 1950 -1958 period (remeber it from Kindergarten in 1958). Story was about a pumkin who was carved into a Jack o Lantern and was very happy and felt needed. After Halloween, was put in yard and forgotten. Became very sad, until one day a mouse family moved in to his shell. He was then happy and felt useful again. Was a hard bound picture book, front cover was a picture of the pumpkin. Any thoughts, ideas as to title and author appreciated, also to locate a reasonable copy. Ed

Halloween Book

Re the request dated 2011-10-01 - Possibly "The Proud Pumpkin" by Nora Unwin. E.P. Dutton, 1953

Children's picture book

Children's picture book "Best-in-Show." Dates back to 60s & 70s. Don't remember author. Charming story about a little girl who is taking her dog to a dog show. On the way she meets other entrants, each declaring "I am going to win Best-in-Show, and it's easy to see why" (in each case the dog looks like the owner). When they all arrive at the dog show, our young heroine quickly realizes and quietly says SHE is going to win Best-in-Show--"and it's easy to see why." Her dog resembles the judge!

Monkey prince lives in kingdom

Hey, I'm looking for a book series (2 or 3 books) that was about a monkey prince who lived in a jungle/kingdom.

I don't really remember a lot of what happened in the plot, other than the main monkey would go on adventures and maybe got in trouble for going too far away from his home in the kingdom? In one of the books the prince starts to like a girl monkey.

The books weren't colorful illustrations or black and white, they were more sepia toned. I know the pages before the title page had maps of the kingdoms.

The font on the cover and the illustrations seemed really elaborate and old fashioned to me. I read it when I was little (early 90s), but my mom said I read a lot of books that were hers when she was growing up (early 70s) and she thinks it was probably from then.

I think the first book title was the same name as the kingdom and that the second book title had the name of the girl monkey in it.

Early 70's Carousel story book printed with child's name

I had a book that I treasured...lost in a remarriage situation when I was teen. As was most of our stuff. Late 60's or early 70's cardboard cover, I think, smaller size, full color, simple story of a child who goes to a carousel and a horse jumps off and rides away. NOT "Carousel" by Rosenberg. My little book was personalized to each child's name, I believe I remember. It had a story about the horse either getting away or having to go back (sorry! it has been 40 years.) At the end of the book is some statement about "You!" and a mirror for the child to look into. At this point if I could find a copy (with anyone's name obviously), I would be thrilled.

carousel book

The Magic Carousel from 1967???

Prehistoric Horse

Does this sound familiar to anyone? I read this book in the mid-60's about a hidden prehistoric valley that has somehow survived till modern times. There is a little horse that finds his way into the world. A child befriends the horse and helps him find his way home. Hope someone can help. Thanks!!

Looking for obscure childrens picture book

Im looking for a childrens picture book i read in grade school aboutba young black girl who would spend her days at her grandmothers house and she would tell her stories about wind and rain, it was to some effect like that. If anybodys know the name of this book please let me know, i didnt give alot of details but im sure someone out there might k ow of this one. Thanks

I am looking for a childrens

I am looking for a childrens book that I had in late 60's early 70's believe it was a small set. Grey/blue in color could have the outline of an elephant on it. It was a book of stories and poems one poem was about a zipper with a drawing of a child in zip up pj's. Any info would be greatly appriciated! Thank You

Old Children's Poetry Book.

My grandmother gave me this book before I even knew how to read. That was around 1982, so the book was likely made in the 60s or 70s. I don't remember much about it other than that it was a hardcover book, likely dark blue, about an inch or more thick, so it has quite a few pages. Not much on the cover, maybe just the title. Many of the poems were about birds, and the only pictures were small black and white images of various birds (blackbirds, wrens, robins etc.) randomly placed along the edge of the pages. I know that's terribly vague, but perhaps someone will know of it.

It was my favorite book as a kid. I took it to class for show-and-tell in the 2nd grade, and the teacher never gave it back to me. =/

a book i read in the late 1960ssssss

Hi,think it was called "The Magic Boat" It was bought from an antique type shop by a child... it cost him all his money and some more... it was like a magic carpet type boat whisking the kids of on adventures from their bedroom....it was a magic flying carpet type boat i think...must of been late 1960sthat i read it.... A thick book for a child as i remember....any ideas thanks (Neil, I put your two queries together for easier IDing - admin)

Help Meeeeeee

It may not be that old, between 1975 and 1990 maybe. I don't remember hardly anything about it except that it was a collection of stories. One was about a mouse, possibly involving a silver staircase, and another story involved an Eskimo child. The cover was a picture of a mouse who I THINK was wearing some armor with a sword maybe, looking around a corner in a castle with a staircase.

Any help is greatly appreciated
Thank you for your time!

childrens book from the mid 80s

I am looking for a book but i don't know the name it has a talking teapot and im sure it has a talking salt and pepper pot too. And they are in a wood or forest made of food if i remember right there is a custard river please help me to find this.

lost boy & a wolverine

Hello, I'd like to have help identifying this book. Our 4th grade teacher read it to us aound 1970. It was about a boy who got lost in the woods & ends up living in a cave or a hole with a wolverine or a badger. I know that's not much to go on, sorry!

Incident at Hawk's Hill

Probably Incident at Hawk's Hill by Alan Eckert, Little Brown (1971), a frequent teacher read aloud pick at that time. The true story of Ben, lost & adopted by a badger in 1870.We have two nice Family Bookshelf copies on the Bargain Basement Books list, under catalogues and LIsts,  for 2 or 3 dollars and I'll waive the $18 minimum for you if you'd like one.

If you are someone else reading this, take a look at the Bargain Basement Books, over 700 books, nice titles, good condition, left over from my library supply days, but we can't really afford to sell them individually any more. Contact us. If you are an elementary or middle school teacher, let me know.

Looking for a book

Hi - I'm looking for a children's book that is Sally Bumpsy - Lost Shoe Mildred Brown.....the dog in the book was named Jigs (sp?) Can you direct me on where to find? Thanks!

Mildred Brown

I can't find this book. Could it have been a story in a reader? There is a Mildred H. Brown who wrote a book called Let's Give a Play in the 40's and then a Mildred Lyon Hetherington who wrote and illustrated similar books at the same time, for instance TUBBY, TINY AND TOP by Daisy Brown and Mildred Lyon Hetherington (1940). Take a look on Mildred Lyon Hetherington's paintings on Google Images and see if it is the same person.

Boliver - a mexican donkey

I would love to see this book again - I think it was simply called Boliver. (Boliva?) I think he was a mexican donkey. It was a childrens book and I had a copy in hard back (poss A4 size) landscape - hardback and I think the hard back cover was mainly pink with an illustrated Boliver on the front.
I was born in 1969 and I therefore I had the book in the 1970's


This is probably Bolivar by Hardie Gramatky, who wrote Little Toot. Go to Google Images and enter title and author (note spellings) and you'll see pictures of it. I guess it was common for people to name pets after heros... lots of dogs called Caesar ... and Bolivar is named for the South American liberator, Simón Bolívar, a fascinating tale in himself.

Complaining rabbit.

Looking for a story about a rabbit who gets a ride to the fair for free and complains about it all the way! One of my husband's favorite childhood books from the fifties. Thanks for help  (Hope someone knows this! moved by admin from the Folk and Fairy Tale page, Suzanne)

name of this book

I'm looking for one of my favorite childhood books. The family name was Noonon. the family went to a farm for a visit. When they got there, none of the the farm animals were the correct color, one was blue ,one was pink, one was green, ect. One was a cow, a pig, a goat and a duck. the little girl wore overalls, one leg was rollrd up, the other one down,her flannel shirt had one sleeve rolled up the other one down. one half of her hair was platted the other in a pony tail. The mother was a big lady and she had on a black and white stripped dress, with strips going aruond and a large sun flower on the front.The father was a very thin. That's all I can remember I would like to find the name and the book. Donna

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