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That's the one. Thank you so

That's the one. Thank you so much!!

You both bring up a good

You both bring up a good point: the plot is identical except for the article of clothing. The Mitten is an old Ukranian folk tale. A mitten was used in the original Ukranian story, but undoubtedly this is a variant. The best known modern ones are Jan Brett's and Alvin Tressault's. (illustrated by Yaroslava) A slightly different one translated from the Russian is The Old Man's Mitten,by and there is a recent version of this title rewritten with different pictures. I doubt if any of these have been anthologized, so we are no closer to finding your book!

Incidentally, Goodreads has an excellent list of books in English, set in the Ukraine. http://www.goodreads.com/list/show/25711.A_Child_s_Book_Tour_of_Ukraine#...

Re: Tale about animals moving into a shoe

Sounds like "The Mitten" by Jan Brett.

elementary school historical series - 1950's

I'm looking for the elementary school historical series available to me in the mid-1950's. The books had teal blue bindings and a black sillouette of the head of the historical figure. If there were any illustrations in the books they were in black sillouette. I remember books on presidents and some separate ones about their wives: Martha Washington, Dolly Madison, etc. I believe the school library carried about 30 different volumes.

The silhouette biographies,

The silhouette biographies, also called the Childhood of Famous Americans series. They were well written, by various authors, and are inexpensive in later editions, although they have collectible prices as firsts. Bobbs-Merrill was the publisher, at least in the beginning . They are currently in print as paperbacks published by Aladdin but I don't know if they have been "dumbed down", probably. Hard to find with a search engine, but try going to the abebooks Advanced Search http://www.abebooks.com/servlet/SearchEntry and entering Childhood of Famous Americans in the keywords. You will have almost 4,000 results.

Birthday Book


I am 44 & when I was younger I had a book that my Mom got me for my birthday. About a blond girl in a blue jumper dress I believe and it was her birthday & she thought everyone forgot about her birthday but they didnt and then surprised her with a birthday cake. This book is prob from the 1960s or 1970s. Thanks so much!!!!

1990s book?

It was about 1998 or so when I read this from my school library. I can't remember any key phrases but I know it had some crazy words in it and you had to turn the book in different directions because of how the book was written. It had a girl with red or brown hair in it???

a story about a dalmatian puppy

This story was in a children's story book. I remember reading the line, "And he grew,and he grew AND HE GREW!" to my little brother, ( he died 8 weeks ago and loved this story.) I can't remember any of the other stories in the book.

re:: a story about a dalmatian puppy

that's a line from a book called "Love you forever" BY: Robert Munsch I hope that's the book your looking for

a lot of dragons

This book was hard cover and a little wider than average. I read it in the late 80s/early 90s and inside had really colorful pictures of dragons. The book had a bunch of different stories in it. I think one of the stories was about a girl who went out and found an injured cat in the rain. another story was somewhere along the lines of a boy who had a lollipop and the more he licked it, the bigger it grew. but mostly I just remember the artsy dragon pictures that filled up entire pages. It was apart of a story but the dragon pictures always bothered me so I'd pass them while reading. If -anybody- remembers this book...let me know! tried google, nothing..

children's book

I am looking to rediscover an old book I enjoyed as a child...it was about a draft horse...the color in it was limited to only a few colors, like white, black, tan and blue. It showed various seasons in which the horse was used to haul hay, for ice harvesting in the frozen lakes, and for harvest of maple being tapped...I loved the book as a kid and cannot think of the name nor author...Can you help me? I think the time line was perhaps the 30's or 40's.....I seem to recall the people in it were rather stout looking and wore overalls a lot...farmer types.

a book from the early 90's

I've been trying to remember the name of a book I read when I was about 12, I dont remember much about the book but Ioved it. I wanna say it was named "silver" or "silvert" which I think was the last name of the main character, if I remember right it was about a girl about 12yrs old who just moved to a new place I think with her father and they lived in a trailer. Maybe silver was the name of a dog I really dont remember. I do remember the cover had a girl with blondish brown hair looking awfully sad on it. I know I'm no help.

Maybe The Girl with the

Maybe The Girl with the Silver Eyes by Willo Davis Roberts?

The 25¢ Miracle?

I think this could be the 25¢ Miracle by Theresa Nelson, published in 1986. She does live with her father in a trailer park. I think they were new in town. She makes friends with the town librarian because they are both interested in growing roses.  Happy ending. I liked this book, the author's first.

Collection of stories from the 80s

I am looking for publish around 1995/6 (possibly earlier). its a collection of stories. one that I remember is about a girl who goes into the woods and gets lost, she goes into an empty house and finds a black cat (possibly a talking cat, cant remember). The front cover is blue and purplish with a black cat sat in a tree, and a castle in the back ground.

Looking for the title of a 70s-era book about a boy and dragon

I had a book (seem to remember an orange binding) about a boy who was either a page or a knight who was trying to hunt down a monster or dragon in the forest...what he finds is an iron or steel (or some metallic) dragon or monster machine and may ride it back to the castle (?)...I was a 70's kid but my mother was known to have older era books (50's or 60's)...think the kids name might have been Stephen. Anyone know what I am referring to? Thanks!

Bill Peet

This sounds just like Bill Peet, but I can't find the one I am picturing! Anyway, go to amazon or google images and see if the illustration style is right.

Harvey? Bubble gum machine?

I am searching for a book that I think was called Harvey and the Amazing bubble gum machine. It was quite old. On the other side of the book was another book about monsters I think. So it was two books in one. Please help!

Mythology Books My Mom Loved

I'm looking for a book set that my mom read while in elementary/middle school (70s-80s). It was a set of mythology books with each one pertaining to a different culture's mythology (Greek, Roman, Norse, African, Egyptian, etc.). The only other thing I know about them is that they were on the smaller side and either yellow or orange in color (so probably more like those cloth-y type covers or something).

Thanks! (-:

childrens's book with angels snow and sugar 1950's or 60's

Im trying to locate a book from my mothers childhood. She says she remembers an angel making snowflakes of different shapes and sizes from sugar? It was a hard back book with red paper cover possibly with an angel with brown hair. Not the littlest angel.

Book about a girl who goes shopping & eats chocolate cake

Hello! I read a book about 35 years ago. It was about a girl who went shopping (I believe for a dress) and goes out to lunch. I think she eats fried chicken (not sure) but I know she eats chocolate cake. She may have had her dog with her, but I'm unsure. The drawings were not too elaborate. It was a wonderful book and I would like to read it to my daughter.
Thank you for any help you might give.

Sally Goes Shopping Alone

This probably isn't it, but there is an older book called Sally Goes Shopping Alone by Louise Eppenstein. Here's a picture: http://www.amazon.com/Sally-Shopping-Alone-Louise-Eppenstein/dp/B000U401... We don't have one in stock to check for chocolate.

Looking for a book I read but never owned...

I was about 14 or 15, a freshman in high school, circa 1998-1999. An older cousin let me borrow some tween/YA books. Years later I asked her about it but she had gotten rid of alot of her 'kiddie' books. The paperback cover was yellow or gold with blue letters for the title. I think it might have shown two teen girls on the cover. The story was about two girls who are sick and need heart transplants. One comes from a wealthy country family and has red curly hair. The other is regular city middle class girl with dark straight hair and has a boyfriend. Dark haired girl thinks red haired girl's brother is cute. I remember the brother's description reminded me of Leonardo Dicapiro back then except the character wore a cowboy hat. Well rich girl dies towards the end of the book while dark haired girl gets the heart. Dead girl leaves a goodbye video for her best friend, dark haired girl to watch. I also remember a scene of a cross in the ground that someone hangs a necklace around. Might have been at the end also. Does this sound familiar to anyone???

Need Help Finding A Children's Board Book

I remember reading this book when I was younger I think called "Penny Penny". The front of the book she has blonde hair and is kind of skipping. She sort of resembles doll like features because her eyes were beady, she had no fingers just straight rounded off "hands" and "feet". That she wore black mary jane looking shoes and a dress. I believe she even had her dog on the front of the book as well, but I do remember the dog being in the story itself.
The book was a board book (not 100% sure but I am pretty sure I had a board book copy).
I know the girl's name was Penny, and that the title on the front of the book had two words in it with the second one being her name. Both words either rhymed or were the same. It is NOT "Henny Penny", the story about the Hen who thinks the sky is falling.

please help

Hi my name is Marlaina and I'm trying to help my mother find a book from her childhood. It's probably from the 50s or 60s it's a collection of short stories of the fairly tale genre. Billy goats gruff was one story included in it but the story she really remembers is of a brown mouse who didn't want to do her house work because she wanted to dance around in her red shoes. Please let me know if you have any information. Thank you.

Im looking for a book

Im looking for a book probably from around the 80's. christian short stories. Each one had a moral, a few questions to follow and then a prayer. I believe it was soft covered. I dont remember the cover nor the illustrations. I don't think the illustrations were in color. Please help.

Pirate Book

Hi, I have been looking for a children's book on pirates that I had when I was little. I remember very little, but the illustrations were incredible. The general plot of the book was a boy that got stuck on a pirate ship and it followed him around the book. The illustrations covered the entire page and were very detailed in a cluttered manner. I remember one page with a net that had a bunch of pirates and fish in it...I know it's not much to go, but I would love to have it for my children.

Thank you!!

Margaret Mahy? Pirates

Margaret Mahy wrote quite a few pirate books, and some of her artists had kind of cluttered illustrations. Here's the Google images page. You could also look on Amazon and see if any of them were familiar. Mahy is a New Zealand author, but her books were/are published in the US as well.

a book my mom used to read to

a book my mom used to read to me wen i was a toddler the only thing i can remember about it was something about a warm woolly sock and i think the kitty was looking for its mother but found comfort in this sock i just know i would repeat "a warm woolly sock" all the time. Plz help me!

Old children's book about the moon falling from the sky

My husband mentioned an old book from his childhood tonight (he was born in 1969) and I am trying to figure out a title. He said it was about the night the moon fell from the sky. He mentioned the moon rolled around (into a barn, etc.) He remembers the moon was returned to the sky by falling over the edge of a waterfall. He also said the illustrations were really cool because the moon was about twelve feet tall when compared to the young boy in the story. Anything about this sound familiar?

Teaser and the Firecat?

I think it might be Teaser and the Firecat by Cat Stevens. Go to the Google images page for this book, scroll down, and you'll see the moon going over a waterfall!


old favorite

I'm looking for this children's book and I don't remember much about it.
It was about 1" to 1.5" thick.
It was filled with a lot of short children's stories.
I think one was the kittens that lost their mittens.
Another was a papa bear and a baby bear and something about bedtime and cake. In one picture the baby bear is on the papa bears shoulders.
On the front and back cover it showed the characters from several if not all of the stories in the book.

I know it's not much to go on, I just really remember that I loved this book as a child and would love to share it with my kids.

possible answer:"old favorite" book of stories

The story about the papa bear w/ baby bear on shoulder and the cake sounds like GOOD NIGHT, LITTLE BEAR by Patsy Scarry (also known as Patricia Scarry) and illustrated by Richard Scarry.He also illustrated a version of The Three little Kittens. So I think you should try looking for a Richard Scarry anthology.

90's Elementary Books of Short Stories

Trying to remember what books I read in Elementary school maybe in like 1st or 2nd grade. I remember we had a red book, green book and a yellow book all compilations by the same author last name or first name with the letter G. I remember the books were all one color of each, red, green and yellow and the only writing was i think in maybe gold writing in the center of the book with a capital G and another letter with the initial that I can't remember. They all had short stories in them and range from easy to hard level to read them, I think the red book was in the "easy" catagories. The only one of the short stories I can remember is "The Little Red Hen" and I think it was in the Red Book. I remember the books had lots of stories I liked, wish I could remember what books these were!!

Looking for the title of a book!

This is what I remember, it was a green (frog, lizard, something green? it was an animal!) animal who was magic (I remmeber a wizard's hat) that helped you clean your room. I guess it may have been a special order book. I remember my name being in it. Not where you can write your name into a blank spot, but actually reading, it would read my name. Also, on the very last page you glued a picture of youself, so everytime you see a page, there's a hole cut out to where you can see your face.

I don't remember too much of the plot and what happens, just little remnants. He helps you clean up and takes you on adventure while cleaning your room ( I think, I remember something about your parents in the book telling you to clean your room and you dont want to) and at the end he says goodbye and your room is clean and had fun doing it.

Does anyone know what I'm talking about? I was talking to my boyfriend about it. He says he remembers it, too and maybe having one, but can't remember the name. I'm 22 and he's 24 so I'm not sure how old it would actually be.

old children's book about Pirates

Old Children's Book

Name as my brother remembers it: Pirates of the Deep Blue Sea
A character in the book is called "Gully."

This book was read to my brothers class every afternoon by his teacher in the 1950's. In later years she gave him the book. He loaned it to a niece and never saw it again.

He would love to find another copy and I would like to get one for him
All of my searches have come up empty.

Help please....


By going to www.abebooks.com advanced search and entering "pirates  sea" in the title and 1930 - 1960 in the years published I found

The pirates in the deep green sea; a story for children.

Author: Eric Linklater
Publisher: London, Macmillan, 1949.

Then I went to www.worldcat.org and looked up the book to see if it was a children's book. It was. If you look at this page you will also see a link to a list of books for children about pirates so you can look further.


Book I cannot remember the name

There's a book that I cannot remember the name off, and I really enjoyed it.
It's a book about a young girl who moves to a new home with her father and older brother. I remember her being really upset for her father not ordering pizza and instead eating steak or something that their neighbours gave them as a welcoming present.
Her brother takes her shopping one day and takes her to the wrong section , the guy section and she's upset about the jeans not fitting her and then one of the workers takes her to he female section. She goes to the changing room but goes to the wrong changing room and walks in on a guy half dressed, her brother then steers her into the right room. This boy ends up being in her class and so she doesn't get along with him so well.
There's a teacher she meets and really likes, she looks up to this young teacher and on one occasion she buys the teacher this hair clip thing, I think it had something to do with a turtle being on it? This young teacher isn't her teacher and she wishes she was.
Her teacher is an old lady she doesn't like because shes old but she ends up getting along with her and during a project of keeping a diary or journal about their holiday she confides in her teacher who at the end of the year gives her a gift.
She goes to her aunts or uncles house at one point and starts her periods and her aunt tells everyone. Then at the end she's sitting down with the boy she doesn't like and they're eating chocolate. But because its melted they're eating it with a spoon.
I hope someone can help me out please?

The agony of alice?

I think the book you're talking about is the agony of alice by phylis renoylds naylor.

Thank you xx

Thank you soooooo much, this is the book. Many many thanks for reading all of that and helping me out xxx

Lady; Cottage; Paints a chair creamy white, red rose, green stem

That's all I remember. That and the good feelings it engendered.

Older Books

Looking for a place to find reading level of older books. Our family has a nice amount of children's books that are 15-20 years old and would like to be able to rate the level of books by A-? and cannot find anything out there to help. Can you help us to find something. One of the books was released in 1988 called Animal Babies by Rebecca Dickinson and illustrated by Lisa Bonforte with publisher of Western Publishing Company, Inc. It is probably no longer for sale so therefore I can't find a rating for it anywhere. Thanks so much with help on this.

Reading Level

You're correct in that some of your books may never have been graded by any system like Lexile. This is probably true of most mass market books from companies like Golden/Western Publishing. When publisher's age gradings do appear, usually on the jacket flap, they are often not reliable. I am not quite sure what you mean by" level of books by A-". Reading level? It's important to think about skill level vs. comprehension level (that is the emotional maturity and the understanding of oral language required). There can be quite a gap in the early years.

Animal Babies is probably designed for an adult to read to a child, therefore the reading skill level required could be much higher than the emotional level. Even though it's short, the words and sentence structure may be more difficult than you would think for a beginning reader to process independently, especially when reading aloud. (Beautiful illustrations, by the way.)

You could look at how books similar to yours are leveled in our Reader's Corner under Reading LIsts. An old teacher trick for determining reading level, found in there somewhere, is: "Your child may use the five finger system in school to find a Just Right book. The child picks a page in the middle of the book to read and holds up five fingers. The child puts one finger down for every mistaken or unknown word: 0 and 1 errors, too easy; 2, 3, and 4 errors Just Right; 5 errors, too hard. The number ranges vary. Anyway, if you child really wants to read a book, these rules can be set aside." Suzanne (35 yr teacher)

about a little girl , her doll and a magic mirror

a book I read in the 1970's about a little girl staying with, I think her grandmother and she has a doll and discovers a "magic" mirror that takes her to another world.

Does anyone know of this book by any chance

A little girl goes on a ship and inside the ship she finds another little girl even smaller than her . The smaller girl is very scared of her aunt but apparently her aunt turns out to be very nice etc

Need help finding book

I'm looking for a book my mom read to me in 80's it was about a little girl who wasn't very sleepy so her mom read her a story about another little animal who wasn't vey sleepy so the animals mom read her baby a book about another animal who wasn't sleepy ...,then book goes back threw all of them being asleep.not sure name or author but there is a little girl awake in her bed on front with wavey hair I think with quilted bed spread .think there is a giraffe and a mouse in story being read to n more animals but not sure

1930s story: boy gets into carriage and two people grow beaks

My dad wants to find out what this story is. He remembers that it was a dark story that frightened him. It has a boy getting into a carriage at one point. There are two other passengers in the carriage and they suddenly grow beaks and become menacing characters. He was told the story in the mid-late 1930s but of course it could have been first published long before that. Thanks for any ideas!

could it be Pinocchio?

The dark story with the boy getting into a carriage makes me think of Pinocchio, but the rest doesn't seem to fit.

Book about candle maker

I am looking for a book I had as a child (maybe from the 50s?) about a little shop that made candles, I seem to remember some phrase/character a little boy in blue. It may be a Little Golden Book type, but since I have searched every list of the actual Little Golden Books, it may be Elf or Whitman?
I don't believe it is A Candle for the Queen, but I don't actually have that book to check.

Teen book

Read mid 60's story about a teenage girl who lived in America. Poor girl and the part I remember is her going down to the store to buy a can of tomatoes and scuffing her toes in the dust.

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