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Whoops! Flat Stanley is looking for a book! His own book, first issued in 1964, with illustrations by Tomi Ungerer. He won't find a nice copy!  It's a very rare book.

Every day we receive emails from people searching for childhood books.  I'm sorry but we no longer research emailed book queries. Please read this page carefully and you may find some alternate ways of searching for your book yourself.
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I am looking for a book that

I am looking for a book that I think was from the early 80's. It has dinosaurs and taught colors. Each page was a different Dino. And the whole page was the color scheme of the Dino. I know I'm not giving a lot of inso but that is all I remember. Thank you!

Looking For Book & Record Set

Looking for a book and record set, from the 60's (I think). Unfortunately I don't have much info, but here's what I remember:

*The book and record came in a large, square cardboard box with a top

*The book was paperback and very thick - it contained many stories about numbers, colors, animals, instruments

*The illustrations in the book were similar to this ... maybe Paul Hartley or Art Seiden?? http://24.media.tumblr.com/tumblr_m5qfmpCv961qj0svno1_1280.jpg

*The narration was a man's voice

Any help would be SO greatly appreciated, thank you!

Book about 12 brothers in the woods representing the 12 months

Book is from the 70's-80's. A mother (or step-mother) wants to be rid of one of her daughters, so she send her into the woods during a storm to find either strawberries or flowers, which, of course, are not blooming, and tells her not to return without them. The girl meets 12 brothers who represent the 12 months. The brothers help her out by making flowers bloom early, etc.

Any ideas?

The Month Brothers

This is an old Slavic or Jewish tale and it has been adapted into several books:

This one may be too recent. It shows a girl running through the storm on the cover: The Month-Brothers by S. Marshak, illustrated and retold by Diane Stanley (1983)

Also there is The Month Brothers as adapted from the Samuel Marshak play, by Dorothy Nathan, illustrated by Uri Schulevitz (1967) This has a picture in a circle on the front of two Russian gentlemen, the brothers, in long coats, in the snow. We have a 1st of this in ex-library Very Good with a Very Good jacket

Also, and this may be it, Little Sister and the Month Brothers by Beatrice deRegniers, illustrated by Margot Tomes. (1976) Here are some listings on Abe. As usual, the real bargain is in the middle of the list. Windy Hill's books are in beautiful condition. If she says Fine, she means it.
This book was reprinted in 2009.


Big children's book with blue cover/giant tree

I cannot recall the title or author of this specific children's book - it was very large, the cover was blue, had a large tree with random household things growing on it (seems like paper clips, measuring tapes, etc)... it seems like it was an activity book but it was fairly thick and did contain stories.. The book had lots of scenarios of households and towns... can't remember much more about the content - I'm going off of memories from the early 90's, but would love to find it. I'm guessing it was published sometime in the 80's...

Scary stories with funny endings

This book has quite a few stories and they all have unusual endings or something funny. One of the stories is a man lying in bed at night and he sees two eyes, so he thinks, at the foot of his bed. I think he shoots at it and it was his big toes with the moon shining on them, which made them look like eyes. I think one of the other stories in the book was something about a golden arm.

possible answer: Scary stories w/ funny endings

It could be THE THING AT THE FOOT OF THE BED AND OTHER SCARY TALES by Maria Leach. The story in which the man shoots at his own toes is "Thing at the foot of the bed". Here are the contents: Some people say -- Funny ones: -- Thing at the foot of the bed -- Here we go! -- Ghost race -- Wait till Martin comes -- Big Fraid and Little Fraid -- Lucky man -- Scary ones: -- Golden arm -- Dare -- I'm in the room! -- Legs -- Talk -- Dard, dark, dark -- Real ones: -- Sweet William's ghost -- Milk bottles -- Head -- Lovelorn pig -- Ghostly crew -- Ghostly hitchhiker -- Aunt Tilly -- Cradle that rocked by itself -- Gangster in the back seat -- Ghost games: -- Devil in the dishes -- Old Roger -- Ghost -- Whitch stories -- Witch cat -- Sop, doll! -- Singing bone -- Do's and don'ts about ghosts: -- Signs of ghosts -- Charms against ghosts -- How to see ghosts -- Don't - -- Don't ever kick a ghost.
It was republished, so check for various covers to see if one matches your memories.

Mod Girl Goes Shopping

The book I'm looking for has to be from the late 1960's. Very cool illustrations of a young girl totally dressed in the mod style (black and white dresses) and the bob-style straight haircut. It had something to do with her shopping for clothes. She carries too many boxes and falls and in the end I just remember an image of her wrapped up in bandages. Any idea what this book is?

HELP! Book I read back in the early 90's

Ive been racking my brain for days about a book that I read in my third grade glass in 1992-1993. i am of NO help about the story... All I can vaguely remember is a boy that has three wishes or three magical powers he can use or take with him on his journeys with his dragon or big bird? I think Ive lost my mind, but I know the book exists. cant find it anywhere!! HELP!

possibilty for: HELP! Book I read back in the early 90's

Have you ruled out MY FATHER'S DRAGON or ELMER AND THE DRAGON by Ruth Stiles Gannett?

The little lost pony...... Not sure

Hi, I have been looking for YEARS for this book about a little pony who gets lost from his mother. I remember him walking alone on a frozen snow-covered lake ( in a blizzard perhaps????? ) . He looks so sad...... I LOVE that book. Please help..... I remember reading that in my school library in the late 1960s, EARLY 70's. thanks for ANY info.

The lost pony...????

Thanks but that's not the book ( I DO have that one..... LOVED it as a young girl ) but the book I'm thinking of had no people in it.

possibilty: Little Lost pony

Have you seen the covers for Nancy Caffrey's SOMEBODY'S PONY later republished as a Scholastic Book Club paperback as LOST PONY? Look here: http://www.ebay.com/sch/i.html?_trksid=p4634.m570.l1313&_nkw=somebody%27...

Indian boy with club foot tames wild horse, 1970s or earlier

I'm trying to remember the name of a book I read in the early 1970s, about a Plains Indian boy with a club foot. He was left behind when his village had to move, and he (along with possibly an elder) caught and tamed a wild horse.

One phrase that sticks in my mind is "Faster than any man can run," which may have been the subtitle, or perhaps part of a cover blurb. I've tried Googling to no avail. There's a chance it was a school library or Scholastic book sale book.


Perhaps it is Amee-Nah: Zuni

Perhaps it is Amee-Nah: Zuni Boy Runs Race of His Life, by Kenneth Thomasma. It is still available.

Perhaps it is Amee-Nah: Zuni

Perhaps it is Amee-Nah: Zuni Boy Runs Race of His Life, by Kenneth Thomasma. It is still available.

A book from the 80's or 90's

I'm hoping to find a book from possibly the late 70's to the early 90's. The only thing I can remember is that it was about a man or boy who had a hole or tear in his clothes and kept taking other parts of his clothes to patch it... and then had to patch the place he took it from with another part of clothing... and so on. any help is greatly appreciated. Thank you!

This sounds like Hiram's Red

This sounds like Hiram's Red Shirt, a Golden Book by Mabel Watts.

Mother Goose Book

This is from 50's or 40's. Mother Goose with a big red hat on cover with other animals. apporx little smaller than 8x10 but could be ; red binding and
nursery rythems. could have said
MOther Goose Nursery Rthymes

childs picture book

I'm looking for a book that I thought was called '' Return to The Sea''. It's about a wooden toy shaped like an Indian in a boat and it travels thru rivers and streams until it turns into driftwood. I haven't seen a copy since the 1960's.Thank you.


See if the artwork on this looks familiar. You can Look Inside the book
Paddle-to-the-Sea by Holling C. Hollings
We have collectible copies in stock frequently, but there are modern reprints (with trimmed margins).
A wonderful book!

Spooky book about a mansion where portraits came to life

I remember a book from my youth (would have been from 1970's - probably later 70's rather than earlier) about a girl who goes into a quiet and elaborate mansion. Inside, she discovers portraits of approximately 7 to 9 beautiful women, one was named Mavis. The portraits come to life.

Any idea what this book may be?

It was purchased at a book fair when I was in elementary school (probably 4th grade or so). I'm 46 now.


wicked pigeon ladies in the garden

I wonder if this was a book by Mary Chase, which was issued in Scholastic paperback as


looking for a book from my past

i am searching for a book i used to read in primary school. it would have been a 1980's book about these sausage like characters, that were all different bright colours. They used to make themselves into swings and slides and other fun things. they had eyes and a face but were as mentioned like sausage shapes. caxn you please help? you are my alost resort??

possibility:looking for a book (sausage like characters)

Could you be thinking of teh BARBAPAPA books by Annette Tison and Talus Taylor?

Looking for an old children's

Looking for an old children's story about a girl visiting a chateau and enters the basement somehow and can't find her way out

G I ANT punctuation book

I am looking for a picture book, maybe from the 80s, about an ant. He wrote G I ANT on his mailbox. The local giant saw it and had to teach the ant the importance of puntuation.

I'm also looking for this

I'm also looking for this book! Google has been less than helpful and no one I talk to know what I'm talking about. I remember it being in one of those 'textbooks' issued in elementary school. Hopefully someone will answer this post soon!

looking for books

I read several books in elementary school from the library around 96’ 97’ 98’. In one of the books I can remember it was four or five teens going on a trip to an island. Before they went they had all gotten their own colored backpacks. I can't remember any names and don't remember any details whatsoever from the other books.I have been looking for years and its bugging me not being able to find them. I know its not much but anything will help. Thank you

Boxcar Children Series

I believe the book you might be looking for is The Boxcar Children Mysteries by Gertrude Chandler Warner. I also recall the four children receiving coloured suitcase to take on their adventure. They solve mysteries and live with their grandfather. Hope that helps!

Books from late 60s or early70s

I had a set of books, may have been little golden or something.....seems like there were several, one being about sally the stewardess, brenda the bride and maybe even nina the nurse...got them as a girl in like 1969 or very early 70s....would love to find them again!!

help me find a book from my childhood please!! 80-90s?

Hi!! could you please help me find a book from childhood? it was a rather thick book guessing over 300 pgs. it was a dark blue cover mostly that had clouds on the cover and some characters from all the stories.. the edges of the pages were gold. the title was something along the lines of treasury of bedtime stories. thank you sooo much! this is a wonderful thing you do here.

Okay so there was this girls

Okay so there was this girls book i read in elementary school. It was a like a series. It was about two best friends. blonde white girl and a brunette black girl. the black girl is like a fashionista. she dressed up as cleopatra for a school project. ummmm. and then some fashion lady for halloween or something

A cat book

I am searching for a book that I know I read in 1964. It is a children's picture book. It came from the library and was wider than it was tall. The story is about a cat that walks along a wall. I'm sure there must have been something else that happened, but I don't remember that. What I remember is the grey stone wall and the bright, bright, bright pink and red flowers along the wall. I've been looking for this book for years and have not found it yet. It is absolutely NOT a Little Golden book.

I remember reading it to my grandmother as a 5 year old and have always considered it the first book I read independently.

A childhood book

I am looking for a book that I read in about year 4 or 5 (2006-2007) it was called Stolen I think, the cover was dark with the title written in white. It was about an old woman who stole girls and tricked them into giving her their youthful bodies.

Possible Book Title

Could this be The Stolen, by Alex Shearer?

Book of non-traditional fairy stories from the '70s!

I'm trying to find a book which is called "______'s Book of Fairy Stories" or "Tales" - I can't remember which is it. It was British; it was a series of stories that were non-traditional and funny. One was about a boy named Peter who found a very small mermaid. He brings her home and she proceeds to wreak havoc in his house - climbing the curtains, roasting his goldfish, etc. Another story is about a little girl who finds a pair of magic spectacles which, once on the wearer, starts making demands and pinches her face when she doesn't comply. The other story I remember is about a girl who finds a magic wand and wishes herself long eyelashes and long golden curly hair. The gnome who owns the wand sees her and, having seen her before, realizes that she must have his wand. She tries to run but the golden hair gets caught in the bushes and she trips and falls and loses the wand. The gnome seizes it, points it at her and shouts, "Magic wand, take away / all she's wished herself today!"

I loved this book and would love to have it for my daughters. I would be happy for any information you can find. (I posted this elsewhere in the site but I'm not sure if it was the right place so I'm posting it here. I hope that's ok.)

Postings in Fairy Tales page.

That's fine to post it on both pages. I think more people see it here, but there are quite a lot of posts on Fairy Tales, too.

Looking for a childhood book

Im looking for a book my mom used to read to me. It was about unicorns and a little girl. Dont know the name of the book, i believe the cover of the book was night sky blue. with possibly a moon and a unicorn or pegusis? but the little girl ends up in their wold and their pink crystals and disappearing and so does the unicorns. Im trying to find out what book it is. if anyone knows this book plz let me know. thank u

Unicorn/Pegasus book

Hi these might be what you're looking for, two unicorn books I know of. One is the Unicorn of Balinor series by Mary Stanton and the other is The Unicorn Chronicles by Bruce Coville. In both books the girls go to other lands where unicorns live in residence. I hope this helps and if they are not what you're looking for I'd recommend them as a good read anyway.

Boxed books from 60's or 70's

I have been looking for a boxed set of fairy tales from my childhood. I believe there were 3 hardcover books in the set and they fit into a box with the spines facing outward, each book had 10-12 stories in them. Some stories were about princesses and their princes, others were not. I know my set was given to my cousin in approx 1978 and I had them for at least 5 years before that. I have no other information so any direction would be great.

Book about household objects going "Down the Road Apiece."

I’m trying to find the name of a children’s book and I haven’t had any luck with any of my searches. I’d appreciate any help I can get!

It was read to me sometime between 1981 and 1987, but I don’t know if it was published during that time frame or earlier. It was a thin hardcover book that my Mom repeatedly checked out of the library. I’m not positive, but I think the illustrations were primarily black and white, with some very subtle color (blue especially comes to mind) added here and there.

The book is about various different household objects that have been thrown out because there is something wrong with them.
A fork with bent tines
A chair with a spring that’s popping out
A plate that’s chipped

They are walking down a country road and pick up more objects as they go, with each new object asking where they are going. The response is always “down the road apiece” or “just down the road apiece.”

The book ends with the objects finding an abandoned old house and settling inside. An old woman walks in and sees the flaws in each object, but it doesn’t matter to her. She places a cushion over the chair’s popped spring, straightens the fork’s tines and fixes the chipped plate.

Thanks for any help!

Looking for a book i read around 1995-1999

We used to read a christmas book in the library, we would all gather around and the teacher and she would read to us.. anyways here is the description that I remember...

Its a Christmas story about a little boy that gets a blanket for christmas.. it gets ripped or ruined and his mother ends up making a sweater out of the blanket...or the blankets gets smaller and made into different things..there is always red/burgandy wool and the bottom of the pages along with a mouse and a button.. i want to say the sweater is red/burgandy but im not 100% on that.. i really cant remember anymore but all i know is that ive been thinking about this book for years now! and it is driving me crazy that i cant remember the name or find it online with my description.. PLEASE HELP ME REMEMBER :)

possible leads for "Looking for a book i read around 1995-1999"

The story you described first made me think of I HAD A LITTLE OVERCOAT or a variation of it such as JOSEPH HAD A LITTLE OVERCOAT or SOMETHING FROM NOTHING, but since that's a Jewish folktale and you said it was Christmas I don't think that's right. But you could always check some of those in case. But the detail of red and the mouse made me think of SOCKS FOR SUPPER by Jack Kent. If you do a Google search on it you'll find a picture of the cover and maybe it will ring some bells. It does involve Christmas but it is different from your description. A poor old couple don't have a lot to eat, so the woman takes some yarn from her husband's sweater to knit a pair of socks. She trades the socks for some cheese. She continues to do this until the husband no longer has a sweater. The woman who was buying the socks was unraveling them to make a sweater for her own huband's Christmas gift - but it's too big for him. So they turn around and give it to the old man b/c they notice he does not have a sweater. The sweater is red, there is a mouse peeping out in some of the illustrations, and there's just something so enjoyable about Jack Kent's work that it does leave a lasting impression. Hope this helps.

childrens' book

I used to read a book constantly in the 60's--it was about a play on words. One page was "Have you ever seen a fish bowl, a fish bowl, a fish bowl? Have you ever seen a fish bowl on a Saturday night? And it showed an illustration of a fish bowling. Would love to know the name of the book or how ot get ahold of a copy! Would love to use it with my students.

shot in the dark for "children's book" (word play, fish bowl)

I did some searches on wordplay ad came up with WOULD YOU PUT YOUR MONEY IN A SAND BANK? by Harold S. Longman. If you do a Google image search you can pull up the cover (I couldn't copt the address b/c it was really long and the site was in Chinese, but it had images of the book. If that isn't it, a search on homonyms turned up some of Fred Gwynne's books like THE KING WHO RAINED or A CHOCOLATE MOOSE FOR DINNER, but I don't recall songs in them.

little golden book

I'm looking for a Little Golden Book that had the poems "Winkin, Blinkin, and Nod", "The Gingham Dog & The Calico Cat" and others. I purchased it for my son in the late 1970's early 1980's. It disappeared in a move and I'm trying to replace it so he can have it when he has his first child.

Thank you

The Big Golden Book of Poetry

I think the book you are looking for is called: The Big Golden Book of Poetry. The one I have was printed in 1971.(twenty-first printing).The Golden Books are trademarks of Western Publishing Company, Inc. Copyright was 1947 & 1949. The poems you mentioned are in it. Good Luck.

possible answer: "little golden book" (poetry)

I don't think it was THE LITTLE GOLDEN BOOK OF POETRY - an old ebay listing stated the contents and it doesn't match. But doublecheck it b/c it has pics of the cover and interior. http://www.ebay.com/itm/Little-Golden-Book-POETRY-47-SUBLIME-1st-Ed-/230...
I think it's THE BIG GOLDEN BOOK OF POETRY. Please be aware that it was republished at least twice b/c I came across 3 different covers, so if you want a specific edition be clear about which publication year you want. It does contain "The Duel" (the poem about the gingham cat and the calico dog") and "Wynken Blynken and Nod". You can see Loganberry's site http://www.loganberrybooks.com/most-anthologies.html for the complete table of contents and 2 of the covers (remember there are more covers).

1980s children's book

I'm desperately trying to find the following book, which my dad read to me in the 80's. i was born in 1983 and i believe it was read to me when i was around 4, so 1987-ish.
i dont remember the title, but i think it had to do with saving the day or saving the planet.
plot description: it takes place on an alien planet. it's about a young alien boy who was somewhat of an outcast, whereas his sister was a very popular sportscaster. there's a big sporting event that takes place, during which they discover the planet is being threatened by something. i seem to recall it's an asteroid that's threatening the planet. the boy runs off and finds a cave with some powerful crystals and saves the planet. then he's cheered by everyone at the sporting event and is declared a hero. anybody remember this book? thank you.

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