China: Illustrated Children's Books

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1 - 24  China.

1 Bordewich, Fergus. /Yang Ming-Yi, illustrator. Peach Blossom Spring. New York: Simon and Schuster, Green Tiger Press, 1994, 1st printing; full colour shiny pictorial boards with the fisherman and his followers, brown endpapers, oblong, 10.25x8.25; np. Picture Book hardback. A fisherman happens on a perfect valley, Peach Blossom Spring, which has been sealed off for hundreds of years. After promising to reveal its secret to no one, he leaves to get his things. Delicate paintings of China.VG/VG+. 15083  $12


2 Chan, Plato/PC, illustrator. The Good-Luck Horse. New York: McGraw-Hill Book Company, Whittlesey House, 1943, 1st, nap; green cloth boards, black illustration and titles, endpaper spread with many little orange horses in a green pasture with brooks and a waterfall, in jacket with close up of horses in the same landscape and a picture of Plato and his mother on the back; oblong 9x6"; np. Picture Book Hardback. Plato Chan illustrated this very charming book at the age of 12, blending the forms and images of his Chinese heritage with the free wheeling action of Western art. His father was a diplomat in Paris and was captured during World War II, while he and his mother were sent to London. Plato gave several exhibits, raising money for war relief, and continued to do so when he moved to the United States in the year prior to the publication of this book. Not much is known of his later years. An unusual Caldecott Honor.. This book SIGNED by Caroline Thorn Binney, an international dancer, director, and choreographer, who founded the New York Folk Ballet.VG+/VG-; 3" tears. 19895 $110


3 Chinese People's National Committee for the Defense of  Children.    Selected Drawings by Chinese Children. People's Fine Arts Publishing House, 1979, Beijing; 6.6x7; c 52 pp.Juvenile softcover.Prepared for the International Year of the Child. Paintings, some quite remarkable, of topics like Tank Cars at Full Speed, Paying Attention to Hygiene, A Monkey eating a Peach, Circus, Let's do our bit for the People, Guests from Other Planets Visiting the Great Wall. Thick coated paper with reproductions of paintings in colour on every page.

VG. 12912      $10


4 Demi./D, illustrator. The Artist and the Architect. Holt, 1991, 1st printing; 10.4x10.4, np. Picture Book hardback. The Emperor favored both men, but the artist became jealous of the architect and planned to destroy him. The clever architect turned the tables on him, but would he then forgive the artist? "The small man harbors an envious spirit; the great man rejoices in the talents of others." An old Chinese proverb and folktale brought to life with Demi's graceful and colourful paintings. Fine/Near Fine. 4429 $25


5 Jagendorf, M./Edwin R Neumann, illustrator. In The Days of the Han. Suttonhouse, 1936, 1st printing; 168 pp. Juvenile hardback. . An impressively produced novel based on China in the second century BC.VG+/VG; unclipped 2.00. 5017 $35


6 Keng, Keng./Chiang Chen-an, illustrator. A Beautiful Dreamer. Peking: Foreign Language Press, 1979, 1st printing; Pictorial boards with green spine. 7.5x8.5, np. Picture Book hardback. A nice little story of a bird who wants to learn, with cheerful, colourful Chinese deco art.   VG.  5268    $10


7 Lattimore, Eleanor./EL, illustrator. Little Pear. New York: Harcourt, 1964/1931; red pictorial cloth lib binding with red decorated endpapers, showing Chinese children parading through the streets; wide 8vo. 144 pp. Juvenile hardback. . Eleanor Lattimore was born in Shanghai in 1904 and lived there until her father became a professor of Chinese studies in Dartmouth in 1920. On every page, her classic book is filled with pictures of the China of her youth, seen through the eyes of a small mischievous boy. NF/VG. 17639   $25


8 Mandel, Oscar./Lo Koon-Chiu, illustrator. Chi Po & the Sorcerer, A Chinese Tale for Children and Philosophers. Tokyo: Charles E. Tuttle, 1964, stated 1st; printed in Japan; boards of black ribbed silk stamped with silver and ink plate glued on, red endpapers, in thick, black stiff paper jacket with red titles and coloured illustration, 6.6x10.5"; 86 pp. Juvenile hardback. . A brush stroke scroll in ink continuing from page to page as illustration. Young Chi Po, aided by a sorcerer, became the greatest painter of all China. Inspired by the painter Ch'i Pai-shih.   NF/VG; name. 20843 $50


9 Marion, Francis./C. Leslie Crandall, illustrator. The Truant Tricycle. Chicago: North Bank Drive, Hollow-Tree House, 1948, 1st or year of publication, list; paper boards with all around painting of bright orange-red tricycle, sparkling and smiling, and zooming down Nob Hill into Chinatown, yellow endpapers with red framed pictures of Bobby and Jimmy, both on the tricycle, coloured pictures on every other spread, alternating with red drawings; in jacket identical to boards; 4to; np. Picture Book hardback. When Bobby saw the Bicycle in the park, he forgot his old tricycle friend Ting-a-Ling. So the tricycle went exploring, down, down the hill. He was rescued by Tommy Lee, who fixed him up and loved him. Then Tommy's father saw the Lost and Found ad! All ends happily. Beautiful colours by a Bohemian artist/partner who designed games for CADACO in Chicago, with an Art Deco feel. You can even buy a print online of the cover illustration! The Hollow-Tree Book publishing house was short lived. All their books were illustrated by Crandall, and may have been a side product of the game company, since even at that time $1 was very inexpensive for such colour and design.  VG/VG. 19515 $64


10 Merrill, Jean./Floyd Cooper, illustrator. The Girl Who Loved Caterpillars. New York: Putnam & Grosset, Philomel Books, 1992, 1st printing; pictorial boards with oil wash painting of Izumi and a Caterpillar, pink endpapers, in jacket identical to boards, 8.75x11.25; nd. Picture Book hardback. A retelling of a story found on a twelfth century scroll, in which a young girl chooses her own interests and her own life. Fine/Fine. 16463    $16


11 Newton, Pam/PN, illustrator The Stonecutter. New York: G. P. Putnam's Sons, a Whitebird Book, 1990 stated 1st impression, 4to, np. Picture Book hardback. An old tale about the perils of wishing to be someone else, with illustrations somewhat inspired by Mughal paintings. Fine/Fine. 20889 $15


12 Rappaport, Doreen./Yang Ming-Yi, illustrator. The Journey of Meng. New York: Dial Books, 1991, stated 1st; shiny boards with painting of Meng approaching the great wall; orange endpapers, in jacket identical to boards; 8.75x10.75; np. Picture Book hardback. Meng sets out on an arduous journey to take warm clothes to her husband, who is working on the Great Wall. An ancient Chinese tale about the power of love and courage, illustrated with lyrical watercolours. Fine/Fine. 19265    $22


13 Shiming, Huan./Wang Mengqqi, illustrator. Zheng Banqiao Tries a Rock. Beijing: Morning Glory Press, 1986, stated 1st printing; white boards with the landlord and the supposed enchanted rock at Zheng Banquiao's court; grey illustrated endpapers; 7.5x10"; 22 pp. Picture Book hardback. The famed artist and writer Zheng Banqiao (1693 - 1765) deals cleverly with the false witness of the riffraff and evil landlord in his court and collects money for a poor old man. VG. 17388 $12


14 Svend Otto S./SOS, illustrator. Children of the Yangtze River. London: Pelham, 1985/1982 2nd printing UK; translated from the Danish by Joan Tate; white boards with full colour illustration of children and water buffalo, 8.3x11.7; np. Picture Book Hardback. Two children help move the animals and household in a flood of the Yangt'ze; they then help rebuild the village further up. Sweeping river landscapes. Fine. 16487 $24


15 Tanaka, Beatrice./BT, illustrator. The Tortoise and the Sword. Lothrop, Lee & Shepard, 1972, 1st printing. Library binding, 6.8x10; 46 pp. Picture Book hardback. "A Vietnamese epic poem by Nguyen Trai, with an historical background. Le Loi, a 15th c peasant boy, leads a successful ten-year struggle against Chinese domination. When the battles are over, a tortoise rises from the lake to swallow Le Loi's sword." Illustrated in the author's black and white block prints."   NF/VG. 7579      $12


16 Weiss-Sonnenburg, Hedwig.. Plum-Blossom and Kai Lin. New York: Franklin Watts, 1960/1955, 1st printing US, translated from the German by Joyce Emerson; yellow boards, green jacket with Plum-Blossom picking fruit; 8vo; black ink brush illustrations every few pages; 128 pp incl. glossary. Juvenile hardback. Plum-Blossom discovers she has been sold into slavery by her parents, but the son of the house has modern ideas. Set during the twenty years of fighting after the fall of the Manchu Dynasty in 1911. Hedwig Weiss lived in China for six years while her husband served as the Imperial German Consul in Sichuan. Lovely ink drawings, which must be the author's. NF/VG. 16364  $16

17 Wiese, Kurt /KW, illustrator Liang & Lo.  Garden City, New York, Doubleday Doran & Company, Inc.  1930 stated 1st, tp also; dark blue boards with black cloth spine, landscape of little boys riding the buffalo against yellow sky; ochre endpaper spread of buffalo charging the (paper) dragon; oblong 9.5x7.5"; np. Picture Book Hardback. Wiese a world traveller who lived in China for six years. His "global experience gave American children some of their first glimpses of other cultures and countries in picture-book form." Anita Sibley Children's Books and their Creators. A very early book, showing Wiese's love for ink brush and lithography with black and ochre pictures alternating with flat green, blues, yellow and red. Two little Chinese boys set out over the hill to find the dragon, but the water buffalo soon takes over the quest and forges ahed, with amusing results for the reader and embarrassing results for the buffalo.  VG/0; 20956  $55

18 Wriggins, Sally Hovey, reteller/ Ronni Solbert, illustrator. White Monkey King. New York: Random House, Pantheon, 1977, 1st printing; re paper boards blind-stamped with monkey, about 14 full page illustrations in tones of sepia; black spine decorated endpapers in sepia tones, in matte jacket with the warrior Monkey leaping through the blue sky, 8vo; 114 pp.; 114 pp. Juvenile hardback. An enchanting retelling of a portion of a 16th c Chinese folk novel, nicely produced, which follows the adventures of a mischievous monkey. Fun and energetic, this children's version is always a fool-proof read aloud. The first book of the author, who lived for several years in Asia and has been involved in research, as the founder of the Asian-American Forum among other activities.   VG+/NF. 12855 $30

19 Xianyi, Yang , trans.. The Dragon King's Daughter.  Peking: Foreign Languages Press, 1954, 1st printing; 5 plates and fold out map as issued; 5.5x8.5100 pp. Juvenile hardback. .Illustrated with paintings of the T'ang dynasty(618-907AD), includes a map of Changan which shows the location of the stories.  An interesting foreward notes that these were stories written by scholars sitting for the new civil service exam system of the period, opposed to the feudal landlord control of the past.  A beautiful little book. NF/VG. 5666 $22


20 Yee, Paul/Harvey Chan, illustrator. Ghost Train. Groundwood, Douglas & McIntyre, 1996, 1st printing. Shiny full colour pictorial binding, 9.25x12.25; c 30 pp. Picture Book Hardback. "This powerful, unforgettable and multi-award-winning tale is based on the lives of the Chinese who settled on the west coast of North America in the early 1900s. Left behind in China by her father, who has gone to North America to find work, Choon-yi has made her living by selling her paintings in the market. When her father writes one day and asks her to join him, she joyously sets off, only to discover that he has been killed. Choon-yi sees the railway and the giant train engines that her father died for, and she is filled with an urge to paint them.  But her work disappoints her until a ghostly presence beckons her to board the train where she meets the ghosts of the men who died building the railway. She is able to give them peace by returning their bones to China where they were born."  Review slip laid in.  CONDITION: Fine in Fine jacket 12394  $15

21 Yep, Laurence./David Wiesner, illustrator. The Rainbow People. Harper Row, 1989, 1st printing; 194 pp. Juvenile hardback. Twenty stories told by Chinese workers, most from Kwantung Province, newly settled in Northern California, passed down orally for generations, translated and collected as a WPA project, and retold by Yep in his own voice. A fascinating glimpse into a part of American history rarely met in children's books. A native of San Francisco, the author has written several children's books about Chinese Americans, including Dragonwings, a 1976 Newbery Honor book. Each story is introducted by a full illustrated title page.. Fine/Fine. 9094 $15

22 Yep, Laurence./Yang Ming-Yi, illustrator. The Shell Woman & the King. Dial, 1993, 1st printing; shiny full colour pictorial boards, 8.6x10.7; 27 pp. Picture Book hardback. Beautiful Shell, the pride of her husband, has the power to transform herself into a large seashell and the king wants to make her his wife. This brave and resourceful women outwits a greedy king, in a mixture of magic and adventure. Fine/Fine. 8652 $25


23 Yolen, Jane./Ed Young, illustrator. The Seventh Mandarin. Seabury Press, 1970. Red cloth, 6.9x11.2; c 32 pp. Picture Book hardback. The seventh mandarin cares for the king's dragon kite, the guardian of the king's soul. When it disappears into the unknown territory outside the palace walls, he and the kite see for the first time the sadness and complexity of the real world.  An original fable. (3/4 of each spread are illustrated in colour similar to jacket, too tight to photograph) VG+/VG. 8795 $18


24 Zheng, Zhensun and Alice Low. A Young Painter. Scholastic, 1991, 1st printing; full colour shiny pictorial boards, 8.5x11; 80 pp. Picture Book hardback.  "The life and paintings of Wang Yani - China's extraordinary young artist." Yani grew up surrounded by art and the beautiful natural landscape of her province. She was recognized early in her life. Her father, an artist and art educator, encouraged her but did not formally teach her, and saved her work. The interesting photos of her paintings show her development, from scribbles, to symbols, to creatures observed, to landscapes and people. The cat above was painted when she was three years old. Fine/Very Good. 12285    $8