Native American, First Nation, Inuit, Metis July 2020

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 1 ABC (Tapahonso, Luci) /Eleanor Schick, illustrator. Navajo ABC; a Diné Alphabet Book. Simon & Schuster, 1995, stated 1st printing, nl;. 8.75x11.4; c 54 pp. Picture Book hardback. A for arroyo, B for belt, C for cradle board. An alphabet that serves as an introduction for young children to cultural aspects of the largest Indian nation in the United States. Fine/Fine. 7580       $40.00
2 Ancona, George. /GA, illustrator. Earth Daughter, Alicia of Acoma Pueblo. New York: Simon and Schuster, 1995, 1st; glossy pictorial boards with picture of Alicia, brown endpapers, in jacket identical to boards; 4to; np; Publisher's review slip (letter) laid in with background information. Picture Book hardback. A little girl grows up learning to make Acoma pottery of her culture. Beautiful coloured photos of Alicia's modern life and Pueblo ancient culture. Alicia, her tribe, and her clan, are direct descendants of the Ananzi. Fine/Fine. 19225       $22.00
3 Anderson, Bernice G. /Sears Frank and BA, illustrators. Indian Sleep-Man Tales. New York: Bramhall House, 3rd (1940 Caxton), blue boards and jacket 145 pp. Juvenile hardback.  The author knew members of the Otoe tribe very well and relays their folklore directly from their words to her stories. In her introduction, Anderson tells of her conversations with Chief Mee-way-seh, the "last active chief of the tribe", about the old free days on the plains before Otoe lands were broken up; a photograph of him, shows him confined to a wheel chair (late 1920's). F/VG. 7313       $8.00
4 Armer, Laura Adams. /Sidney Armer, illustrator. Dark Circle of Branches. Longmans, 1933, 1st printing. Tan cloth with stamped letters and Native American design in dark brown, large 8vo; 212 pp. Juvenile hardback.  A Navaho boy, Na Nai, grows up in Arizona in 1862. A quiet story of the spiritual life of the people. Eight plates by her husband, Sidney Armer. The endpapers show a drawing of Navajo sand paintings, an abiding and somewhat intrusive interest of hers. The author was an established art photographer, who at 57 had published her first book, Waterless Mountain, which became a Newbery award-winner. This is her second. SIGNED with her name on half title. VG/0. 9872       $28.00
5 Averill, Naomi. /NA, illustrator. Whistling-Two-Teeth and the forty-nine buffalos. New York: Grosset & Dunlap (original), (1939), white boards with red and brown blanket design running across both boards, buffalo silhouette on back, little boy's face on front, with a green yarn wrapped braid; white endpapers with brown stylized pictures of Native Americans and their horses, 9.5x9.5; np. Picture Book Hardback. The chief's little grandson had a dream that led the tribe to enough buffalo for all their needs. Beautiful lithos inspired by Native American paintings. The Maine author illustrated two children's books and the historical series by Peattie. VG+. 21742       $40.00
6 Bannon, Laura. /LB, illustrator. When the Moon is New. Chicago: Albert Whitman and co., 1974/1953, 5th; dark blue background with a colourful all around pictorial binding with an outdoor scene of family and animals from the book; np. Picture Book hardback. A story of a Seminole Indian girl of the Everglades. VG+/0. 4213       $18.00

7 Begay, Shonto. /SB, illustrator Navajo: Visions and Voices Across the Mesa. New York: Scholastic 1995, 2nd printing, year of publication: nl, year line, but no month number (However, "First printing March 1995" is stated) Zempel; copper boards with stamped toad and turquoise cloth spine, turquoise endpapers, in jacket with a reproduction of Begay's painting "Blessing of my birthplace" on the front and a photograph of the artist on the back; 9.2 x 11.2"; 48 pp. Picture Book hardback. SIGNED, INSCRIBED, DATED 6/24/95 with a SMALL PORTRAIT "To the generations of our family that love and belong to New Mexico. AlA (ALA convention?) Chicago '95" Many beautiful paintings and illustrations accompanied by Begay's poetry. NF/NF. 20430       $60.00
8 Browne, Vee, reteller. /Baje Whitethorne, illustrator. Monster Slayer: A Navajo Folktale. Flagstaff, Arizona: Northland Publishing Company, 1991, stated 1st; boards with rhythmic illustration of the Twins, and Walking Giant looming beyond them; brick red endpapers, in jacket identical to boards, oblong 9.25x10.5; np.  Picture Book hardback When the Monster, Walking Giant, threatens their crops, the Anasazi villagers call for help on the Twins, the twelve year old sons of Changing Woman. A portion of the traditional Monster slayer story, the Southwest setting illustrated with rhythmic energy. Navajo author and artist. Fine/Fine. 20871       $22.00
9 Bruchac, Joseph /Dan Andreasen, jacket painting Children of the Longhouse. New York: Dial, 1996, 1st printing; blue boards, no illustrations, in jacket with young boy playing lacrosse,150 pp. Juvenile hardback.  Set in a Mohawk, Iroquois, village before the European's arrival. Ohkwa'ri and his twin sister must make their peace with a hostile gang of older boys in their village. But the day of the village-wide game of Tekwaarathon, lacrosse, brings danger. "For over forty years Joseph Bruchac has been creating literature and music that reflect his indigenous heritage and traditions. He is a proud Nulhegan Abenaki citizen and respected elder among his people. He is the author of more than 120 books for children and adults." website. 6/2020 Fine/Fine. 8219       $10.00
10 Clark, Ann Nolan. /Van Tsihnahjinnie. Who Wants to Be a Prairie Dog? BIA Branch of Education, 1960's/1940 on tp, reprint Stewart L. Udall Secretary of the Interior (1961-1969), Robert L. Bennett, BIA Commissioner.; red wraps, 10x7, 60 pp. Toploader medium softcover story. My-Little-Boy drives the sheep to the dip with his mother and grandmother. He falls behind, walks into a hole, and sees Prairie Dog Women. One of the readers written by Clark for the BIA, illustrated by a young Navajo artist. VG+. 6118       $16.00
11 Ehlert, Lois. /LE, illustrator. Mole's Hill; a Woodland Tale. Harcourt Brace World, 1994, 1st printing. Picture Book hardback. "Mole loves her burrow near the pond. It's safe and cozy underground, and best of all--it's home. So when Fox says Mole has to move her home to make room for a new path, Mole must do some quick thinking--and digging--to save it." Inspired by a Seneca tale and transported to Wisconsin. Fine/Fine. 13329       $25.00
12 Fellows, Muriel H. /MHF, illustrator. The Land of Little Rain. New York: The Junior Literary Guild & The John C. Winston Company, 1936/1936; foreword by the Head of Dept of Anthropology, University of Pennsylvania; blue reinforced cloth binding with red-orange and black zigzags, red-orange titles on spine, yellow endpapers with kachinas, over 20 coloured illustrations, also b/w illustrations and small illustrations in text, large 8vo; 121 pp. glossary. Juvenile hardback.  Muriel H. Fellows (1902-1984) her doctorate at the University of Pennsylvania (Petrographs of the New World) in 1936 and began to write books for children on the subjects she knew well. This book on the Hopi, though a little stilted, is kindly and full of information, with many appealing and accurate illustrations. G/0; name 14925        $16.00
13 French, Fiona. /FF, illustrator. Lord of the Animals. Millbrook, 1997, 1st printing. Shiny full colour pictorial binding, 8.6x11; c 24 pp. Picture Book hardback. Coyote, the Creator, asks each animal to sculpt the "Lord of the Animals" but he is the only one who stays awake and completes his figure, the first Miwok Indian. Bright, abstract animals and bands of design which call to mind Miwok basketry. (Bay Area, California) Fine/Fine. 12374        $32.00
14 French, Fiona. /FF, illustrator. The Magic Vase. Oxford: Oxford University Press, (1990) reprinted with corrections 1991; shiny pictorial boards with Maria the Potter in magical landscape of coloured layers of rock; orange endpapers; 8.5x11.2; np. Picture Book hardback. When the greedy art dealer returned to the village of his birth to find a special vase for his collection, Maria made him a magic vase which would show him the value of all things. Art inspired by Pueblo patterns and landscapes. Fine. 19249        $8.00
15 Goble, Paul and Dorothy. /PG and DG, illustrator. Red Hawk's Account of Custer's Last Battle. London: Macmillan, 1969, true 1st, "first published"; white boards with illustrations from the battle, liberally illustrated, in jacket identical to boards; 8.25x11"; 63 pp. Picture Book hardback. Although there was a Red Hawk at Little Big Horn and he did give an account of the battle with picture map, this book is told through the eyes of an imagined young teenager and compiled from various Sioux and Cheyenne accounts of the battle. These individual accounts are interspersed with notes on the overall conflict. Illustrated in the style of Native American ledger paintings of the late 19th c. Well researched by this team with sources noted. SIGNED and briefly INSCRIBED by author illustrators, Oct. 1970. NF/G+. 21003        $58.00
16 Goble, Paul. /PG, illustrator. Buffalo Woman. Bradbury, 1984, 1st printing; 9.3x9.5, 30 pp. Picture Book hardback. The Legend of Buffalo Woman and Calf Boy and the hunter who was their father. The author draws on the legends of the Sioux, Cheyenne, and Blackfoot peoples. VG+/Fine. 9948        $18.00

17 Haviland, Virginia, editor. /Ann Strugnell, illustrator. The Faber Book of North American Legends. London: Boston, Faber and Faber, 1979, 1st "first published"; turquoise boards, brown and turquoise jacket with Raven; 8vo; 214 pp including Introduction, Notes on the Stories and Suggestions for Further Reading. Juvenile hardback.  Well documented tales with full page pictures and many illustrations in text: 14 Indian and Eskimo Tales (about half of them), 5 Black American Tales, 5 European Tales Brought by Immigrants, and 5 Tall Tales. Above are are Sedna the Sea Goddess, How Coyote Stole Fire, Poor Turkey Girl, Wiley and the Hairy Man Black American, and A Stepchild That was Treated Mighty Bad (Snow White), a Jack Tale from Appalachia Nice selection and an interesting introduction by Virginia Haviland on American folk tales and their transmission, as well as writing of folk tales for children. Fine/Fine. 20761        $20.00
18 James, Harry C. /Don Perceval, illustrator. Ovada: An Indian Boy of the Grand Canyon. Los Angeles: Ward Ritchie Press, Golden Gate Junior Books, (1969); reinforced binding, brown with wide wide stripe, front and back, along which horses and Ovada race, orange silhouettes on almost every page, in jacket identical to boards; 7x10.3, 46 pp. Picture Book hardback. Interesting orange silhouetted pictures, each running across the entire spread, depict the traditional life of the Havasupai whose homeland is located in the bottom of the Grand Canyon. VG/VG. 5792        $18.00
19 Jones, Hettie, ed. /Robert Andrew Parker, illustrator. The Trees Stand Shining. New York: Dial, 1971, 1st printing; shiny laminated boards with large painting of Indian with trees; lavender endpapers; in jacket identical to boards; oblong 10.8x9; np. Picture Book hardback. At the edge of the world/ It is growing light, The trees stand shining. I like it. It is growing light. Papago. A collection of Native American poetry and oratory from different nations. Binding is too tight to photograph full image. NF/F; stamp fep. 14506        $16.00
20 Kurelek, William. /WK, illustrator. The Last of the Arctic. Toronto: McGraw-Hill Ryerson, 1976, 1st printing; beige cloth, 10x12"; 94 pp. Picture Book hardback. Thirty coloured paintings and sixteen black and white drawings document the disappearing traditional ways of Arctic life. Kurelek lived on Baffin Island in the Canadian Arctic while he researched this book. NF/VG. 12523        $18.00
21 Nusbaum, Aileen. /Margaret Finnan, illustrator. Zuni Indian Tales. New York: G. P. Putnam's Sons, 1932/1926, 2nd printing; red cloth boards, white endpapers with Zuni in corn ceremony, in olive green jacket with red and black Katchinas and black scalloped borders; many black and white prints, some double spreads, no colour; wide 8vo; 167 pp. Juvenile hardback.  The author's small son, Deric, was adopted by the Zunis, and as he sat as the feet of the elders of the tribe and listened to tales, "..then came the wish to give other American children the privilege of hearing some of the most beautiful stories ever imagined, and stories that are not borrowed from an other land, but are of the soil of our great Southwest." The elegant illustrations are carefully researched and based on authentic Zuñi designs and customs. As a teenager, Deric, the stepson of the Southwest archeologist Jesse Nusbaum, wrote two books about his time with the Southwest Indians. G+/G-; bookplate. 17623        $45.00
22 Palmer, William. /Ursula Koering, illustrator. Why the North Star Stands Still. Prentice-Hall, (1946, 1957); 118 pp. Juvenile hardback.  The author was adopted by the Paiute nation, and made a book of these legends only when at long last he was given permission. Pahute legends, with 4 page glossary. VG/G+. 7183        $10.00

23 Sickles, Dorothy Judd. /Robert L. Lambdin, illustrator. Indians, Hunters of the Plains. New York: Garden City Publishing Company, (1941); blue paper boards with Plains Indian family, brown endpapers decorated with mounted rider, in jacket identical to boards; 9.2x13.2; np. Picture Book hardback tall. Little Bear's first buffalo hunt, with full page paintings. VG/VG. 16481        $35.00
24 Swainson, Eleanor and Donald /James Tughan, illustrator. The Buffalo Hunt. Northern Lights, (1980). Shiny pictorial binding, 6.3x5.2, 32 pp. Small hardback. An interesting glimpse of the life of the Métis in Manitoba as the family prepares for a buffalo hunt maybe 100 years ago, showing the mixture French Canadian and Native influences. Coloured pictorial map endpapers in unusual little book about a culture known for its unique fiddle music. VG+/0. 7749        $16.00
25 Varga, Judy. /JV, illustrator. The Battle of the Wind Gods. William Morrow and Company, Morrow Junior Books, 1974, 1st; review slip laid in; reinforced blue cloth boards, endpapers appear after fep and rep., silver library edition strip but has never been part of a library; yellow and blue jacket with wind god and tipi; reviews of other Varga books on back; oblong 9.3x8"; np.  Picture Book hardback  An original tale set among the Blackfoot people, with bright, active and almost comical illustrations, in which the North Wind refuses to leave and the South Wind lures him into the warm teepee and wins the battle. Fine/VG. 19622        $30.00