Latin America, Mexico, and the Caribbean.

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1 Bannon, Laura. /LB, illustrator. Gregorio and the White Llama. Whitman, 1944, 1st printing; top board with large colourful painting of the two, back plain blue,   8.3 x 9.5, np. Picture Book hardback. Gregorio longs to drive the llama train to the mill by himself, but he can't keep from falling asleep. Bright colours and detailed pictures of Andean costumes and artifacts. VG+/0. 10506       $20.00

2 Belting, Natalia. /Will Hillebrand, illustrator. Moon Was Tired of Walking on Air. Boston: Houghton, Mifflin Co., 1992, 1st printing; ivory boards with turtle, maroon endpapers, in jacket with large moon in the sky, basketry background, many paintings; 4to, 48 pp. Picture Book hardback. The Travelling Sky Basket, The Daughter of Rain, Worlds Above Worlds Below, What Happened When Armadillo Dug a Hole in the Sky.... Fourteen creation myths from ten of the South American indigenous peoples, most located in modern Brazil, with the title from the first. Hard to find material, a beautifully illustrated picture book oriented toward older child, each with the name of the people but no sources. Fine/Near Fine. 13635       $18.00
3 Blackmore, Vivian, adapter. /Susana Martinez-Ostos, illustrator. Why Corn Is Golden. London: Methuen 1984, 1st printing UK; 9x11.3, 48 pp. Picture Book hardback. Guie'tiiki, The Chocolate That Turned to Stone, The Sunflower, Why Corn is Golden, Chiapaneco, Princess Xóchitl and the Aloe, Riddles. Each story introduced by a phrase from the story "Say to the Flowers: the gods summon you to the Hall of Names and Scents." One of a modern series of "Legends and Folktalesfrom Old Mexico," published in Mexico and illustrated in national style by Mexican artists. The others in the series are The Old Lady Who Ate People and Why Corn is Golden; also My Song is a Piece of Jade, bilingual translations of Aztec, Nahuatl, poetry. VG+/VG 10587       $25.00
4 Burgie, Irving. /Frané Lessac, illustrator. Caribbean Carnival, songs of the West Indies. Tambourine Books, 1992/1972, 1st printing thus. 8.8x11.25, c 27 pp. Picture Book hardback. 13 calypso songs with bright illustrations, some familiar, some arrangements of traditional songs, and 4 written by the author. Interesting afterword by Rosa Guy, on the African origins of calypso and it's spread to the New World in the 16th century. Simple piano accompaniments and chords. Unfortunately, this is such a tight book we cannot photograph the bright illustrations filled with flowers and trees. Fine/Fine. 7134 15.00
5 Campbell, Camilla. /Frederic Marvin, illustrator. Star Mountain. New York: McGraw-Hill Book Company, 1968/1946, 2nd edition, 1st printing and 1st thus illustrated; blue boards with black mountain and birds, with blue and black illustrations on almost every page; in magenta jacket with same designs; large 8vo; 92 pages including glossary. Juvenile hardback.  Hummingbird and eagle, Moon-God of the Mayas, The Bold Mixtec, The Two Trees of Sadness, El Pájaro-Cu and others pre-Columbian and early Colonial. Twenty retold legends from Mexico with pronunciation guide but no sources. the artist was educated and has exhibited in Mexico. VG+/VG; name. 8911       $18.00
6 Dorros, Arthur. . Tonight is Carnaval. New York: Dutton, 1991, 1st; yellow shiny boards with an apillera picture of the family's little farm, endpapers with displays of the vegetables grown there, in jacket identical to boards, 9.25x9.25; np Picture Book Hardback The entire book is illustrated with apilleras, 3 dimensional appliquéd story quilts, made by the Club de Madres Virgen del Carmen of Lima, Peru, full of fascinating detail. These were created especially to illustrated the author's story of a young boy getting ready for carnival and pages at the back illustrate how they are sewn. SIGNED and briefly INSCRIBED by Dorros. We have left both the Autographed and the Oxfam sticker on the jacket. NF/F. 20834       $22.00
7 Duarte, M. E. Bandeira /Paulo Werneck, illustrator. The Legend of the Palm Tree. Rio de Janeiro: Grosset & Dunlap original, (1940); Serviçio Grafico do Ministerio da Educaçao e Suade. lithography by Genaro; paper boards with coloured lithograph, white leatherette spine; large 10.5x12.5; np Picture Book hardback. After the rains came a long dry spell, forcing the little boy and his parents to move. Then a kind woman told them about the palm tree, and its many benefits for the people. A Brazilian legend illustrated with striking pictures, taken from lithographs by a Brazilian artist. This is the limited version, printed in Brazil, but slipcase, glassine, and slip are missing. G+/0. 18942       $32.00
8 Floethe, Louise Lee. /Richard Floethe, illustrator. Jungle People. New York: Charles Scribner's Sons, 1971, 1st printing; reinforced pictorial binding, blue endpapers showing man canoeing along jungle river, in jacket identical to boards;, oblong 10.3x8.4, 32 pp. Picture Book hardback. "Story of the Brave Blacks at Suriname," who escaped plantation slavery, stood up to government soldiers, and learned to survive in the jungle. Floethe's intricate, rhythmic watercolours show the daily life of these people and their African traditions. Binding is too tight to scan full pictures. VG+/VG. 6128       $18.00
9 Hinojosa, Francisco /Leonel Maciel, illustrator. The Old Lady Who Ate People. Boston: Little, Brown, and Co, , 1984/1981, stated 1st printing US, translated , printed in Mexico; 9x11.3, 47 pp. Picture Book hardback. "Frightening Stories" The Wise Woman of Cordoba, The Voice of the Dead, The Chontal Giant, and the title story. A nice copy of this Mexican series with astounding mythic paintings by a young Mexican artist. VG/VG+. 1365       $30.00
10 Kurtycz, Marcos and Ana García Kobeh. /MK&AGK, illustrator. Tigers and Opossums: Animal Legends. Boston, Little Brown and company, 1984/1981, 1st printing US; orange binding with very large realistic tiger, purple endpapers, ; 11x8.75; 46 pp.. Picture Book hardback. The Marriage of the Little Hummingbird, The Tiger and the Opossum, the Biguidibela, The Fly Who Dreamed That He Was an Eagle, Bigú, Better Alone Than in Bad Company. One of a modern series of "Legends and Folktales from Old Mexico," handed down over the generations, published in Mexico and illustrated in national style by Mexican Artists. NF/VG. 9686       $18.00
11 Lattimore, Deborah. /DL, illustrator. The Flame of Peace, a Tale of the Aztecs. New York: Harper & row, 1987, stated 1st printing, nl; pumpkin and red boards, endpapers with an Aztec/English picture dictionary, page numbering in Náhuatl and Arabic numerals; 4to; 40 pp. Picture Book hardback. A little boy, Two Flint, decides to search for the help of Lord Morning Star to bring peace to his father's city. Illustrated with striking images from the Aztec codices, an enchanting story drawing from from legends of the Aztec gods and of Lord Morning Star, the peaceful, learned aspect of Quetzalcoatl. In creating this story, based on her research of this period, the author hopes that it will satisfy "those two most critical audiences: scholars and children." A birthday present SIGNED and inscribed by author/illustrator and her daughter about 5, with floral decorations. Fine/Fine. 12883       $28.00
12 Lattimore, Deborah. /DL, illustrator. Why There is No Arguing In Heaven. New York: Harper & Row, 1989, stated 1st printing, nl; grey-blue stamped reinforced boards,endpapers with a "dictionary of Mayan glyphs in jacket with paintings of the Mayan carvings; 8.5x10.5".. Picture Book hardback. The creation myth of the Popul Vuh, which Lattimore has drawn from the only surviving text, in 17th c Latin, itself a translation of the codices hidden by the Maya before encroaching Spaniards a hundred and fifty years before. The illustrations were inspired by the stonework of the Maya, and painted art. She combines her knowledge of archeology with the blue-grey stonelike figures and vivid colours of the forest to create a simple version of the usually embellished Popul Vuh. Dramatic illustrations, binding too tight to photograph. Fine/VG+. 3080       $15.00
13 Purnell, Idella and John M. Weatherwax. /Frances Purnell Dehlsen, illustrator The Talking Bird. New York: The Macmillan Company, 1930, 1st, tp; green cloth boards with blue titles and bird, white endpapers with large green blue and magenta design of bird, coloured frontis and 9 black and white one sided full page illustrations as well as pictures in text; 7.25x8.75"; 95 pp. Juvenile hardback.  "An Aztec Storybook: Tales told to little Paco by his Grandfather" Somewhat of a 1930's "country book" with Little Paco's life intertwined with the stories. The Talking Bird; The Eagle Warrior; Bird of Love; Jump-Over-the-Wall Bird; The Green Serpent; The Queen and the Giant; The Moon Princess; The Eagle and the Snake; Prince Brave Heart; The Feathered Serpent. Dramatic illustrations. VG/0; gift inscription.. 22045       $50.00
14 Sherlock, Philip M. and Hilary. /Aliki, illustrator. Ears and Tails and Common Sense. Crowell, 1974, 1st printing; 124 pp. Juvenile hardback.  "More Stories from the Caribbean." During each evening of their eight-day party, the animals listen to stories. With an introduction for children about animal tales of the Caribbean and a picture map. Fine/VG. 9391       $18.00
15 Wahl, Jan. /Caren Caraway, illustrator. The Cucumber Princess. Owings Mills, MD: Stemmer House Publishing, 1981, stated 1st printing; oblong. Picture Book hardback. "A tiny girl, hatched from an egg found in a cucumber field, demands to rule in the stead of the king, thus beginning a contest of wills and strength." An original tale inspired by Aztec stories, in bright coloured illustrations that tell the story from page to page, as in the codices. F/VG. 13647       $10.00
16 Wilson, Barbara Ker. /G. W. Miller, illustrator. Fairy Tales of Mexico. London: , 1964/1960, 2nd; c 40 pp. Shiny coloured full pictorial boards; full colour endpapers showing landscape with no jungle and Mayan temple. Picture Book hardback. Four tales: How the Basilisk Got His Crest; The Legend of the Mountain; The Thief in the Cornfield; The Coyote and the Turtle. VG; name. 7379       $18.00