India, Japan, Africa, and a few others.

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The books on this page are numbered as a group beginning with 100.


100 All-Bengal Teacher's Association. . India Reader. Calcutta, Macmillan and Co. Ltd.,1943/1936, reprint of the second edition; thin green-blue paper cover, WRAPS, on good quality paper, illustrated with photos and prints; x +170 pp, incl. 25 pp Notes. Juvenile softcover Thirty-six readings and thirty-seven poems, selected from both traditional English sources and Indian history, Marconi, the Jolly Miller, Nehru's thoughts from prison, and others; nicely illustrated with prints by D. N. G. VG. 17039      $20.00
101 Armstrong, Dorothy, adapter. /DA, illustrator. Ramayana The Great Epic of India. London: Figurehead, 1930 on title page, grey cloth boards with black illustrations, with 3 coloured plates including frontis, 3 b/w single sided drawings, and map; 7.5x9.8; 48 pp. Juvenile hardback.  The complex epic is told at length but clearly, and a bit of the folk process discussed, well illustrated. G+; name. 14401      $28.00
102 Jaffrey, Madhur. /Amanda Hall, illustrator. Robi Dobi. New York: Dial 1997/1996 stated 1st (US); in pictorial boards with Robi Dobi and his friends the butterfly, the mouse, and the parrot, endpapers with intricate coloured elephant pattern; in jacket identical to boards; 6.75 x 9.75"; 76 pp Juvenile hardback.  "Madhur Jaffrey draws on some of the great myths of Indian folklore, while adding a modern spirit that will bring laughs and appreciation from readers everywhere." Robi Dobi is based on the stories of a kindly elephant which the author's father told his girls in the 30's, and continues the storytelling style of their family. The actress/author is an expert on Indian cuisine. The artist traveled extensively in India while researching this book. 
Fine/Fine. 20448        $25.00
103 Mukerji, Dhan Gopal. /Kurt Wiese, illustrator. Hindu Fables for Little Children. New York: E. P. Dutton and Company, Nov. 1929/Mar 1929, 4th printing; yellow cloth, with dark green and black endpapers of animals peering from the jungle, 11 single sided b/w plates on text paper, including frontis, as issued, and many drawings in text; jacket with a large black leopard looking down on Bunny, an important character in these tales; 8vo; 113 pp. Juvenile hardback.   " I should like to tell my young readers one more thing: namely, that the writing of the following pages has been very hard work. I find it much harder to write for the young than for their elders. I fear the criticism of the former as I love their appreciation. Let us hope that the ten fables of my childhood will not fail utterly to please." SIGNED by Mukerji on half title. VG/Fair; plate. 19868      $55.00
104 Serage, Nancy. /Kazue Mizumura, illustrator. The Prince Who Gave Up a Throne. New York: Thomas Y Crowell,1966, 1st printing; green boards with flower panel, in jacket with all around watercolour in greys, pale blues and brown of the Prince on his white hors, observed by deer; 68 pp. Juvenile hardback.  Mizumura's serene wash and ink drawings in blacks and grays beautifully illustrate the life of the Buddha. A well-written, poetic narrative by a woman who became a renunciate in an Indian monastic order. 11118   NF/Good.      $28.00
105 (Japanese Fairy Tales) . The Old Man Who Made the Dead Trees Blossom. Tokyo: T. Hasegawa, 38 Yotsuya Hommura, "publisher and art printer", 1903 - 1911, Japanese Fairy Tale Series #4, woodblock crepe paper soft cover, two silk ties, 4 1/8" x 6"; np. Softcover Toploader small softcover (crepe) story A Japanese woodblock crepe paper fairy tale.
G+. 14268      $135.00
106 Sasaki, Tazu. /Etsuro Suzuki, illustrator. The Golden Thread. Rutland, Vermont: Charles E. Tuttle Company, 1968, stated 1st printing, (thus collected in English); translated by Fanny Hagin Mayer; light green cloth boards, green decorated endpapers, jacket with large rainbow above flower ship; 8vo; 64 pp. Juvenile hardback.  The Boy and the Little Badger, Ko-chan Who Rode a Shrike, The Woodpecker and the Soap Bubbles, Sae-chan's "Road of Time", The Golden Thread and the Rainbow, How Far Does the Wax-Stone Road Go, White Bonnet Hill.  VG/VG.. 16048      $14.00
107 Sojo, Toba. (Velma Varner, text) /TS, illustrator. The Animal Frolic. New York: G. P. Putnam's Sons, 1954, 1st printing; 9.2 x 7.8, np. Picture Book hardback. 12th Century Japanese Art (the Shoji Gig or Scroll of Animals) with a text by Velum Lerner and a tribute by Taro Yashima. The scroll, which resides in the Temple of Kozanji in Kyoto, has been reproduced in its entirety in this thoughtfully designed book.
VG+/VG 16493      $35.00
108 Takeichi, Yasoo. /Sejima Yoshimasa, illustrator. The Mighty Prince. Crown, 1971 translated   1st printing thus, printed in Japan; 9.8x9.8", oblong; np. Picture Book hardback. The legend of a powerful and wealthy prince who continues to wage war until a small girl shows him a way to happiness. Japanese brush paintings on thick ivory paper illustrate broad landscapes and active figures. Originally published in Japan. G+/G+; gift inscription. 5752      $20.00
109 Ibongia, John M. /Adrienne Moore, illustrator.. The Magic Stone.  Nairobi: East African Publishing House, Readers Library #12, 1967, orange covers, coloured woodblock illustrations, 4.75x7.25"; 50 pp. Juvenile softcover. Eight folk stories collected from elders living deep in the Kisii highlands of western Kenya. Striking woodblock illustrations.
VG+. 21647      $34.00
110 Japuonjo, Roeland. /Adrienne Moore, illustrator.. Mzee Nyachote. Nairobi: East African Publishing House, Readers Library #6, 1967, red covers, 4.75x7.25"; 50 pp. Softcover. Juvenile softcover. "Delightful tales describing various episodes in the life of Mzee Nyachote, a respected elder and teacher among his people".
VG+. 21753      $34.00
111 Needham, Liza. /Ursula Zuidema, illustrator. Thabo's Deal. Cape Town: John Malherbe, 1972, 1st printing English (Thabo se Ruil). White paper pictorial binding, 7.5x8.8; c 42 pp. Picture Book hardback. Sensitive charcoal drawings with earthtone washes illustrate a simple story about a little boy from the mountains of Lesotho. Rare. Worldcat shows two copies in English in Botswana, South Africa. 
VG+/clipped VG. 12478      $75.00
112 Ogot, Pamela. /Terry Hirst, illustrator. East African Why Stories. Nairobi: East African Publishing House, Readers Library #1, 1966, red covers, 4.75x7.25"; 50 pp. Juvenile softcover. Stories told to the author by her grandmother. Simple stories for early readers.
VG. 21754      $22.00

113 Williams-Ellis, Amabel. /Tom Brooks, illustrator. The Rain-God's Daughter. Glasgow: Blackie, (1977); black boards in brown jacket with Rain-God's Daughter and jungle; 8vo; 94 pp incl. notes on each tale. Juvenile hardback.  "Here my tale! Let it come from me to you!" Wrong Way Round Country, Little Men on Kilimanjaro, The Great Greedy Beast, Praise Be to Cat, The Drinking Hole, My Berries, (title), Magic Bird, Rabbit and Elephant.
F/VG. 16371      $18.00
As you suspected we have no non-duplicates on Australia. Here is a Reed which must be a duplicate from a different edition, shorter title, How the Maoris Came 1956 1st hardback in jacket (we also have Living in a Maori Village 19546/1954 2nd hardback in jacket.) I'm linking to these because you might be interested in the jacket title lists. The contents would be identical to your editions..

We have almost none on Mediterranean/Middle East, duplicate or not.  (I realize the elephants of Hannibal and Harun al-Rachid are stretching it!)  I went as far as Crete. Did not include Greek myths. 

114 Marsh, Gwen. /Ivar Arosenius, illustrator. The Caliph's Golden Goose. London: Dent, 1978, first printing thus, white boards with the goose running over a bridge, red cloth spine with gold titles, no jacket as issued, oblong 12.5 x 9.4"; np. Picture book hardback. The caliph's goose escapes and flees through the dark city until she come to the home of a young fisherman who wants to see the world. His reward is the princess, who sets the goose free. "During a visit to Paris in 1904, the Swedish artist was first inspired by Persian miniatures to paint a series of fairy tales without words based on various oriental fables." These stories were returned into prose from Arosenius's images, styles vary.
VG+. 14234      $32.00
115 Hirsh, Marilyn. /MH, illustrator. Hannibal and his 37 Elephants. New York: Holiday House, 1977, 1st printing, priced on dw. Yellow cloth boards, in jacket with elephants trudging over the Alps; 8.2x10, c 30 pp. Picture Book hardback. On a roundabout route from Carthage to Rome, a line of elephants in ear muffs with socks on their trunks crosses the Alps in a snowstorm. Some invasion! Based on historic facts of 318 BC, but full of fun. Grey toned pictures against a yellow orange background. SIGNED and INSCRIBED by author/illustrator with personal birthday wish. NF/VG. 12057      $75.00
116 Manson, Christopher. /CM, illustrator Two Travelers. New York: Henry Holt, 1990, stated 1st, nl; brown paper boards, parchment endpapers, in jacket with wrap-around painting of Isaac and the elephant on their journey; 8.25x10.25"; np Picture Book hardback. A "mostly true" story based travels with the actual elephant sent as a gift from Haroun-al-Rachid to Charlemagne. The elephant lived until 810 when he was killed in battle.
Fine/Fine. 20869      $15.00

117 Lattimore, Deborah. /DL, illustrator. The Prince and the Golden Ax. New York: Harper & Row, 1988, stated 1st printing, nl; blue boards, gold endpapers, in jacket with yellow borders and portrait of the prince from Minoan art; illustrations run across entire spread; oblong 10.5 x 8.5; np. Picture Book hardback. "A proud Minoan prince challenges the Goddess Diktynna, who first offers him rewards for his courage but then threatens to destroy Thera, his homeland, when his boasting angers her." A story drawn from Minoan art and artifacts which fulfills the artist's childhood dream of seeing the palace filled with life. SIGNED by author with DRAWING of ax.  Fine/Fine. 3081   $18.00

I overlooked a Chinese one before; also, here are a couple of Arabian Nights which you might not have.
118 Jiannon, Feng. /FJ, illustrator. Shen Nong's Miracle Herbs. Beijing, Dolphin Books, Chinese Tale Series, 1989, stated 1st; pictorial paper boards with a painting of Shen Nong looking for medicinal plants with his magic whip, gold endpapers with dolphin design; 7.3x10.3; np. Picture Book hardback The story of Shen Nong who brought food crops and medicines to the early people. VG. 20898      $18.00
119 Arabian Nights (Reynier, Marguerite, adaptation.) /Pierre Noury, illustrator. Contes des Mille et Une Nuits Paris: Ernest Flammarion, 1949/1941/[1931]; red cloth back boards with Sultan and Princess mounted on flying horse and crowd below, frontis and one plate in text tipped in, numerous full page and in text illustrations; tall 8vo; 127 pp. French language hardback. Histoire du cheval enchanté, de l'aveugle Baba-Abdalla, d'un vieillard and de deux chiens noirs, d'Ali Baba et de quarante voleurs exterminés par une esclave, d"Ali Cogia marchaud de Bagdad, du sixième frère du barbier. Six stories from the Thousand and One Nights.
VG; owner stamp. 21859      $22.00

120 Arabian Nights (Hampden, John, reteller)  /Sevin Unel, illustrator. The Black Monkey. London: Andre Deutsch, 1968, 1st, "first published"; red boards, in white jacket with boy, fantastic cock, monkey, and snake; 8vo; 158 pp. Juvenile hardback.  Endless Treasure, Rose-in Bud, The Bird Princess, The Anklet of Jewels, The Diamond Girls, The Black Door...Fifteen tales from the Arabian Nights " stories which have very rarely, if ever, been retold for young readers.", the author. G+/G+. 20764      $35.00

And, finally, a little prehistory.
121 Baynes, Pauline. /PB, illustrator. How Dog Began. Henry Holt and Company, 1985, 1st printing, nl; black boards, in rust jacket with Curr's band emerging from their firelit cave to defend against a rival band, all black silhouettes;   oblong 10.6x9", np. Picture Book hardback. The first dog, in dark illustrations in silhouette, like the shadows on a cave wall. How an orphan puppy, whom the children named Curr, proved his usefulness and earned his welcome to the tribe.
Prehistory for very young children! Fine/VG 4551      $10.00 .