Keywords on Book Pages

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Each book has keywords, underneath the images on the Book Pages, some are common, some not.
- Click on a Keyword to generate a mini-list with Picture, Price, and Comments.
- Then click on the title to see more about the Publication Data and Condition.
-You can purchase the book from this full Book Page.

Surf by going from keyword to keyword on the different books that show up, quite fun!

Recently, with each Getman Virtual fair, I update a Keyword list for the home page.
These lists will have books in a range of price and condition, not just "Book Fair" books.
(See Catalogue of Books from Recent Fairs for some collectible books only)

2/21 Greenwich Fair (East Coast)  Fairytales 

3/21 March Quickie Fair  Chapbooks 

4/21 Western States Fair Cloth Books