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21920 Verses for Little Boys, chapbook.

Verses for Little Boys.

Games, chickens, and beloved dogs. Very positive rhymes about the lives of little boys. (only the poem on Throwing Stones lays down the law!) Charming and hard to find. This publisher was active during the late eighteen fifties, sixties, and early seventies, mostly children's material, and then was bought out. 

We're sorry, this book is SOLD.



21919 Willie, Rose, and Kate, chapbook.

Willie, Rose, and Kate.

A pretty little chapbook with characters dressed in the styles of the early 19c, but with late 19th c child rearing practices (and simplified mob-caps)!

When Lucy comes back very late after supper after a day playing in the fields, "You promised me, dear child, that you would not be long, And yet you stayed quite late/ You know 'twas very wrong."

These little books were sold in packets to be used as school reward books and little children's hospital presents and this title was also #7 of the Halfpenny Reward Books packet. 



21572 Chapbook JackandJill McLoughlin Publisher

Jack and Jill.

Jack and Jill give and take as they make seesaws and swings and tangle with the sow. It seems very early for this boisterous little girl! Wonderful book...



21570 Naughty Puppies, Chapbook.

Naughty Puppies.

Too much mischief! The puppies' father, a grave, respectable dog, punishes them by eating their dinner for three whole days.



22074 The Troubles of Harry Careless, chapbook.

The Troubles of Harry Careless.

A popular story, printed as early as 1796 (Worldcat) as Harry Heedless or The history of Charles Careful and Harry Heedless. Probably originally English since Harry attempts cricket. Despite the heavy moral, both the author and the child readers must have loved the escapades of this impulsive yet basically kind hearted boy.

"There are very few boys, or girls, in the world, it is to be hoped, who are badly disposed, and who do mischief for the love of it. But there are many who are idle, careless, rash, headstrong, and imprudent; and who thus from want of thought, and too much excitement, behave very badly, and get into all kinds of unlucky scrapes."

Nice wood engravings with very swift and sloppy hand colouring in green, magenta, and blue, perhaps Harry's work?. Scarce thus.



21575 Sleeping Beauty chapbook.

Sleeping Beauty.

Romantic half page pictures,  with a full center spread.



21574 Three Little Kittens chapbook

Three Little Kittens (also Mister Fox).

Funny kitten pictures with the original text written or adapted by Follen and Mister Fox "the fox went out on a chilly night".



22056 The Child's Book of Birds, chapbook.

The Child's Book About Birds

A collection of stories and poems: The Boy Who Loved Birds, The Wild Turkey; A Traveller's Account of Chinese Cormorant Fishing, The Partridge, To the Cuckoo, The Pigeon, The Parrott, The Blue-Jay, The Belted King-Fisher, The Wild Goose.
NOTE: This book is SOLD



21564 Hop O' My Thumb, chapbook.

Hop O' My Thumb.

The centerfold of the huge giant spread out on the ground is signed by the engraver Edward P. Cogger (Cogger SC).



21563 Noisy Boy, chapbook.

The Noisy Boy.

The quiet boy,The noisy boy, The first in School, The truant, The mischievous boy (who is holding his sister's wax doll to the heat of the fire and melting her nose.)



21562 The Noisy Boy, chapbook.

Cross Child.

The quarrelsome boys, The peace-maker, The rude boy, The courteous boy, the Cross Child.



21567 Carry and the Candle, chapbook.

Carry and the Candle. McLoughlin

Two stories derived from Strewwelpeter, Carrie, and Rocking Philip and the tablecloth.



21569 Greedy George, chapbook.

Greedy George.

A Slovenly Peter inspired story about the fat greedy boy who wasted away.



16119 The Strawberry Gatherers, chapbook.

The Strawberry Gatherers/The Three Flower Pots.

Unlike Mrs. Sherwood, her sister Mrs. Cameron's purpose seems purely didactic. FREE WITH ORDER. NOTE: This book is SOLD



21568 Primer Aunt Mary's Little Series McLooughlin 1860's


A nice little primer, moving from 'We go in' to 'He is a good horse, and can draw a great load.'