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22476 Reward of Merit four cards Greenaway

Reward of Merit Cards, set of four tiny cards by Kate Greenaway. circa 1890, Children's walk in winter.

Very sweet little children, warmly dressed in muffs and scarves and giant hats, take a winter walk with a compliant puppy. Tiny little cards that came to us in a small, darkening Brentano's envelope post 1905 at least. On the envelope, handwritten in ink, "4 honor cards by Kate Greenaway, about 1890, not recorded in Spielmann". (but  they are in Schuster #293, picture pg 200 and Thompson p 296.) The maroon bonnets are identical to those in the Schuster images. The pictures may be familiar because a coloured plate was included in the Kate Greenaway Birthday Book (Routledge 1880).



20075 The Crimson Fairy Book, A. Lang, H. J. Ford Illus, Longmans 1st printing

The Crimson Fairy Book. Longmans 1st.

In an amusing preface, the editor points out yet again that he is not the creator of these stories, as most of his readers seem to think. "Like nature, popular tales are too vast to be the creation of a single modern mind." His wife, Mrs. Lang, actually wrote the adaptations for most of them so his role has been in ferreting out the interesting and varied world wide tales of this collection.



22355 The Princess and the Goblin, MacDonald, F.D. Bedford,

The Princess and the Goblin. Macdonald, F D Bedford illus.

Our favorite illustrations from childhood for this marvelous book. Curdie's courage and modesty, the sweet, curious princess, and the great-great-grandmother watching over all are never forgotten.



22466 River-land, R.W.Chambers, E.Shippen Green, ill.

River-land. R W Chambers, E S Green illus, 1904 1st.

On a beautiful summer day, Geraldine and her older brother explore the animals of the river; the animals talk with the children, each with an individual voice, from the evil mosquito to the philosophical wood duck. In the tradition of Victorian nature study, the author blends current scientific knowledge with fantasy.

Chambers is best known for his horror/science fiction stories, less well known for his many books of popular fiction and his children's series: Outdoorland (1902), Orchard-Land (1903), River-Land (1904), Forest-Land (1905) , Mountain-Land (1906) , and Garden-Land (1907). The latter books grew from memories of his own childhood summer days at his grandfather's house outside Broadalbin in upstate New York and his interest in entomology. As an adult writer, Chambers divided his time between New York City and the 800 acre Broadalbin estate which his famous architect brother redesigned and relandscaped. He is buried in Broadalbin.

Elizabeth Shippen Green was a prolific and well known illustrator, influenced by Maxfield Parrish and for many years one of the "Rose Girls" trio with Jessie Willcox Smith and Violet Oakley..



22470 Beautiful Joe, Saunders, Copeland illus, later reprint.

Beautiful Joe. Saunders, Copeland Illus

"My name is Beautiful Joe, and I am a brown dog of medium size. I am called Beautiful Joe, but not because I am a beauty..." One of the great dog stories, a plea for kindness to animals inspired by Black Beauty. An attractive copy of the 1907 revised edition with much perverse cruelty removed. 



22484 Our Dogs F. T. Barton [1911]

Our Dogs and all About Them. F T Barton, Estes [1911], 1st Am

The author, the veterinary surgeon to the Gamekeepers' Association of the United Kingdom, has written numerous books on horses and earlier books on Toy, Terrier, Non-Sporting and Sporting dogs. Exhaustive treatment of kennel management, breeding, hunting, medical care, "breaking and training" and exhibiting, with a description of many breeds as to their confirmation, suitability, popularity and current price. (very little on temperament.) Interesting to see how breeds and their popularity have changed. Clumber Spaniels are a favorite of his.



22195 Willie P. Shelton's Books, homemade spines and stitches.

Willie P. Shelton's Books, A little boy's library 1870s.

A little child's library, much loved and all in absolutely terrible condition. Clearly Bad Boy Bob was Willie's favorite! And no wonder. Note the glasses Willie has added to all the boys in the center spread. Someone, perhaps Willie's sister, has attempted to repair the damage by covering all the book spines, and even a long tear, with strips of patterned material of the day, as well as taking large orange stitches in the tears. A charming glimpse into the world of children and books almost 150 years ago. Institutional discount.



2200 0Der Gartentraum, Ernst Kreidolf, Schaffstein 1911. 1st printing.

Der Gartentraum, Neue Blumärchen. Ernst Kreidolf. (Garden Dream, New flowerfairytales) Lovely illustrations.

Elegant and creative comments on the human condition through the medium of very precisely rendered flowers., a flower shepherdess and her faithful flower dog being tempted by a flower witch, the feelings of the Passionflower who lives only one day, little Alpine flowers exploring the rocks, an apothecary with little drawers of flower remedies for the dying flower before him.... Kreidolf's last book for Schaffstein, with watercolours beautifully reproduced.



22093 Nouveaux Contes de Fees Mme la Comtesse de Segur.

Nouveaux Contes de Fées. Mme la comtesse de Ségur.

A beautiful copy of stories first told to her grandchildren. These were intended to entertain children 4 to 8 years old, and sought by Louis Hachette to be part of his scheme of a line of books to be sold at railway kiosks for reading on the train. This and our Perrault Contes de Fées #22079, from the estate of children's playwright Maryfrank Gardener, for 110.00, make a lovely set.



22481 Drawing for Children 1875/1830's

Drawing for Children. Miller 1875/1830's.150 cuts.

Originally published in London in the late 1830's and fascinating for its view of children's learning (4 to 5 to 10 or 12). The object was to start from a young child's perception of the whole, to correct gently if at all, and to alternate this copying with drawing from life and from the imagination. " to teach him to think and act for himself, not to teach him to imitate another." The book contains an introduction on the principles of art education, notes to the teacher on the teaching of art, notes on every individual exercise, and 150 woodcuts to copy. Most are of common objects, dogs, and cows. The rather crude drawings were intentional; perspective, foreshortening, and shading were treated only briefly at the very end. (In the 1840s large drawing copies, for use by 40 or 50 children at a time, were also published). Do you know an art teacher sheltering at home? This is the book for them!



22266 Gute Freundschaft, Oscar Pletsch, illus. later printing c 1900

Gute Freundschaft by Oscar Pletsch, later ed.

Two friends, little girls about 3 and 5, play with their dogs and toys, cook and wash, have a little falling out over a broken doll, and make friends again. Very sweet little pictures. Gift inscription to Louise Volker van V. and Louise Volker van Waverveen's bookplate with portrait of a young woman and dog by N V. v. W, probably Nellie Volker van Waverveen (as seen in Jan Toorop's 1901 painting of young Marie, Lies and Nellie Volker van Wavereen.) Also laid in, a two sided 1867 German finely hand coloured prize certificate.



22472 The Habits of Rabbits.Kahl. 1st printing, SIGNED.

The Habits of Rabbits 1957 1st SIGNED V. Kahl

The King has a serious problem: his people grow too many carrots and cabbages. The 13 children of the Duke and Duchess have a problem too. Their pet rabbits keep multiplying with no end in site. Solution! Give each citizen a pair of rabbits...but..."The habits of rabbits are fine for observing / But you'll find the results can be very unnerving." SIGNED on title page.   Note: This book has been sold.



The Cat in the Hat Houghton Mifflin Educational salesman's sample, early.

The Cat in the Hat. Houghton Mifflin.Unusual.

This copy was definitely a salesman's sample, as it comes from a collection of review copies which I acquired in 1998 from a retired educator's collection. As received, it had a Houghton Mifflin/Riverside Press educational sales representative's business card laid in. Sadly, the card has been lost since 2006 and I have given up hope of finding it, so I've decided to list the book! The rounded spine is not practical for school use: judging from other multiple signature HM copies available with identical boards, the style was probably changed. Based on Seuss' statements and other copies seen with identical boards and multiple signatures, this copy may be the January publication or simply an odd salesman's sample issue. Intense colour and beautiful condition in this copy.  Rare thus.

Seuss was encouraged to create a controlled vocabulary book by William Spaulding, Educational Director of Houghton Mifflin and an old army buddy. However, Seuss was under contract to Random House, so HM agreed to publish the educational edition, allowing Random to publish the trade edition available to the public. The HM edition was set to be published in January or February and the trade edition in March, according a letter written to Random House by Seuss. However, the educational edition of Cat in the Hat was not successful as a primer, being too dissimilar from Dick and Jane. Cat in the Hat was later included in the 20 or so "Read by Yourself" HM series, most published in the 60's. In addition to having the single signature and rounded spine, our copy has the plainer HM design on bottom board.



20122 Angus and the Ducks, Marjorie Flack, c. 1946/1930.

Angus and the Ducks. Marjorie Flack. Later printing of the first Angus book about a VERY curious Scottie puppy..

Angus, a little Scottish terrier who is still all head and feet, pushes his luck with his duck neighbors, and then races to hide under a sofa. "For exactly THREE MINUTES by the clock, Angus was NOT curious at all." The first of classic set of five Angus books about feelings that puppies and little children share, the excitement of adventure, the security of home. Based on Flack's own dog, and true to breed! A nice copy with the original jacket design.



22498 Crickets and Frogs by Gabriela Mistral. Bilingual book.

Crickets and Frogs, Grillos y Ranas, Gabriela Mistral.

The crickets and the frogs battle to see who can sing the loudest, a noisy battle that is never won, but now all crickets sing together. A fable with Spanish and English on facing pages, written by the great Chilean educator, children's poet; a founder of UNICEF and a Nobel Prize winner. The translator was a long time friend of Mistral and a recipient of the Order of Merit from the Chilean government. With bold sparking pictures in blue and pale yellow with heavy black lines (woodcuts?).



Thoroughbreds, written and illustrated by C. W. Anderson. Macmillan 1942, 1st pr

Thoroughbreds, C. W. Anderson. Macmillan, 1942 1st. "courage, strength, and unconquerable pride."

"When the eye and mind have dwelt too long on treachery, cruelty, and brutality it is good to see in a fine horse those qualities so essential in times of stress - courage, strength, and unconquerable pride." CWA 1942 . Heart-wrenchingly beautiful drawings that show the unique character of each horse. Getting hard to find with a jacket in this condition.



22471 Away Went Wolfgang, Kahl. 1st printing, SIGNED in Salzburg, first book

Away Went Wolfgang, V. Kahl. 1st SIGNED, Salzburg. Wolfgang wants a job!

Wolfgang, huge and clumsy despite his illustrious predecessor, caused a disaster whenever he tried to help. All the dogs in town had jobs. Wolfgang eagerly wished for one too. His mistress tried and tried to find a job for him that would fit his talents. Finally, a surprizing and funny solution! Cheerful, active pictures in the rounded style that the artist/author developed in her subsequent books. Kahl's first book, written while she was an Army librarian stationed in Salzburg. SIGNED while in Europe: Va. Kahl, with July, 1954 date and Salzburg, Austria.



22437 Lenski Making of a Picture Book 331/3 Record

Lenski: The Making of a Picture Book (33 1/3 record)

DUP A promotional record by the publisher with a talk given by Lenski aimed at children and adults alike. The original white envelope has a short appreciation and biography of Lenski with a list of her books for small children on the reverse side.  In her book Lois Lenski Storycatcher, Bobbie Malone says that the B side of this record contains a sampling of Lenski-Bulla songs from Frank Luther Sings Lois Lenski Songs, but this record is in such lovely condition, I have not dared to play it!



22480 Golden Book for our Children, Bozhinov, illus..Bulgaria,1st (Zlatna kniga)

A Golden Book .... Златна книга за наши дети, Bulgaria: 1921, 1st , A. Bozhinov.

A classic Bulgarian children's book in the original elegant edition. Animal cartoons, and traditional country scenes, as well as pictures of modern children, illustrate this collection of 19 little stories in verse by famous Bulgarian writers, the author himself, Elin Pelin and others. Bozhinov, who was also a master of political caricature, infused his work for children with warmth and cheer. A treasure. Thanks to the University of Oregon Special Collections for translation.



22299 Das Marlein von den drei Schneiderlein  Anna Bohm, Richard Schaupp ill.

Das Märlein von den drei Schneiderlein. Richard Schaupp, ill, Stalling 1948 1st; (The Tale of the Three Little Tailors) illustrated in colour..

Beautiful clear colours in this funny book by a Swiss artist about three inept tailors trying to get into Heaven. Happily, they succeed. Amazing condition.



21974 De Bruilloft von Kloris en Roosje, Freddie Langeler, ill, [1927].

De Bruiloft van Kloris en Roosje.(Wedding of...) Saar, Freddie Langeler, ill. Kluitman, [1927]

Based on a Dutch musical farce first enacted about 300 years ago and still popular. Here the wedding is charmingly illustrated by lifelike rounded international dolls and toy animals. Freddie Langeler designed books, created comics, participated in children's magazines, and illustrated more than a hundred children's books.



22085 Un tout petit conchon Adrienne Segur. 1946

Un tout petit cochon s'en allait à l'école. Adrienne Ségur, Paris: 1946

A fantasy told to the author by her turtle, in which the little pig Cochonnet is so embarrassed when he's called on to recite that he wants disappear. He does, visits a magical land both kind and frightening, and becomes a good student when he returns. The story inspires some of Ségur's most whimsical illustrations full of beautiful colour and detail. An amusing view of a traditional French school.



21908 Parabaik Myanmar Burma Tattoo Pattern Book

Parabaik Myanmar Burma Folding Tattoo Pattern Book, Leporello double sided 72", 27 images.

Parabaiks like these were produced as sample tattoo books. From the British museum, manuscript similar to ours: "The manuscript is a digest of tattoo designs for a potential client to choose from, and would have been used by the tattooer to advertise his range of work." The traditional tattoos had religious or magical powers and both protected the wearer and gave him strength.

This book has 27 different tattoos, black outlined coloured drawings surrounded by text, some on double spreads and some single pages: elephants brandishing swords, goddesses riding tigers, magical birds, and creatures bearing magic squares and circles, fish, chicken headed snakes, and circles of lizards and many animals with human or goddess heads.

Yes, this is a strange book for a children's site, but in fact it was sold to us as a "Victorian colouring book" (true!)



22482 Merry-Go-Round, panorama, Doris Stolberg. 1944

Merry-go-round. Doris Stolberg 1944, 45" Panorama

On each panel, a merry-go-round animal of character ridden by a happy child; in the background, green fields and blue sky, a few people and circus tents. Each little girl has a unique pretty dress: perhaps Stolberg also designed children's clothes? Little is known about her. Toy production was restricted during World War II to save materials, thus we see many modest paper books intended to be played with.



22183 The Snowman Peggy Cloth Book 102, 1959

The Snowman. Peggy Cloth Book 102, 1959, Sweet book!

A little gem. "There he stood and smiled all day. He smiled at the birds. He smiled at the Rabbit. He smiled at the boys and girls who passed him on their way to school"... but he was lonely so he made friends with the sun. "Until all that was left of him was the smile in the puddle on the ground and it kept right on smiling And Smiling And Smiling..." Sweet, amusing pictures by the artist of "Let's See the ABC" Very hard to find.



22263 Bayard, Pierre Belves, illus.,Pere Castor Panorama. 1946

Bayard, une frise a colorier. Père Castor Panorama. 1946, Pierre Belvès, ill.

From 1944 to 1947 Pierre Belvès, also an artist and an educator, created 16 short friezes for Paul Faucher (for Père Castor). This one, Bayard, opens like a book, showing two knights facing, then opens again from the center, revealing a long frieze with three scenes from Bayard's life. On the back are the two knights, the title page, and a page of text telling the story of this medieval knight and giving some hints on watercolour and gouache. These friezes would make a nice small collection. Most are hard to find including this one.



22076 The Chestry Oak, Kate Seredy, Viking 1948, 1st,

The Chestry Oak. Kate Seredy 1st.

One boy's three lives: as the Hungarian Prince Michael of Chestry, as Michael Prince a homeless WWII refugee, and as Mike Brown, adopted son of a kind American family. Through it all runs the proud stallion, Midnight.



22213 Black Fox of Lorne by Marguerite de Angeli, Doubleday, 1956 1st.

Black Fox of Lorne. Marguerite de Angeli 1st

Jan and Brus journey across 10th century Scotland with Gavin, the Black Fox of Lorne, in search of their mother and their father's murderer. Newbery Honor.



22115 Beyond the Blue Mountains L. T. Meade Cassell 1910/1893

Beyond the Blue Mountains. L. T. Meade 1910/1893

Four orphans are summoned by the King to travel to his kingdom Beyond the Blue Mountains to rejoin their parents. One brother sister pair proceeds fairly quickly on the upward path, the other takes longer , succumbing to many temptations. An engaging fairytale/allegory "derived from Pilgrim's Progress but set in a flower-fairy children's world" (Bratton) and told in simple language. L. M. Meade, was a prolific Irish writer who essentially established the girls' school story.



22214 No Boats on Bannermere G.Trease, R. Kennedy, ill., 5th printing.

No Boats on Bannermere. G.Trease, R. Kennedy, ill, 5th. First in series.

A mystery set in the Lake District, with four older children from local day schools as heroes. Because it's Trease, this series is unusually well written, with developed characters and with the historical setting well researched. No Boats on Bannermere is the first of the series. The sequels are: Under Black Banner (1951), Black Banner Players (1952), Black Banner Abroad, (1954), and The Gates of Bannerdale (1956)



22305 Backe backe Kuchen - anon.

Backe backe Kuchen,

Thick boards with large happy children and animals: Ri-ra-rutfch; Tanz, Kindlein, Tanz; Hopp, hopp, hopp; backe, backe Kuchen; Ihr Diener,; Spannenlanger Hansel; Storch, Storch, guter; ABC das Kätzchen lief in'n Schnee; Trarira, der Sommer, der ist da; Tingel Tingel Reihe; Eio popeio, was raschelt im Stroh?, Schlaf, mein kleines Mäuschen.



Das Peitschchen.

Jesus and his mother fled through Flanders to the city of Ghent and thus begins the story of the spinning top with its whip (winding string). Little pictures by Kredel in text.



19475 Blumen-KInder - Erica von Kager


A very pretty set of paintings by a Swiss artist of imaginary flower and insect people set in fields, meadows, fields, and a garden.



19532 Däumlinchen, ein Märchen von Andersen /Else Wenz-Viëtor

Däumlinchen, ein Märchen von Andersen.

Only Thumbelina and the animals are characters here, perfect illustrations for this story.



22313 Den Kleinen Gästen - Venzky̋/Hans Krieg. (1923)

Den kleinen Gästen bei fröhlichen Festen! : des Jahres und des Lebens frohe Feste

Four line poems on every page of a child's holidays and events through the year, with pictures bordered by yellow frame The little children are large scale within the frames and very tenderly depicted.



22304 Der Kleine Prinz - Saint-Exupéry.

Der Kleine Prinz. (Le Petit Prince)

A nice copy. Translation by Grete and Josef Leitgeb.



22315 Der Schwab, der Schneider ...- Ubbelohde /Grimm Bechstein

Der Schwab, der Schneider und der liebe Herrgott

Also contains der Schneider im Himmel (the Tailor in Heaven)



22301 Die Krabbelstube - Johanna Huber. 1947/1934

Die Krabbelstube.

Ideas for ways young mothers can play with their children, Six page pull out with photographs and patterns (uncut)



22311 Die Reise Mit Zebi. - Marianne Scheel 1947

Die Reise Mit Zebi.

Peter's toy zebra grows full size, and he rides with him to find adventures in the forest. Features a bear of character.



22289 Die Sternenmühle. - Busta/Grüger (1959)

Die Sternenmühle.

Bright colorful illustrations surround each of the poems.



22314 Die Wiesenzeitung - Müller/Wenz-/Else Wenz-Viëtor, 1952

Die Wiesenzeitung.

Lovely flower plates by this enjoyable illustrator.



22294 Eine Hasengeschichte - Sibylle von Olfers

Eine Hasengeschichte.

Two little babies, lost in a forest, are adopted by a Mother Rabbit. Dressed in bunny suits, they live with her brood. Happy end.



22288 Kasperl mit der winduhr. - Mühlenweg, Fritz and Elisabeth. (1959/1956)

Kasperl mit der winduhr.

The adventures of the puppet Kasperl, here a boy, and Mucki the evil magician in the circus and in Africa. Drawings on every page, most in colour. Some stereotypes.



22312 Liebe Kindlein, kauft ein! - Goethe et all/Nussbaumer, 1950

Liebe Kindlein, kauft ein!

Short poems from Goethe, Fredrich Büll, Heinrich Hoffmann von Pallersleben, Johann Friedrich Reichardt, Johannes Trojan, C. Reineth, Wilhelm Hey, Peter Cornelius, Christian Morgenstern, and traditional rhymes. Bright, flat illustrations with fine black outline.



22310 Mäuschen Tippeltapp - Burger./Fritz Baumgarten

Mäuschen Tippeltapp.

The hero, a field mouse, finds a pretty white mouse in a gift box in the playroom. They have fun exploring until she is caught in a box trap! What to do...



22303 Prinzesschen im Walde - Sibylle von Olfers.

Prinzesschen im Walde.

Beautiful pictures of the princess and the little people of the wood and the stars who cared for her.



22317 Schatten von Liliput.-  Karl Frolich

Schatten von Liliput.

Charming illustrations after the unbelievably fine silhouettes by Karl Frölich 1821 - 1898.



22316 Schattenbilder. - Avenarius


Expressive silhouettes above children's poems.



22307 So Leben Wir auf dem Land. /Keussen

So Leben Wir auf dem Land.

Very detailed pictures run across entire spread to board edges in a sometimes confusing mix of older and modern ways: a large farmhouse cut away interior, haying, activities near a river mouth, wheat harvest, a farmyard in late summer, a village square outside church in autumn, foresters, winter activity.



22302 Tierfabeln - Fleischer /Ludwig Heinrich Jungnickel.


Sixty-five very short fables with striking artwork on heavy paper by Ludwig Heinrich Jungnickel, an internationally known artist. His animal woodcut collection began with a frieze for a nursery in Brussels. He added to these and drew on them for the 25 woodcuts in this book.



22291 Tulifäntchen der Zvergheld. - Immerman/ /Elsa Eisgruber.

Tulifäntchen der Zvergheld.

Retold for children: "A satirical verse epic in three parts by K. L. Immermann, published in 1830. It tells the story of a valiant little knight, the son of Don Tulifant"