Featured Books

22471 Away Went Wolfgang, Kahl. 1st printing, SIGNED in Salzburg, first book

Away Went Wolfgang, V. Kahl. 1st SIGNED, Salzburg. Wolfgang wants a job!

Wolfgang, huge and clumsy despite his illustrious predecessor, caused a disaster whenever he tried to help. All the dogs in town had jobs. Wolfgang eagerly wished for one too. His mistress tried and tried to find a job for him that would fit his talents. Finally, a surprizing and funny solution! Cheerful, active pictures in the rounded style that the artist/author developed in her subsequent books. Kahl's first book, written while she was an Army librarian stationed in Salzburg. SIGNED while in Europe: Va. Kahl, with July, 1954 date and Salzburg, Austria.



Pretzel and the Puppies by Rey.

Pretzel and the Puppies.

Bright two page cartoon stories about Pretzel, the longest dachshund in the world. It's amazing what a very long dachshund can do!



21351 Maggie, a Sheep Dog (Kuvasz) by Patent /William Muñoz, photos.

Maggie A Sheep Dog (Kuvasz)

Maggie is a sheep guard dog (not a herding dog), a giant white Hungarian breed called a Kuvasz. She takes good care of her sheep and lambs and rarely leaves their side. Many black and white photos of Maggie, who is a beautiful dark-eyed dog, as she goes about her work. Simple, informative text. Very sweet photos of this ancient breed.



22470 Beautiful Joe, Saunders, Copeland illus, later reprint.

Beautiful Joe. Saunders, Copeland Illus

"My name is Beautiful Joe, and I am a brown dog of medium size. I am called Beautiful Joe, but not because I am a beauty..." One of the great dog stories, a plea for kindness to animals inspired by Black Beauty. An attractive copy of the 1907 revised edition with much perverse cruelty removed. 



Kata by Cecil.

Kata, Son of Red Fang.

Kata's mother was a purebred German Shepard and his father one of the largest Canadian timber wolves ever seen. Kata gradually began to trust Jack's family and to help around their small farm. But as he grew older he had to chose between the wild and Jack's friendship.



Linhay by Lamplugh

The Linhay on Hunter's Hill.

Two children try to make an abandoned linhay into refuge for a greyhound.



21570 Naughty Puppies

Naughty Puppies.

Too much mischief! The puppies' father, a grave, respectable dog, punishes them by eating their dinner for three whole days.



Mr. Peck's Pets by Louise Seaman /Berta & Elmer Hader, illustrators.

Mr. Peck's Pets.

The amusing story of Mr. Peck, his wife, and the idiosyncrasies of his various pets, which run to dachshunds and horses. The Pecks' menagerie follows them from a city apartment to a small farm. Based on the experiences of a friend of the author.



Favourites. (Dean's Rag Books 6325/1)


A dog, a goat, a duckling, a goose, a horse, and two guinea pigs, all with farmland backgrounds. Just right!



20162 SnippSnappandSnurrandtheReindeer by Lindman.

Snipp, Snapp, Snurr and the Reindeer.

The three boys and their parents went to the far north on a skiing vacation and visited a Laplander family with a boy their age, Matti, and his dog Sampo. On their last night a storm came up as they were skiing home, and Matti and Sampo rescued them. As usual, these young children have a great deal of responsibility and handle it very well.



No-Sitch by Stong/Wiese.

No-Sitch: the Hound

No-Sitch is a strange-looking oversized pup with a voice like a cow, about two-feet-six in his bare feet, about three cats long. He is Bert's constant companion, even on a heapin'jitterish expedition to the old mill at night. By the very funny author of Honk the Moose, with perfect illustrations by Wiese for the text.



21884 Gabriel Wrinkles Bloodhound by Doughtie ill Saxon.

Gabriel Wrinkles.

A severe case of hay fever keeps Gabriel from his true calling but one day he heads out anyway. Inspired by 'Po', the family bloodhound and illustrated by the New Yorker cartoonist, Saxon, a neighbor, who must have spent some time with Po to come up with these wonderful, funny dog sketches.



21492 War Dog by Treece, ill Payne.

War Dog.

Bran, the Celtic war dog of nobility, is bewildered and lost when his master dies in battle against the Romans. His story moves from Britain to Rome, and the home of a Roman soldier and his Celtic wife.



Taxi Dog by Barracca.

The Adventures of Taxi Dog.

A stray dog gets himself adopted by a taxi driver and drives around New York all day, every day. Artist's first book. SIGNED and INSCRIBED by artist with a little drawing of Taxi Dog.



20386 Storm of Dancerwood by Chipperfield

Storm of Dancerwood.

A story of a magnificent, independent Alsatian (German Shepard) who escapes from his kennel and survives in the wild. Published by Longmans in the following year and then revised by Hutchinson in 1967.



22484 Our Dogs F. T. Barton [1911]

Our Dogs and all About Them. F T Barton, Estes [1911], 1st Am

The author, the veterinary surgeon to the Gamekeepers' Association of the United Kingdom, has written numerous books on horses and earlier books on Toy, Terrier, Non-Sporting and Sporting dogs. Exhaustive treatment of kennel management, breeding, hunting, medical care, "breaking and training" and exhibiting, with a description of many breeds as to their confirmation, suitability, popularity and current price. (very little on temperament.) Interesting to see how breeds and their popularity have changed. Clumber Spaniels are a favorite of his.



21457 Brim's Boat by Gaunt

Brim's Boat.

"In a valley deserted by human beings, Brim, the terrier finds an old half-built barge." Though it takes persistence and the support of his friends to build and sail the barge, Brim holds on to his dream. A fine story which should be better known.



13735 Les Tribulations d'un Chat B. Rabier.

Les Tribulations d'un Chat.

A naughty cat who  observes the results of his many escapades with joy! At the end, he retires happily to Charing Cross with a kind governess and his old friend Bob the dog. Cartoon-like adventures, with many drawings, half in colour.



il primo libro di Susanna by NIcoletta.

Il Primo Libro di Susanna.

Susanna and her little white dog Ucchi and her black bird Nicola go to the zoo. The pets' reactions to each animal are such fun! Very bright, flat sophisticated lithos looking, almost like pochoir but not, on tan card in the style of an early Disney or even Chloe Preston. The first book of a well known Italian illustrator and artist, Colette Rosselli, who went on to illustrate many books, and also, under the pseudonym Donna Letizia, to publish an etiquette advice column for many years. The primo and segundo books were originally written for her daughter. Rare in first edition, il primo libro di Susanna has been frequently reprinted in smaller formats.



20383 Jock of the Bushveld, abridged. Fitzpatrick

Jock of the Bushveld, abridged.

A classic 1907 tale of a bull terrier who shares his master's life in the veld.



Mesaventures d'un Chien by Rabier.

Les Mesaventures d'un Chien.

Comic events in the life of a happy-go-lucky dog of uncertain breed with many drawings, half in colour.



Lost and Found by Little.

Lost and Found.

New in her community, Lucy finds a little stray dog and names him Trouble. She and a new friend, Nan, try to find Trouble's owner; at first it seems as if no one else wants him.



Dog Toby by Bingham.

Dog Toby by Himself.

An autobiography in poetic form of a very curious dog, with a different Chapter on every page following him through his happy life. All pages are illustrated with large drawings in red, blue, yellow, green, and brown in a quality similar to a hardcover book, rather than a cloth book. Toby seems to be a smooth fox terrier, and in one of his adventures, wins first prize in a dog show.



4551 How Dog Began - Baynes

How Dog Began.

The first dog, in wide spreads with silhouettes like the shadows on a cave wall. How an orphan puppy, whom the children named Curr, proved his usefulness and earned his welcome to the tribe.; dramatic illustrations inspired by cave drawings.



Farmyard Book. Dean's Rag Book #282.

Farmyard Book.

Sweet paintings by a Dean's artist, AE Kennedy, whose animals are particularly full of personality: two ducks, a St. Bernard puppy, two robins, two guinea pigs and a carrot, a wistful cow, and two lambkins.



Wonders of the Circus

Marvellous scenes of trained animals from the late 1800's. Three sections illustrated with 48 color-tinted images:

- Visit to the Circus: Dancing Horse Act, Trick Horses at Dinner, Eight Horse Riding Act, Bareback Drum Act, and many Bareback riding tricks;
- Monkeys' Circus: The Band at the Door, Toby Spinning the Dishes, Miss Lily's Ride, and other monkeys performing human circus acts, including a dinner which seems to be working out better than the Horses';
- Wonderful Performing Dogs: Performing Poodles, the Wheelbarrow Ride, and other amazing tricks by fully clothed small dogs with some Newfoundlands obligingly playing the role of Dogs.

Interesting pencil inscriptions and poem written by Daisy Maud Watkins as a young child who received this book for Christmas in 1885 and moved to Logan, Ohio in 1886.



20359 Bobtail Puppy Book by Cecil Aldin.

The Bobtail Puppy Book.

An introduction by the Puppy reveals his unease about his docked tail. In the following 11 "chapters", The Lambkin Laughs, The Cat Laughs, all his friends tease him, too. Each "chapter" contains a half title with a drawing, opening to a coloured painting of Puppy and his friend in greys, reds, dark browns, and yellow ochres, with black outlines on grey paper, the puppy's poem facing. In the last chapter, the Bob-Tail Puppy decides to solve the teasing by sitting down. Wonderful illustrations of this funny grey and white puppy, frequently reproduced. Due to the complexities of publishing imprints, Henry Frowde's children's books became Humphrey Milford's in the late teens, so this is a later printing rather than a reprint house printing. Heavy, original dimensions, with very nice colour quality. A scarce Aldin Puppy title.



Pussy Cats and Puppy Dogs by Beeson.

Pussy Cats and Puppy Dogs.

Cosy pictures of Pussy Cats and Puppy Dogs and their parents that will remind you of puzzles and sandpails from long ago summers. A treasure in this condition.



Nothing at All by Gag

Nothing at All.

"Once upon a time there were three little orphan dogs. They were brothers. They lived in a far forgotten corner of an old forgotten farm in three forgotten kennels which stood there in a row." Little bright colored drawings on every spread, a very nice copy inside!



20479 My Little Hen by the Provensens

My Little Hen.

About the birth and growth of Etta's child, Ned/Netta. Ralph the dog isn't so sure. No one can capture animal expressions like the Provensens. A beautifully designed little book, with a different cover illustration from the US editions.



21064 Do you have the Time, Lydia by Ness.

Do You Have the Time, Lydia.

Lydia rushes around leaving things half done but her little brother hopes against hope that she will finish his lobster trap race car for the big race. The prize is a dog!



Martha Calling.

What better use for people language than to enter a contest on the phone!



Puppy Tales.

Little tales about puppies: Nippy and the Hedgehog; Mary and Mick and Snoozle, and The Lost Puppy.



20912 Paddy's Pay-Day Alexandra Day

Paddy's Pay-Day

Paddy's mistress gives him a little green purse with his share of the take from his work as an entertainer. The story follows him around town as he uses his money to buy food and flowers and go to a matinee. (Lassie with Elizabeth Taylor) An almost wordless fantasy with full page paintings.



20385 The Mystery of Lincoln Detweiler and the Dog Robinson

The Mystery of Lincoln Detweiler and the Dog Who Barked Spanish.

Linc and his friends set out to explore the mystery surrounding Perro, a Spanish speaking dog from Mexico.



8511 Steve and the Guide Dogs. by Armer / Kocsis illustrator.

Steve and the Guide Dogs.

Stevie undertakes to raise a German shepherd puppy that will eventually go to the Guide Dog School. He "has to learn some bitter lessons in heartbreak and in perseverance."



5281 The Blue Jackal - Brown

The Blue Jackal.

A fable based on a story from the Panchatantra.



13646 The Blue Jackal - Marcia Brown.

The Blue Jackal.

A jackal jumps in a vat of indigo to escape a pack of dogs and becomes the colour of the sky, and, for a while, a jungle king. Intensely coloured woodcuts illustrate the jackal's wild journey through life. Based on a fable from the Panchatantra.



21466 Where Was the Little White Dog? by Johnson.

Where Was the Little White Dog?

A very sweet continuous story of a little white dog, perhaps some kind of terrier, who went along on a visit to Grandfather's farm with Fred and then got lost. Each of the 12 chapters telling of his adventures has an illustrated half title and small decorations and illustrations with 3-5 detailed little rebus drawings in text as well. Nice animal illustrations by a turn of the century artist and illustrator, (not the famous animal illustrator Margaret S. Johnson, who would have been 8 years old in 1901.)
Please click on individual pictures to see the fine detail.



17680 Angus Lost. Flack

Angus Lost.

Angus wandered off and then "... at last Angus was home again! Angus was glad to come back to the SAME YARD and the SAME HOUSE and the SAME CAT and the SAME THINGS he knew about." High adventure for the very young.



20122 Angus and the Ducks, Marjorie Flack, c. 1946/1930.

Angus and the Ducks. Marjorie Flack. Later printing of the first Angus book about a VERY curious Scottie puppy..

Angus, a little Scottish terrier who is still all head and feet, pushes his luck with his duck neighbors, and then races to hide under a sofa. "For exactly THREE MINUTES by the clock, Angus was NOT curious at all." The first of classic set of five Angus books about feelings that puppies and little children share, the excitement of adventure, the security of home. Based on Flack's own dog, and true to breed! A nice copy with the original jacket design.



22495 Dog Pals Dolch

Dog Pals

Eight short interesting true stories that show the intelligence and caring of dogs. Using about 95 commonest nouns and 110 of the beginning Dolch sight words, and adding about one word per page, these books enable beginners to read real text in paragraphs, without relying on the illustrations.



20444 Frannie's Fruits. by Kimmelman / Mathers, illus

Frannie's Fruits.

Mather's bright pictures illustrate a happy day at Frannie's Fruit stand (run by her people).



20847 James by Ruth Park, Niland illustrated.


James crossed the Harbour every day to school on the ferry, but one day he walked all the way across on water. Pip knew children couldn't do that, so she saved him, and saved him again later that day, and when she saw him trying to fly out his window, she saved him again. Cheery illustrations add to this good-natured story.



20387 JIm Ugly by Fleischman, illus Smith.

JIm Ugly

Jake and his half-wolf dog search the west for his missing actor father.



22252 Dick et Georgie by Perrin-Duportal,, Kuhn-Regnier, ill.

Dick et Georgie.

Georgie is almost two when his family adopts Dick, a very short haired 5 month old "chien loup" or wolf dog. What follows are funny little puppy stories in which we always hear Dick's view of things. Although the dog drawings seem a little stiff, the puppy's feelings are just right.



20384 Help! Yelled Maxwell, Stevenson.

"Help!" Yelled Maxwell.

Maxwell and his dog Linda discover that their town is about to be flooded, and help comes from unexpected sources.



21654 Lassie comics.


A feast for the Lassie lover, pages of full colour comic strips.



21098 Woofus the Woolly Dog, by Curry, Winship ill.

Woofus, the Woolly Dog.

Woofus, who starts out looking kind of like a cocker spaniel grows into a big and woolly dog, a brave dog who tries to be good.



21212 Yank in Africa by Bartman, Diana Thorne ill.

Yank in Africa.

The story of how Yank sails North Africa on a troop ship, how he grows up and is trained, with dog paintings by Thorne on each spread. The story makes several references to Aiki or Atlas Mountain dogs (not named) guarding sheep, and includes one painting of a large white Atlas Mountain dogs running along with Yank.



20124 Whingdingdilly by Bill Peet.

The Whingdingdilly.

Scamp, Orvie's dog, wanted a more glamorous life so a magician transformed him into a bizarre mixture of zebra, elephant, camel, giraffe, elk, and rhino, "one whopping big surprise". All this makes a perfect vehicle for Peet's zany pictures.



20382 Petey by Betty Cavanna, Beth and Joe Krush ill


"After Petey tramples the community ecology garden, entirely by mistake, and then disgraces himself when he's cast as a pony..." A very funny Great Dane book!



21422 Rab and his Friends by Brown.

Rab and His Friends

A story of an independent and faithful dog, that revolves around Ailie, a woman of about 60 who had a breast removed without anesthetic and got up, dressed herself and curtsied to the doctor. Her eventual death caused the dogs to lose hope. The dog pictured is not Rab, but a "yellow Newfoundland" bloodhound cross of 19 who looks kind of like a mastiff. Sketches for the plates were made by four of the author's friends. This was published much later in the US.



20376 Ravenshall by Hooper, Douglas Hall, illustrator.


A fantasy of warring brother lords, a simple boy, man, and dog, and a perilous journey. Set in a country like Scotland.



20379 The Magic Dog by Edmonds.

The Magic Dog

A true story about Beauty, a talented, intelligent dog that was given to the magician Great Lafayette by his friend Houdini. Great Lafayette looked on her as a partner, not a prop, died five days after she did, and was interred with her.



21338 The No-Sort-of-Animal.by Mary Palmer / Abner Graboff, ill.

The No-Sort-of-Animal.

Yet another boring small animal identity crisis book? Think again. A mildly irritated lion mentor finally tells the little animal that he needs a tail... He's a dog! He plays with the other dogs! "For you know there are many, many dogs who would be no-sort-of-animals if they didn't happen to have tails." The spare, well designed, and very funny pictures carry the story all on brown, white and tan pages, by Abner Graboff, an illustrator who should be better known.



21040 A Dog Day by Walter Emanuel, Cecil Aldin, ill.

A Dog Day.

"With fifty beautiful sepia lithographs." Funny ones, too. A diary narrated by an enterprising little dog, checking in every five minutes or so during one day. 1.0 ate dinner. 1.5 ate kittens' dinner....



10969 The Turnspit Dog by Maria Leach, Winifred Bromhall, ill.

The Turnspit Dog.

Abaih could have a pretty lady's dog, or a hunting dog, but she loves the hardworking little turnspit dog in the kitchen.



20859 The Bone Stranger by Frank Remkiewicz,

The Bone Stranger

An exciting mystery ... tracking down the Raccoon gang who have stolen the midnight doggie bone snacks from the orphanage! Funny pictures on every page by the author with short text beneath.



21065 4 Puppy Book by Hermina, Robert Fisher, ill.

4 Puppy Book

Very Cute little puppies line up and prepare to work as a team at the Pet Show, but where was Sleepy?



20375 A Boy and Five Huskies by Guillot, de la Fontinelle, ill.

A Boy and Five Huskies.

What starts out as a lark for Eric, as he leads the Mounty on a wild goose chase away from his wounded uncle, become deadly serious as the days pass, his stores must be jettisoned, and his sled dog team weakens.



21651 Angus Lost by Marjorie Flack.

Angus Lost.

Angus wandered off and then "... at last Angus was home again! Angus was glad to come back to the SAME YARD and the SAME HOUSE and the SAME CAT and the SAME THINGS he knew about." High adventure for the very young. A nice big copy.



20387 Only One Woof by James Herrior, Peter Barrett, ill.

Only One Woof.

Gyp, a sweet but silent sheepdog, accompanies his master around the farm with not a sound. When he sees his brother Sweep at the sheepdog championship for the first time since puppyhood, he gives his one and only "Woof."



20832 Jocasta Carr, Movie Star by Roy Gerrard.

Jocasta Carr, Movie Star.

The evil Maxwell Pym stole Jo's costar, and Jo flew around the world to find him. "So dognapping cost Maxwell dear/And spelled the end of his career/He, who'd known both power and riches,/Faced a future digging ditches." While Jo and Belle resumed their starring roles.



21262 Country Noisy Book by Margaret Wise Brown, Weisgard, ill

Country Noisy Book.

Muffin goes on a long train and boat journey in a box while his family flies. ""All of a sudden Muffin smelled his family...."