The Old Children's Books Fair Booth

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Image previewOur Catalogue contains some books from recent Getman Virtual Fairs.  To purchase a book, click to reach the book page and use the website shopping cart: We accept Paypal and major credit cards. You can also contact us directly: 503 838 5452. -- .

Blackie Bear King of the Creek Book A $115.00
19745 Blackie Bear King of the Creek by Cox / Dummer ill, author lettter laid in
When the Sky is Like Lace. $165.00
21462 When the Sky is Like Lace by Horwitz, ill Cooney Signed.
The Last of the Huggermuggers. $325.00
The Last of the Huggermuggers by Cranch; Phillips, Sampson, 1856, 1st.
Lizard Music. $300.00
12851 Lizard Music by Daniel Pinkwater.
The Doll in Dimity. $225.00
20275 Doll in Dimity Harry Frowde and Hodder & Stoughton ca. 1910
Das Märlein von den drei Schneiderlein. Richard Schaupp, ill, Stalling 1948 1st; (The Tale of the Three Little Tailors) illustrated in colour.. $140.00
22299 Das Marlein von den drei Schneiderlein  Anna Bohm, Richard Schaupp ill.
The Chestry Oak. Kate Seredy 1st. $175.00
22076 The Chestry Oak, Kate Seredy, Viking 1948, 1st,
The Little Mischief Makers. $75.00
21503 Little Mischief Makers Levering
Martha Speaks. $55.00
21474 Martha Speaks Meddaugh Signed by author and Martha
Wonders of the Circus $750.00
Fairy Tales from the North. $125.00
22507 Fairy Tales from the North - Einar Nerman.
Merry Words for Merry Children. $345.00
21902 Merry Words for Merry Children A. Hoatson
The Three Fat Men . $175.00
21794 Three Fat Men Yuri Olesha/ Kalaushin ill.
Lily of the Valley ("Lilly" on boards) or Cousin Lill's Stories for her Pets. $65.00
Lily of the Valley. Preble. (1854 dated preface-poem)
Santa's Circus. $285.00
22525 Santa's Circus in box. White Plains Greeting Card Corp. Copyright 1952
Tony Sarg Wallpaper Alice in Wonderland Figures. $200.00
22436 Tony Sarg Wallpaper Alice in Wonderland Figures.
Lenski: The Making of a Picture Book (33 1/3 record) $45.00
22437 Lenski Making of a Picture Book 331/3 Record
The Pussycat Princess. $375.00
20180 The Pussycat Princess by Anthony, illus photos Frees.
Queen Summer or the Tourney of the Lily & the Rose. $160.00
Queen Summer, Walter Crane, Cassell 1901.
The Red Horse. $150.00
22508 The Red Horse by Elsa Moeschlin
The Old Man Who Made the Dead Trees Blossom. $135.00
14268 The Old Man Who Made the Dead Trees Blossom. Tokyo: T. Hasegawa, 38 Yotsuy
Who Will Comfort Toffle? $200.00
21464 Who Will Comfort Toffle? by Jansson.
Nursery Rhymes from Bohemia. $225.00
17560 Nursery Rhymes from Bohemia. Sedlacek / Mates, ill.
Les Jouets, Histoire - Fabrication. $225.00
16504 Les Jouets, Histoire - Fabrication by Léo Clarétie.
The Cat in the Hat. Houghton Mifflin.Unusual. $3,500.00
The Cat in the Hat Houghton Mifflin Educational salesman's sample, early.
Sammy Streetsinger. $45.00
20893 Sammy Streetsinger Keeping
Ashes, Ashes. $90.00
21349 Ashes, Ashes by Etienne Delessert. Signed with letter laid in.
The Snowman. Peggy Cloth Book 102, 1959, Sweet book! $120.00
22183 The Snowman Peggy Cloth Book 102, 1959
The Rubber-oons being Number 2 of The Gobbly Wobblyn Series. $400.00
20414 Rubberoons by Wittmaak.
Ye Butcher, Ye Baker, Ye Candlestick-Maker. $110.00
22551 Ye Butcher, Ye Baker, Ye Candlestick-Maker.. by Robert Seaver
My Life Story. $100.00
21419 My Life Story by Ted Bear.
Primer. $65.00
21568 Primer Aunt Mary's Little Series McLooughlin 1860's
Bland Tomtar och Troll. $210.00
20961 Bland Tomtar och Troll, Strömgren ed / Bauer & Norelius illustrators. Dw.
The Life and Adventures of General Spooley. $225.00
20413 LifeandAdventuresofGeneralSpooley by Falls.
The Bad Child's Book of Beasts. and More Beasts for Worse Children. 2 book set. $95.00
21439 BadChildsBookofBeasts and More Beasts by Belloc
Elin's Amerika. $75.00
22504 Elin's America by Marguerite de Angeli.
Stories about the other child; Supplement to the Child Labor Bulletin Vol. II No. 3, December 1913. $115.00
Stories about the other child: Child Labor Bulletin Dec. 1913
Maggie Harris, Her Autograph Book $125.00
22533 Maggie Harris, Her Autograph Book (1880 - 1885)
Complete Set of 1961 Walt Disney / Dean's Rag Books: Titled Walt Disney's.... #6104 Donald Duck and His Nephews; #6105 Mickey the Gardener, #6106 Pluto and his Friends, #6113 Figaro the Playful Kitten, #6114 Dumbo, #6115 Bambi and Thumper. $750.00
20352 Walt Disney / Dean's Rag Books Set of 6: Donald Duck, Mickey, Pluto etc.
In Town ABC. $0.00
21898 In Town ABC Raphael Tuck Publishers, Field and Farm Series
Il Primo Libro di Susanna. $365.00
il primo libro di Susanna by NIcoletta.
Brumm und Braun $80.00
21015 Brumm und Braun, a Sevi wooden book, Ida Bohatta (Morpurgo)
The Bobtail Puppy Book. $285.00
20359 Bobtail Puppy Book by Cecil Aldin.
The Christmas Tomten. $155.00
14363 The Christmas Tomten by Rydberg, ill Harold Wiberg.
Parabaik Myanmar Burma Folding Tattoo Pattern Book, Leporello double sided 72", 27 images. $1,250.00
21908 Parabaik Myanmar Burma Tattoo Pattern Book
Alice in Wonderland & Through the Looking-Glass. $75.00
22602 Small Rountree Alice
Take the Children. $95.00
22597 Take the Children by Dorothy King
(I Can Count) 1 2 3 in Arabic $85.00
(I Can Count) 1 2 3 in Arabic
Goosey Gander. $60.00
19762 Goosey Gander
May Morning. $75.00
22575 May Morning Miller
Beautiful Joe. Saunders, Copeland Illus $55.00
22470 Beautiful Joe, Saunders, Copeland illus, later reprint.
Tar Beach $55.00
22223 Tar Beach Ringgold
The Joking Man. $100.00
22505 The Joking Man by James Flora.
Little Peter $90.00
22591 Little Peter Lucas Malet  / Paul Hardy, illus.
Un tout petit cochon $175.00
Jay Bird. $185.00
19902 Jay Bird by Ets.
A Trip to Gingerbread Land. $125.00
22584 A Trip To Gingerbread Land Einar Nerman
Jezek Pichacek Mezi Lidmi. (Prickly Hedgehog among the People) $350.00
19736 Jezek Pichacek Mezi Lidmi.
Child's First Alphabet Book $375.00
22579 Child's First Alphabet Book
Ducky Daddles' Party $165.00
22528 Ducky Daddle's Party by Bertha Parker Hall.
Mister Wubble's Bubbles. $100.00
22581 Mister Wubble's Bubbles. Merryman/Cady.
Heidi, Her Years of Wandering and Learning, a Story for Children and those who love children. $1,250.00
19699 Heidi, Her Years of Wandering and Learning by Spyri, 1st Am.
My Life Story. $150.00
22603 My LIfe  Story by Ted Bear.
The Turned-Into's $175.00
20318 The Turned-Intos by Gordon.
Farmyard Book. $115.00
Farmyard Book. Dean's Rag Book #282.
The Tale of Squirrel Nutkin $150.00
20306 The Tale of Squirrel Nutkin by Potter.
Alfred Goes House Hunting. $155.00
21440 Alfred Goes House Hunting text and photos by Bill Binzen
The Adventures of Benjamin Pink $145.00
22543 The Adventures of Benjamin Pink by Garth Williams
12 Jessie Willcox Smith Mother Goose Melodies advertising booklets. $960.00
21555 12 Mother Goose pamphlets, Jessie Willcox Smith/Colgate.
When Mother Was a Little Girl. $450.00
20237 When Mother Was a Little Girl by Blanchard, Ida Waugh illus.
Fables et Contes ( on half title "Avec discours sur la litterature allemande." $185.00
19764 Fables et Contes, C-F-F Boulenger de Rivery, ed.
The Owl and the Pussy Cat and other rhymes. $70.00
22519 The Owl and the Pussy Cat Lear / Keith Ward , ill
Salesman's Dummy, Good Times at Home $115.00
14031 Salesman's Dummy, Good Times at Home
Yummers! $95.00
19630 Yummers! by James Marshall.
A Fairy Garland. $300.00
20086 A Fairy Garland by Perrault, illus Dulac.
Billy's Farm Friends. $135.00
14317 Billy's Farm Friends. Richardson, ill. Volland
Traveler in Time. $85.00
19775 Traveler in Time by Uttley, ill Christine Price.
Tom Thumb, and other old-time fairy tales. $110.00
21396 Tom Thumb and other old-time Fairy Tales, Bates, ed; illus by Price
OO: Adventures in Orbello Land. $180.00
19837 OO:Adventures in Orbello Land by Hildreth