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Frisk and His Flock. Mrs. Sanford, 1877/1876. $55.00
22469 Frisk and his Flock, Mrs Sanford 1877/1876
Reward of Merit Cards, set of four tiny cards by Kate Greenaway. circa 1890, Children's walk in winter. $85.00
22476 Reward of Merit four cards Greenaway
The Crimson Fairy Book. Longmans 1st. $390.00
20075 The Crimson Fairy Book, A. Lang, H. J. Ford Illus, Longmans 1st printing
The Princess and the Goblin. Macdonald, F D Bedford illus. $155.00
22355 The Princess and the Goblin, MacDonald, F.D. Bedford,
River-land. R W Chambers, E S Green illus, 1904 1st. $150.00
22466 River-land, R.W.Chambers, E.Shippen Green, ill.
Beautiful Joe. Saunders, Copeland Illus $55.00
22470 Beautiful Joe, Saunders, Copeland illus, later reprint.
Our Dogs and all About Them. F T Barton, Estes [1911], 1st Am $45.00
22484 Our Dogs F. T. Barton [1911]
Willie P. Shelton's Books, A little boy's library 1870s. $65.00
22195 Willie P. Shelton's Books, homemade spines and stitches.
Der Gartentraum, Neue Blumärchen. Ernst Kreidolf. (Garden Dream, New flowerfairytales) Lovely illustrations. $700.00
2200 0Der Gartentraum, Ernst Kreidolf, Schaffstein 1911. 1st printing.
Nouveaux Contes de Fées. Mme la comtesse de Ségur. $65.00
22093 Nouveaux Contes de Fees Mme la Comtesse de Segur.
Drawing for Children. Miller 1875/1830's.150 cuts. $135.00
22481 Drawing for Children 1875/1830's
Gute Freundschaft by Oscar Pletsch, later ed. $100.00
22266 Gute Freundschaft, Oscar Pletsch, illus. later printing c 1900
The Habits of Rabbits 1957 1st SIGNED V. Kahl $115.00
22472 The Habits of Rabbits.Kahl. 1st printing, SIGNED.
The Cat in the Hat. Houghton Mifflin.Unusual. $3,000.00
The Cat in the Hat Houghton Mifflin Educational salesman's sample, early.
Angus and the Ducks. Marjorie Flack. Later printing of the first Angus book about a VERY curious Scottie puppy.. $55.00
20122 Angus and the Ducks, Marjorie Flack, c. 1946/1930.
Crickets and Frogs, Grillos y Ranas, Gabriela Mistral. $90.00
22498 Crickets and Frogs by Gabriela Mistral. Bilingual book.
Stevie, John Steptoe.1965, 1st. Artist's first book at 19. $60.00
16485 Stevie, John Steptoe 1965
Thoroughbreds, C. W. Anderson. Macmillan, 1942 1st. "courage, strength, and unconquerable pride." $90.00
Thoroughbreds, written and illustrated by C. W. Anderson. Macmillan 1942, 1st pr
Away Went Wolfgang, V. Kahl. 1st SIGNED, Salzburg. Wolfgang wants a job! $85.00
22471 Away Went Wolfgang, Kahl. 1st printing, SIGNED in Salzburg, first book
Lenski: The Making of a Picture Book (33 1/3 record) $45.00
22437 Lenski Making of a Picture Book 331/3 Record
A Golden Book .... Златна книга за наши дети, Bulgaria: 1921, 1st , A. Bozhinov. $310.00
22480 Golden Book for our Children, Bozhinov, illus..Bulgaria,1st (Zlatna kniga)
Das Märlein von den drei Schneiderlein. Richard Schaupp, ill, Stalling 1948 1st; (The Tale of the Three Little Tailors) illustrated in colour.. $140.00
22299 Das Marlein von den drei Schneiderlein  Anna Bohm, Richard Schaupp ill.
De Bruiloft van Kloris en Roosje.(Wedding of...) Saar, Freddie Langeler, ill. Kluitman, [1927] $95.00
21974 De Bruilloft von Kloris en Roosje, Freddie Langeler, ill, [1927].
Un tout petit cochon s'en allait à l'école. Adrienne Ségur, Paris: 1946 $175.00
22085 Un tout petit conchon Adrienne Segur. 1946
Parabaik Myanmar Burma Folding Tattoo Pattern Book, Leporello double sided 72", 27 images. $1,250.00
21908 Parabaik Myanmar Burma Tattoo Pattern Book
Merry-go-round. Doris Stolberg 1944, 45" Panorama $16.00
22482 Merry-Go-Round, panorama, Doris Stolberg. 1944
The Snowman. Peggy Cloth Book 102, 1959, Sweet book! $100.00
22183 The Snowman Peggy Cloth Book 102, 1959
Bayard, une frise a colorier. Père Castor Panorama. 1946, Pierre Belvès, ill. $80.00
22263 Bayard, Pierre Belves, illus.,Pere Castor Panorama. 1946
The Chestry Oak. Kate Seredy 1st. $125.00
22076 The Chestry Oak, Kate Seredy, Viking 1948, 1st,
Black Fox of Lorne. Marguerite de Angeli 1st $50.00
22213 Black Fox of Lorne by Marguerite de Angeli, Doubleday, 1956 1st.
Beyond the Blue Mountains. L. T. Meade 1910/1893 $350.00
22115 Beyond the Blue Mountains L. T. Meade Cassell 1910/1893
No Boats on Bannermere. G.Trease, R. Kennedy, ill, 5th. First in series. $200.00
22214 No Boats on Bannermere G.Trease, R. Kennedy, ill., 5th printing.