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We are respectful of your privacy and careful with your information. Your email address will not be made public or shared.

Sales information: Your email and street address will be used only in direct connection with the purchase of your book or with annual email notification from MailChimp (see below)..

  • If you would like emailed individualized lists or a hard copy of our catalogue, please email us. 
  • If you would like us to notify you when we acquire a book that might add to your collection, please tell us, but note that we do not perform book searches: see contact information for Jeryl Metz on Looking for a Book.
  • We use Disqus for comments on this site and we no longer support user registration. Disqus is a large, well-organized, public comment sharing platform, which will protect both us and our users. The Disqus privacy policy can be found on:




We want you to know that your financial information is secure.

  • Since we use Paypal Business as a safe third party payment system, your credit card information is never entered on our website.
  • When we take credit card information over the phone in the case of international sales, we destroy it as soon as payment goes through.
  • We never save credit card information, so if you want to add a book to your order, for example, we will need you to submit the information again.





We have built a reputation for reliability with customers and colleagues over many years. 

  • We have been in business since 1994 and have lived at this address in this small Willamette Valley, Oregon community for thirty-seven years.. 
  • We are one of 400 ABE Heritage Sellers, since 1996, and have also maintained this Old Children's Books website since then. (Google "old children's books" and we will come up early on. We have been first on Google for this search term for many years.)
  • We stand by the quality of our descriptions and our packing, see Returns Policy on Terms and Shipping.
  • We're in the telephone book under Truman Price, Monmouth OR. You can see our small farm on Google Maps! We are open by appointment.





The following section is very long but please at least read this summary. In layman's terms:
* We send annual emails to remind you of our website address only if you have purchased a book from us.
* We will remove you from this annual list immediately if you request Unsubscribe,  (OPT OUT).
* Please request removal (Unsubscribe) rather than marking our annual email as spam. To increase your privacy, we have chosen NOT to track your activity through Mail Chimp . We have no way of knowing that you don't want an email unless you Unsubscribe. 
* Once (or if) our occasional lists or newsletters are more organized, we will send you an announcement so that you will be able to sign up to receive them. (OPT IN).
* We never gather email addresses from any other source, and, of course, never share them.


Our goal is to keep your information as secure as possible and to avoid anything but minimal online storing of information.

Since we use Paypal for online transactions, we will never see your financial information. We do not retain financial information from phone orders, mail orders or in-person orders. (You will need to repeat this information when reordering thus)

Only your name and email address and subscription preferences are stored on Mail Chimp. You will receive email lists, newsletters, or annual reminders based on the level you have subscribed to through our website or at fairs. You will also receive autogenerated confirmations of  these subscription levels. All emails have a clearly visible link to a page where you can change frequency levels or unsubscribe.

We will continue to send you one annual email in early October unless you unsubscribe.

We will not send newsletters or email lists/catalogues unless you subscribe to them.

The Old Children's Book secure shopping cart also records contact and purchase information. We  use this contact information, including emails, ONLY for current transactions. Please sign up if you would like to receive an annual reminder email or bimothly newsletter/lists and occasional catalogues.

We do not make use of auto generated abandoned shopping cart emails, although we may send notices from our home email if we get around to it.

We do not use automatically generated segmented lists based on interests or purchase information. We do keep track on our own computer of the Dog List people etc., but we just upload that group of emails by hand. 

We have disabled Mail Chimp open tracking, so even though you are receiving an HTML email with images, we do not know how you responded. This gives you more privacy but leaves us a bit clueless. Please tell us directly if you'd like to see a different selection of books or if the Mail Chimp unsubscribe does not seem to be working..

If you have subscribed to Lists, we will send general lists of new acquisitions, but personalized lists based on interests  are sent only from our home computer, not through Mail Chimp. 

Any notes are kept only on our home computer

Our home emails are: