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Old Verses by JWSmith



      In the Reader's Corner:


Tips for choosing books with children.
Questions to ask your child; questions to ask yourself. What about Reading Level?

Resources for Selecting Books with Children.
The best new books available from Amazon through our site. Some older books. Links on new children's publications to keep you up to date.

Just for Older Readers
For those of us who like to read children's books. Tips for using this site, and the one $5 book you have to have (which we don't sell).

Children's Booklists: About 500 Books For A Home Library
Many other book lists are available on the net and in the public library. This list draws from older books I read as a child or have shared with children over the years, ones that an adventurous child reader might still enjoy today. Missing are some books, like Toinette's Philip, that a modern child would find too stereotypical, though they are beautifully written. Included are acknowledged classics, but also personal favorites that are not well known, like Pinky Finds a Home.

Books Nominated by our Customers
Any list has a limit, and ours overlooks some wonderful books. Please add your favorites on the "Books Nominated by our Customers" page. We have tried to add in suggestions from the old website, but I'm afraid many were lost.

Illustration: cover plate by Jessie Willcox Smith
A Child's Book of Old Verses, Duffield 1910. See search.