Just for Older Readers

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If you acquire old children's books because you like to read them, this page is for you. We like to read them, too. We're are always sorry when some of our high end books are too pristine to open! I like to get an entire set and read them straight through, making a long novel, The Mantlemass Chronicles, Cameron's Julia books, Alexander's Westmark books, all the Moomintrolls.  Truman likes Howard Pease, and Joseph Altsheler, Stephen Meader ... we could go on and on.

Since you don't really care about condition (although maybe an old jacket is nice) browse through our $1...$3 Bargain list under Catalogues & Lists ($18 minimum order). We have quite a few books there that might interest you. Though we love them, as a business plan, selling these books is not very cost effective, so we have priced them low. Considering their generally nice condition, they are probably the lowest on the net, and you'll save shipping, too.

Also ask, we have thousands of modestly price books which are not yet uploaded on the new site.


Some of the resouces on the Collectors Books and Links will be of interest, also the parent resources at the bottom of the Just for Parents page.

There are an amazing number of author pages and author societies available online. Just google your author.

If I were going to purchase one reference as a reader, it would be

Twentieth-Century Children's Writers, Tracy Chevalier, ed, D. L. Kirkpatrick, (who compiled the original ediiton) consulting editor, with a preface by Naomi Lewis. St. James Press. We use the third, 1989, edition; they may have done some culling with the 4th edition;  1288 pages,

Writers from 1900. For each writer: Biographical Dates, Publications for Children listed by date, with English and American titles, also other publications and manuscript collections. Also a brief article, often good but of variable quality. There are shorter sections on 19th c authors and Foreign Language Writers, beautifully indexed with notes on Contributors. We use it constantly and I have never found a mistake in the data. All this, if you don't mind Fair ex-lib condition, for a few dollars online.

Be sure to pick a seller who appears to pack well. This is a very thick, heavy book and most of the cheap sellers don't charge extra, which makes me suspect they will throw it in a paper bag.