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Today I split the old Just for Parents page in two parts, and for now, please use this page to link to them. Thank you.

Tips for Choosing Books with Children

New Reader's Books Available
This page includes a selection of the best guides to children's books currently in print.  Each book can be purchased directly on Amazon. Just click the title.
There are also some older children's book guides listed, and links to online reviewing sites.



Grandmother books

A friend of mine is searching for a book she read to her daughter when she was young about a child and her grandmother baking "kalach" together like they did "in the old country". Amy cannot remember the title and wants to get a copy for her grown, expecting daughter. I am not familiar with the book. Can you help? Many thanks! Joyce Sigler


I'm not familiar with the book either, Joyce. I looked around and found references to Kalachs with many spellings depending on the culture, it's also a Czech pastry (kolach) as well as Ukranian. You might try posting this on the Looking for a Book section of this website. Maybe someone else will know it.

Many a times, Parents don't

Many a times, Parents don't have the idea what kind of books to choose for their Children. This post will help them to choose a suitable books as they can know their child's level, their interest's etc.

why just for parents?

why just for parents?

Why just for parents?

Because teachers are usually very, very familiar with the points I've made in Choosing Books for Children, though they may not agree with every one. Most of the content was inspired by questions parents did or did not ask me over my 35 years of elementary school teaching. I suppose that content also applies to people giving books to children as gifts, but using that title would take up a lot of space on the menu, same with using parents and guardians etc.

In the New Reader's Books available, there are good resources for teachers and older children as well as parents, hence the name. It's confusing, though, because it means New (Readers's Books) Available, not (New Reader's) Books Available! Oh, well.

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