Search Tips.

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If you have never used a Search like this, start with these four easy steps:

1. Look at the pull-down lists next to:
They are all set to CONTAINS ALL WORDS. 

2. Type in as few words as possible.
Note: The Search will only look for a box you have typed into. It will ignore the empty boxes.
Use Description to search for several words within the blurb, like "tiger, india" or use Single Keyword to search for one important word like "fantasy"

3. Click on APPLY.  APPLY means SEARCH.

4. Now click on the book title or little picture icon.
All books have their own pages: on the book page, be sure to scroll down for Publication Data, and Condition information.
Any of the pictures on this book page can be enlarged. Just click on the picture..

More refinements:

To get a little more complicated:
Use several boxes at once. For instance, you could fill in
Title: dog   Publisher: Viking  
and get Mrs. Dunphy's Dog and The Morgan Dennis Dog book. Try it!

To browse all our listed stock:
Make all the boxes blank.  Click on Apply.
You will see all the books individually listed on this site, 16 to a page.

To see pictures of the books:
All books in the Topic LIsts on this page have photos. We will eventually have pictures for all of our featured and topic list books, about 3500, but these pictures are not all finished: we never use stock pictures, even our own. Meanwhile, we will email you pictures of any book you are interested in. Don't hesitate to ask; we routinely email pictures.

To see a nice selection of collectible books:
Please also look at the Catalogues&Lists section on this site  or look at the Topic Lists.

To find some real bargains:
See the Bargain Basement Books in the Catalogues&Lists section, most sold. all  $1 to $3, most in Very Good or better condition and chosen by a children's librarian. Not many left.

To see a records of books that have been sold, for your reference:
Pull down the Archived Books to True (i.e. it is True that they have been sold) or Any (i.e.Sold and Unsold books both) A little confusing, but that is why False is the default! Can't change it.

To receive individualized lists:
We are always happy to make individual lists for customers based on our extensive keywords and our knowledge of the books. In fact, that was our main practice for many years. Just email us at:

The text that follows is of interest only to someone who wants to see an outdated Search Design. We'll be updating our Advanced Search to cover these requests. For now I simplified the Advanced Search. 7/2020

This is a powerful  search engine, but it can also be used very simply:

NEW! If you are researching a title and want to look at publication data or jpgs, it is now possible to search Sold books. ARCHIVE is set on False, as the default, but pull it down to True or <Any> to search old records..

Because only one person has been doing the entry for many years, our listings are absolutely consistent. Your search can be more focused here than on the large online databases.

What's contained in the Fields are you Searching?
See Listings Explained under Catalogues&Lists for more detail

Author: Last name first, so Starts With works, even with one beginning letter.
We use only the author's name in the Author field NOT an illustrator or a topic.
We use the original author by default: Mrs Mulock, NOT Susan Jeffers.
We use certain authors of record in the author field:  Mother Goose, ABC, Perrault, Grimm, La Fontaine, Bible.
We use anon. which alphabetizes under AN, not before A as with (anon)
We (correctly) use de la Mare, Walter for English and American authors and Brunhoff, Jean de for others. Best to search first for the main last name: Brunhoff. Sometimes this causes a problem (dePaola/de Paola) We tend to use the form originally used by the author, since our books are older ones.
We use both the name of the author and the subject of the book in the author field for Reference biography

Illustrator: We use the form /Arthur Rackham, illustrator
Thus /R will return only illustrators whose first names begin with R, like /Reginald Birch.
Illustrator must be searched by full last name.

Title: The full title appears in the text of the book page, but the Advanced Search uses the truncated title of the Drupal Book. This may make a difference, particularly with a 19th c book. Use the main primary title only in your search.

Publishing Data (includes Binding data): Lots of search possibilities here.
Our Publication Data field includes
Place of publication
Publisher (full name on more recent listings and addresses on most 19th c books)
Date published/Original date of publication 1937/1922 or (1922) or [1922]
Edition. 1st, 1st US, or 1st thus, NOT First edition
Translator's name and language from which translated.
Significant authors of prefaces etc.
Description of boards, endpapers, edges, etc.
Count of plates: As Issued indicated that all listed for that edition are present.
Description of jacket, as present.
Dimensions except for 8vo, in centimeters for foreign books
Number of pages, or np.
Bibliography, Index, Publisher's catalogues bound in.
Any laid, tipped, or bound in material.
Signatures and inscriptions of author/illustrator, etc. noted as SIGNED

So, in addition to the obvious Publication Data searches:
tipped in
translated from

And to search Era, use the leading digits of the year or decade. Several numbers may be entered at once (AND).:
You may get later printings or reprints with this method. You will also get a few false positives because of page numbers, addresses, dimensions etc.
Does not contain (ONE term only)
You may eliminate reprints or later printings with this method.

You could eliminate a single term, so Book Club or Remainder, but aside from some Junior Literary Guilds we have very few of either, so it is not worth the effort.

Condition Every book's condition is entered in this form:
Very Good Plus
Very Good
Good Plus
Good Minus

All jackets are entered in this way
Very Good in Very Good jacket;
Very Good without jacket; on books which should include a jacket
So you can use these words, but you can also use
Does Not Contain: without jacket
to eliminate books which should have a jacket and don't, but not eliminate earlier books published without jacket.

Fine in Fine jacket;book and jacket without flaw
indicates our modern books in perfect condition
So you can use
Contains: without flaw
to call up Fine/Fine books.

Does not contain: ex-lib will eliminate ex-library books; all entered the same way.

To see more of our books:
We have about 10,000 children's books in stock; only a few of them are listed with individual pages on this site.  The topic lists, like the dog list, represent a sample of the kind of books we stock, as well as the price and condition range.

Please also look at the Catalogues & Lists section on this site:  Catalogues 20 and 21 list almost 1.000 lovely books.

If you are looking for real bargains: See the Bargain Basement Books in the Catalogues & Lists section, most now sold as of 8/2019, all  $1 to $3, all in nice condition and chosen by a children's librarian. ($18 purchase required.)

To receive individualized lists:
We are always happy to make individual lists for customers based on our extensive keywords and our knowledge of the books. In fact, that was our main practice for many years. Just email us at: