Basic Searching: Look Here!

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If you have never used a Search like this, start with these four easy steps:

1. Look at the pull-down lists next to:
They are all set to CONTAINS ALL WORDS. (For now, don't change them!)

2. Type in as few words as possible.
Note: The Search will only look for a box you have typed into. It will ignore the empty boxes.
Use Description to search for several words within the blurb, like "tiger, india" or use Single Keyword to search for one important word like "fantasy"

3. Click on APPLY.  APPLY means Search.

4. Now click on the book title or little picture icon.
All books have their own pages: on the book page, be sure to scroll down for Publication Data, and Condition information.
Any of the pictures on this book page can be enlarged. Just click on the picture..

More refinements:

To get a little more complicated:
Use several boxes at once. For instance, you could fill in
Title: dog   Publisher: Viking  
and get Mrs. Dunphy's Dog and The Morgan Dennis Dog book. Try it!

To browse all our listed stock:
Make all the boxes blank.  Click on Apply.
You will see all the books individually listed on this site, 16 to a page.

To eliminate ex-libraries from the search results:
On the CONDITION pull-down list, choose DOES NOT CONTAIN and enter     ex-lib     spelled just like that.

To see pictures of the books:
All books in the Topic LIsts on this page have photos. We will eventually have pictures for all of our featured and topic list books, about 3500, but these pictures are not all finished: we never use stock pictures, even our own. Meanwhile, we will email you pictures of any book you are interested in. Don't hesitate to ask; we routinely email pictures.

To see a nice selection of collectible books:
Please also look at the Catalogues&Lists section on this site:  Catalogue 20 and Catalogue 21 list almost 1.000 lovely books or look at the Topic Lists.

To find some real bargains:
See the Bargain Basement Books in the Catalogues&Lists section, most sold. all  $1 to $3, most in Very Good or better condition and chosen by a children's librarian. ($18 purchase required.)

To see a records of books that have been sold, for your reference:
Pull down the Archived Books to True (i.e. it is True that they have been sold) or Any (i.e.Sold and Unsold books both) A little confusing, but that is why False is the default! Can't change it.

To receive individualized lists:
We are always happy to make individual lists for customers based on our extensive keywords and our knowledge of the books. In fact, that was our main practice for many years. Just email us at: