22482 Merry-Go-Round, panorama, Doris Stolberg. 1944

Merry-go-round. Doris Stolberg 1944, 45" Panorama

On each panel, a merry-go-round animal of character ridden by a happy child; in the background, green fields and blue sky, a few people and circus tents. Each little girl has a unique pretty dress: perhaps Stolberg also designed children's clothes? Little is known about her. Toy production was restricted during World War II to save materials, thus we see many modest paper books intended to be played with.



21908 Parabaik Myanmar Burma Tattoo Pattern Book

Parabaik Myanmar Burma Folding Tattoo Pattern Book, Leporello double sided 72", 27 images.

Parabaiks like these were produced as sample tattoo books. From the British museum, manuscript similar to ours: "The manuscript is a digest of tattoo designs for a potential client to choose from, and would have been used by the tattooer to advertise his range of work." The traditional tattoos had religious or magical powers and both protected the wearer and gave him strength.

This book has 27 different tattoos, black outlined coloured drawings surrounded by text, some on double spreads and some single pages: elephants brandishing swords, goddesses riding tigers, magical birds, and creatures bearing magic squares and circles, fish, chicken headed snakes, and circles of lizards and many animals with human or goddess heads.

Yes, this is a strange book for a children's site, but in fact it was sold to us as a "Victorian colouring book" (true!)



Read-with-Miffy Frieze.



21893 Bobby and Jane Hurry Through the Rain to Make a Trip on the Hanky Train.

Bobby and Jane Hurry Through the Rain...

Note: This book has been sold.
Happy Holidays!! In a decorated box with all hankies untouched: Bright primary colours with an almost Czech folkloric feel: the entire book is bordered in red scallops and the train runs along a blue track.

Each car: the Engine, the Hanky Limited, Parlor, Diner, Sleeper, Reserved and Baggage/Mail, has a different design around the windows and stamped on the wheels and roof. Each panel has a cheery poem and a little bird or duck or mouse offering side comments on the action.

The hankies have a more typical l940's/50's US "vintage" style, picturing animals and children and leaning toward blue and yellow, in inexpensive sized cotton. The box is decorated with little figures in primary colours of animals and toys.  

All is designed to make a child feel adventurous, safe, and happy. The yellow and green striped caboose bears letter banners saying Home Sweet Home and the text reads
"Hey Bobby, Oh Jane, get off the train.
The rooster shouts again and again
Mother and Daddy are waiting for you
Take the six Hankies and Good By, you two!



21552 Hiawatha, Pogany illus, panorama.


One of a short series of Pogany illustrated panoramas taken from classic stories and folk tales. Lovely illustrations of the hero in feathered war bonnet in pale aqua, greys and browns. NOTE: This book has been SOLD.



When the Circus Comes to Town Whitman late 20's early 30's

When the Circus Comes to Town.

A very stylish panorama with distinctive colouration and line, well constructed. A workman pastes circus sign on a billboard as children watch, then we see the attractions of the circus, one by one. Unattributed artist.



Farmyard Play  Book. A Panorama. (1940)

Farmyard Play Book. A Panorama. (1940)

Big bright die cut animals, depicted on both sides of these cards and hinged with green cloth tape, so that a whole row of animals can stand up: rooster, rabbit, goat, cat, goose, sheep, dog, pig. It may be time for the fine animals in this lovely old panorama to become a nursery mobile, or the hinges could be repaired. The collectible value, though, is pretty much gone. Note: This book has been sold.



What the Wee Bear Did by Nina Jordan. A panorama.

What the Wee Bear Did.

Wee Bear just can't keep from giving everything a little taste!



Around the Barn by Ellen Segner. A Sit-in Panorama.

Around the Barn by Ellen Segner. A Sit-in Panorama.

Lively little stories of events on the farm, "Colts like to run in the field" with more action and setting than most panoramas. Ellen Segner is best known for developing the logo of  the little girl on Sunbeam bread. She also illustrated a few trade books, Scott Foresman readers, and posters of outdoorsy pin-up girls. Note: This Book Has Been Sold.



Friendly Farm.Schilling Co. 1945. A Panorama.

Friendly Farm. A Panorama.

The design of this panorama allows for many different pictures: bees, a goose, a turtle, swans, workhorses, a squirrel, a guinea hen, and pigeons as well as the usual characters. The artwork is typical of this sort of book from the 40's, with detailed animals and rather plain backgrounds, but with a horse-drawn buckrake and haywagon. Unfortunately, we do not know the painter of these sweet pictures.



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