22508 The Red Horse by Elsa Moeschlin

The Red Horse.

A faithful reissue whose colour closely approaches the rare original. Peter wants so much for his little wooden horse to grow that the impossible occurs. A Swiss picture book by a native Swedish artist. Mentioned in Hurlimann.



The Toys' Adventures at the Zoo.

The Toys' Adventures at the Zoo.

Ten full colour plates and drawings on every page. Please note: THIS BOOK HAS BEEN SOLD



21440 Alfred Goes House Hunting text and photos by Bill Binzen

Alfred Goes House Hunting.

Very cute photos of a little Steiff bear looking for a home, a sequel to Alfred the Little Bear. After investigating quite a few possibilities, including a bird's nest and an abandoned teepee made by the children, he settles on a wooden bird house, too open for birds but just right for him.

SIGNED and INSCRIBED by author with a long note and a DRAWING of Alfred in a plane, . "On the next book Alfred builds an airplane and goes flying over Riga (if all goes well, we'll see!)" This idea later became the third little bear book, Alfred Goes Flying (1976).




Hannibal and the Bears.

Now that the Shoe Shop Bears live in a real home with the Trinket Family, they set out to rescue some lonely discarded toys and secrete them around the house. Among them is Hannibal, a once-magnificent elephant on wheels. Note: This Book Has Been Sold.



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