20284 Here Comes Kristie by Brock.

Here Comes Kristie.

Elmer and Einer saved their pennies for a horse, good old Kristie. But Kristie had a mind of her own and it took many weekly consultations with Axel before everything was just right, and they could finally go swimming. Told with the cadences of a folk tale and many humorous drawings in text. The first Kristie book.



Sun Up Tresselt/Duvoisin Lee & Shepard Co, 1st printing.

Sun Up.

Beautiful paintings of atmospheric light, set on a small farm. A very pleasant copy which has been read and very well cared for. Please note: THIS BOOK HAS BEEN SOLD



22307 So Leben Wir auf dem Land. /Keussen

So Leben Wir auf dem Land.

Very detailed pictures run across entire spread to board edges in a sometimes confusing mix of older and modern ways: a large farmhouse cut away interior, haying, activities near a river mouth, wheat harvest, a farmyard in late summer, a village square outside church in autumn, foresters, winter activity.



21466 Where Was the Little White Dog? by Johnson.

Where Was the Little White Dog?

A very sweet continuous story of a little white dog, perhaps some kind of terrier, who went along on a visit to Grandfather's farm with Fred and then got lost. Each of the 12 chapters telling of his adventures has an illustrated half title and small decorations and illustrations with 3-5 detailed little rebus drawings in text as well. Nice animal illustrations by a turn of the century artist and illustrator, (not the famous animal illustrator Margaret S. Johnson, who would have been 8 years old in 1901.)
Please click on individual pictures to see the fine detail.



20305 The Tale of Pigling Bland by Potter.

The Tale of Pigling Bland.

Wonderful little sketches of pigs! Written as BP settled down to farming, She used little pigs as models, and she drew herself as a farmer on p. 22. This book found with another brown paper copy with the G. A. Schwarz, Philadelphia seal. (The toy store owned by a brother of F. A. O. Schwarz.)



The Tough Winter written and illustrated by Robert Lawson, 1954, 1st.

The Tough Winter

A sequel to Rabbit Hill, the animal community of a traditional American family farm survives the winter. NOTE: THIS BOOK HAS BEEN SOLD.



My Farm Book. Board Book.

My Farm Book. Board Book.

A little boy and girl  live on a large, cheerful, well kept farm.



Friendly Farm.Schilling Co. 1945. A Panorama.

Friendly Farm. A Panorama.

The design of this panorama allows for many different pictures: bees, a goose, a turtle, swans, workhorses, a squirrel, a guinea hen, and pigeons as well as the usual characters. The artwork is typical of this sort of book from the 40's, with detailed animals and rather plain backgrounds, but with a horse-drawn buckrake and haywagon. Unfortunately, we do not know the painter of these sweet pictures.



Grandfather's Farm, illus by Rojankovsky. A Panorama.

Grandfather's Farm, illus by Rojankovsky. A Panorama.

Bright, beautiful paintings of farm animal parents and babies which unfold to give the impression of a continuous illustration, with the barn on the front board and the farmhouse on the back. Although the paintings are not signed, this is clearly Rojankovsky's. work from the 40's, in the style of his Nursery Tales. (We also have a box of similar Platt&Munk puzzles). A guard dog, pigs, cats, horses, goats, chickens, cows, rabbits, ducks and a turkey. NOTE: This Book has been sold.



Rabbit Hill. written and illustrated by Robert Lawson, 1966/1944.

Rabbit Hill.

Little Georgie Rabbit discovers a new family is moving into the big house. Will they be hunters or planters? A quiet classic. Newbery Medal. NOTE: This Book has been sold.



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