21212 Yank in Africa by Bartman, Diana Thorne ill.

Yank in Africa.

The story of how Yank sails North Africa on a troop ship, how he grows up and is trained, with dog paintings by Thorne on each spread. The story makes several references to Aiki or Atlas Mountain dogs (not named) guarding sheep, and includes one painting of a large white Atlas Mountain dogs running along with Yank.



21098 Woofus the Woolly Dog, by Curry, Winship ill.

Woofus, the Woolly Dog.

Woofus, who starts out looking kind of like a cocker spaniel grows into a big and woolly dog, a brave dog who tries to be good.



10969 The Turnspit Dog by Maria Leach, Winifred Bromhall, ill.

The Turnspit Dog.

Abaih could have a pretty lady's dog, or a hunting dog, but she loves the hardworking little turnspit dog in the kitchen.



20859 The Bone Stranger by Frank Remkiewicz,

The Bone Stranger

An exciting mystery ... tracking down the Raccoon gang who have stolen the midnight doggie bone snacks from the orphanage! Funny pictures on every page by the author with short text beneath.



20847 James by Ruth Park, Niland illustrated.


James crossed the Harbour every day to school on the ferry, but one day he walked all the way across on water. Pip knew children couldn't do that, so she saved him, and saved him again later that day, and when she saw him trying to fly out his window, she saved him again. Cheery illustrations add to this good-natured story.



20444 Frannie's Fruits. by Kimmelman / Mathers, illus

Frannie's Fruits.

Mather's bright pictures illustrate a happy day at Frannie's Fruit stand (run by her people).



20382 Petey by Betty Cavanna, Beth and Joe Krush ill


"After Petey tramples the community ecology garden, entirely by mistake, and then disgraces himself when he's cast as a pony..." A very funny Great Dane book!



20379 The Magic Dog by Edmonds.

The Magic Dog

A true story about Beauty, a talented, intelligent dog that was given to the magician Great Lafayette by his friend Houdini. Great Lafayette looked on her as a partner, not a prop, died five days after she did, and was interred with her.



20376 Ravenshall by Hooper, Douglas Hall, illustrator.


A fantasy of warring brother lords, a simple boy, man, and dog, and a perilous journey. Set in a country like Scotland.



20375 A Boy and Five Huskies by Guillot, de la Fontinelle, ill.

A Boy and Five Huskies.

What starts out as a lark for Eric, as he leads the Mounty on a wild goose chase away from his wounded uncle, become deadly serious as the days pass, his stores must be jettisoned, and his sled dog team weakens.



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