21262 Country Noisy Book by Margaret Wise Brown, Weisgard, ill

Country Noisy Book.

Muffin goes on a long train and boat journey in a box while his family flies. ""All of a sudden Muffin smelled his family...." 



20124 Whingdingdilly by Bill Peet.

The Whingdingdilly.

Scamp, Orvie's dog, wanted a more glamorous life so a magician transformed him into a bizarre mixture of zebra, elephant, camel, giraffe, elk, and rhino, "one whopping big surprise". All this makes a perfect vehicle for Peet's zany pictures.



21338 The Mary Palmer / Abner Graboff, ill.

The No-Sort-of-Animal.

Yet another boring small animal identity crisis book? Think again. A mildly irritated lion mentor finally tells the little animal that he needs a tail... He's a dog! He plays with the other dogs! "For you know there are many, many dogs who would be no-sort-of-animals if they didn't happen to have tails." The spare, well designed, and very funny pictures carry the story all on brown, white and tan pages, by Abner Graboff, an illustrator who should be better known.



21040 A Dog Day by Walter Emanuel, Cecil Aldin, ill.

A Dog Day.

"With fifty beautiful sepia lithographs." Funny ones, too. A diary narrated by an enterprising little dog, checking in every five minutes or so during one day. 1.0 ate dinner. 1.5 ate kittens' dinner....



21422 Rab and his Friends by Brown.

Rab and His Friends

A story of an independent and faithful dog, that revolves around Ailie, a woman of about 60 who had a breast removed without anesthetic and got up, dressed herself and curtsied to the doctor. Her eventual death caused the dogs to lose hope. The dog pictured is not Rab, but a "yellow Newfoundland" bloodhound cross of 19 who looks kind of like a mastiff. Sketches for the plates were made by four of the author's friends. This was published much later in the US.



22495 Dog Pals Dolch

Dog Pals

Eight short interesting true stories that show the intelligence and caring of dogs. Using about 95 commonest nouns and 110 of the beginning Dolch sight words, and adding about one word per page, these books enable beginners to read real text in paragraphs, without relying on the illustrations.



22252 Dick et Georgie by Perrin-Duportal,, Kuhn-Regnier, ill.

Dick et Georgie.

Georgie is almost two when his family adopts Dick, a very short haired 5 month old "chien loup" or wolf dog. What follows are funny little puppy stories in which we always hear Dick's view of things. Although the dog drawings seem a little stiff, the puppy's feelings are just right.



21651 Angus Lost by Marjorie Flack.

Angus Lost.

Angus wandered off and then "... at last Angus was home again! Angus was glad to come back to the SAME YARD and the SAME HOUSE and the SAME CAT and the SAME THINGS he knew about." High adventure for the very young. A nice big copy.



21654 Lassie comics.


A feast for the Lassie lover, pages of full colour comic strips.



13735 Les Tribulations d'un Chat B. Rabier.

Les Tribulations d'un Chat.

A naughty cat who  observes the results of his many escapades with joy! At the end, he retires happily to Charing Cross with a kind governess and his old friend Bob the dog. Cartoon-like adventures, with many drawings, half in colour.



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