19622 The Battle of the Wind Gods - Varga  (Blackfoot)

The Battle of the Wind Gods.

 An original tale set among the Blackfoot people, with bright, active and almost comical illustrations, in which the North Wind refuses to leave and the South Wind lures him into the warm teepee, melts his fearsome cape, and wins the battle.



20409 Fruhling und Sommer illus by Walther Caspari.

Fruhling und Sommer.

 Fascinating, lyrical pictures of German daily life just before the War, showing family outings and technological innovations. Spring and summer volumes bound together, all four seasons published after the war. Nice humorous touches if you look carefully. By the brother of Gertrude Caspari.



The Worry Week.

When their parents return to Boston on short notice, the three daughters, drifty Alice, tab-keeping Alegra, and droll Edith, remain at their island summer house instead of going to Aunt Ruth's. For Legs, a week of cooking "survival" and worrying.



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